A Fabulous Ojai Olive Oil Adventure - Award Winning Ojai Olive Oil Review

Ojai Olive Oil is located at 1811 Ladera Road, Ojai, California 93023.  ROAD TRIP! If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Ojai... take the scenic route! That's just what I decided to do as I was invited by Philip and Alice Asquith, the owner of the Award-Winning Ojai Olive Oil Company to visit their amazing operation in beautiful Ojai, California. So it's simple: Just take the 405 to the 118 to the 23 to the 126 to the 150 and Poof... magically you're in beautiful Ojai. Oh, What views!

The Ojai Olive Oil Company is a local, family run farm that has been honored with numerous top awards in the two biggest tasting competitions for California extra virgin olive oil. The company recently scored two (2) Gold Medals, two (2) Silver Medals, an Olive Oil Miller's Recognition Award, and the Best in Show award at the California Olive Oil Council's 2014 tastingand competition. The COOC  is the governing body for the Olive Oil industry in California, where 95% ofthe US's extra virgin olive oil is produced.

Ojai Olive Oil makes the perfect holiday gift in elegant wooden boxes, photo credit: "Shooter Diva" Partyby5

Ojai Olive Oil is amongst the top rated Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the United States in 2014 and I learned so much about Olive Oil from the owner, Alice Asquith. She graciously explained all there is to know about Olive Oil... and believe me there is much to learn and enjoy. Such as the Mediterranean climate in Ojai is ideal for growing olives.

The main olive grove on the Ojai Olive Oil ranch was planted in the 1870s, back in the era of the Spanish Missions, when there was a communal olive press in the valley. At that time, the valley produced a good quantity of olive oil, and the trees thrived in the area. One of Ojai Olive Oil’s Award-Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils comes from these beautiful, 150 year old trees, a Lechin de Sevilla varietal that produces a wonderfully robust and peppery olive oil.

Ojai Olive Oil, Owner Alice Asquith

Alice's son, Philip is the company's master miller. Alice's husband, bought the property years ago and Philip thought Olives would be a good move from the citrus trees already on the property.  

Ojai Olive Oil is blowing up! The OOO Company also collected three (3) Gold Medals at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, the world's largest and most prestigious tasting and competition between the best extra virgin olive oils from around the globe.  When you add in the six (6) first place ribbons recently won at the Ventura County Fair, that gives Ojai Olive Oil the very highest honors from it’s industry’s local, state, and international level contests. Amazing!

Ojai Olive Oil is among just a handful of US companies to win medals in New York this year, and that is on the heels of us winning two medals in New York last year. This year, OOO collected more Gold Medals from the NYIOOC than any companyin the US. 

Alice says, "When you consider the multitude of awards from the COOC and Ventura Fair contests as well, it could easily be argued that we are one of the top  producers of extra virgin olive oil in the United States right now, and one of the very best in the entire world. We’re truly proud of our olive oil, and are happy to see that everyone else loves it as much as we do.”

Ojai Olive Oil is 100% organic, and the family farm is managed using permaculture and biodynamic techniques.  Beyond being a top producer of extra virgin olive oil, the farm is also a leading example of sustainable farming and ethical businesspractices.  Asquith adds, “Everything is done by hand, from the tree pruning, to the olive harvesting, to the bottling and labeling.  Making the best possible olive oil, and doing so in a way that supports our ecosystem and our local community, is our primary goal, regardless of difficulty or cost.  We believe you can taste that in our olive oil.”  
When Ronald Asquith started the business, he had one product - a tall cobalt blue bottle of extra virgin olive oil, produced froma grove of old Spanish olive trees. Alice says he did it because he loved it, and wanted to make the very best oil he could. Over the years Ojai Olive Oil has expanded their product line and enlarged their  groves making the region’s and now the nation's best olive oil.
Who knew?
Sources:  Handsonpr, photo credits: Partyby5

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