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John Rabadi- Best Contractor in Westchester County

By David Rabadi

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I came to go work with my brother. Now you readers know: I love music, food, dancing and have a passion for writing and fashion, but the one thing I dislike is working construction. I am so not into banning nails, more like filing nails. Sheetrock makes me itch and ply wood, let me just say I appreciate wood when its sand down and polished . When it comes to construction I have to take out the measuring tape and measure up the  most amazing man in my life, my baby brother " more man then baby" Jan aka John Rabadi. Who is the CEO of Blue Print Contracting. For all your renovation and home building needs, contact Blue Print Contracting, a licensed and insured business in Yonkers, NY. Specializing in expert masonry, roofing, painting, and plumbing services, among others.  351 McLean Ave.Yonkers, NY 10705 http://blueprintcontractingny.com/

JOHN RABADI CEO BluePrint Contracting of NY

Now there are alot of builders in Westchester. In my opinion, they are ash and John is lotion, Ever since I could remember John was always tagging along with our dad and two older brothers, painting, knocking down trees, cementing sidewalks, as for me? I would be annoyed giving a million excuses to why I can't help and asking what's for lunch? Speaking of lunch. What is for lunch? LOL

Where there is a house with no windows, doors or walls. There is John holding a hammer and nails. Building walls, wood by wood, stone by stone, break by break. Splinters could get into the way, but he has a powerful sand machine and a clever mind to save a beam " that is the main support to hold a home together" from breaking. TIME TO READ THE BLUE PRINT AND BUCKLE ON THE TOOL BELT and follow my brothers instructions. UHH another thing I hate" taken orders" But first John you have some explaining to do brotherrrr.

JOHN RABADI CEO BluePrint Contracting of NY


David: Hey Mr. Home improvement, what are you building to day?


John: LOL I am adding an extension to a four bed room house in New Rochelle " John Laughing"


David: Why are you laughing?


John: I just can't get over that you actually want to spend the day and be Mr. Blue Collar with me.


David: Well believe it and give me some work clothes because you know I am not wearing mine ; ) What inspired you to become a builder?

John directing one of his workers....


John: I became inspired when I realized I love to work with my hands and create. You know I don't like to be behind a desk. So the natural thing to do was open my own contracting company.


David: How does one get licensed as a contractor ?


John: There are three steps to become a licensed contractor:  register your business, pass the written exam and  you will need letters of reference and proof of experience or related education is also required.

Prince of Media picking up stones. IF you live in a glass house DON'T ever throw stones : )


David: What do you like/dislike and love about your profession?


John: I would have to say I like working with the Mexican men I hire, they very talented and loyal and it's disturbing to me when people look down on them, when all they are doing is making money to feed there family. I love that I am blessed to have the opportunity to wake-up everyday and do what I love and that is fixing/building homes. It's sad when there is no heat in a home with kids freezing in the winter, so it brings me joy to know I am in the most personal space for anybody, their home, making it a safe environment and the icing on the cake, I get a pay check for it.

John driving one of his best worker's Alex to a job sight!!

David:If you weren't a contractor what else would you have chosen to do?


John: I probably would have become a cop, who knows I may still do that partime. Being that I am good friends with almost every Sergent, Captain and rookie all through Westchester. Cops save lives and put there lives on the line for us, so I give them much respect.

The prince of Media confused when it comes to TOOLS!


David: Remember when we use to play cops and robbers lololololol What season do you enjoy working in?


John: I love working in the winter. The cold weather keeps me in motion or I would freeze just standing.


David: How much  has our dad taught you about construction?


John: He taught me everything I know, truly blessed to have his guidance.


David: What advice can you give any reader that is interested in doing what you do?


John: Be sure to always wear gloves and concentrate.

Lovely olderly lady hiring John to work in her building. In her own words HE is the BEST!


David: What are your last words to the readers.


John: If there is a leek in your roof contact me and thanks for reading.


David: John I want to thank you for paying me double. I had a great day with you, you are amazing with your work. I am so proud of all you accomplish and most grateful that you are my brother. Your smile makes me shine. You are truly my saving grace, there was a time when everything I had going in my life crumbled. You were there with all your tools helping me fix what could be restored and let go of what was damage. That's what brothers are for!! I am most excited that I will get the family discount, when it's time for me to build my home : ) RIGHT?





Published on Dec 31, 1969

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