Holiday Dining With Olga Valentina - Olga Valentina Fashionista Turned Chef

A group of lucky bloggers and writers had the pleasure of dining with instructions by Olga Valentina at her private home in Venice, California.

Dining with Olga Valentina

We were greeted by Olga dressed in a fashionable festive outfit for the occasion. Fruity cocktails were served that were decadently created to satisfy ones taste palette, as well as a variety of delicious eats, including, organic roasted duck, the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in a decilious spicy tomato soup and many other appetizers to eat to your heart's content. 

"No need to fear" is her motto. Without training, her kitchen is a place where you can come and have fun trying new food experiments. Valentina shows you a new way to use that bag of frozen peas in the freezer.  Add frozen peas, mint, salt & pepper in a food processor then just push blend and in seconds you will have a pea bruschetta, which she serves on a toasted piece of ciabatta bread.   While this recipe looked simple it still requires a little of Olga magic.

"Don't make the kitchen a prison" states Valentina. She is inspired to cook more lately, "I got a boyfriend and ooh this guy likes to eat I have to win his heart!"

Visit Olga Valentina online to view her other recipes and cooking demonstrations (new recipe every Tuesday, and new video every Thursday). 


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