Leo Frincu "High Performance Mentality" Book Review - Do Girls Train Harder Than Guys?

In his new book, High Performance Mentality HighPerformanceMentality Leo Frincu tackles the tough questions such as: Why do some athletes excel while others fold under pressure? Or why do some individuals have only been able to take their training programs just so far before hitting a wall?

Leo Frincu author of High Performance Training, photo courtesy HANDSONPR

Frincu helped discover and launch Ronda Rousey’s professional MMA career. Leo also played a significant role in Ronda's camp that led to her first Strikeforce and UFC title. Leo believes he holds the blueprint to what it takes to become a UFC/MMA champion. He also thinks that 99% of athletes out there are doing the wrong thing to prepare for their MMA career.
Leo says, “Most athletes think that being a great athlete is enough to make it in the UFC. However, what they don't know is that they need to see themselves as investment opportunities. Like any start-up company, you need investors to make that company successful. An idea remains only an idea if you don't have the right people around. In addition to throwing a punch, you also need a marketing strategy, a solid training structure and most importantly money in order to rise to the top in the MMA world.” 

Leo knows tough. He says, “Coming from, and most importantly growing up in communist Romania thought me NOT to take anything for granted. Every day I witness people missing out in opportunities just because they lack clarity. Often times most people don't know who they are or even what they really want. They're just too preoccupied with following other people's successes or misery, rather than focusing on themselves. I have an advice for all these people… ‘It is better to do a poor job of being yourself than to do a great job of being someone else.’" 
The noted world class athlete, trainer and life coach poses another question: why do Girls Train Harder Than Guys? That’s a bold statement… and a controversial one to be sure, but who wants to argue with the Romanian Athlete of the Year? Leo knows it to be fact and wants to use it to help motivate women… and men, to elevate their physical fitness ambition and maximize their potential. Girls DO Train Harder Than Guys!
Leo says: “Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years and after having hundreds, if not thousands of ‘case studies,’ I came to a conclusion: girls definitely train harder than guys. Girls just push harder during exercising and are more committed to the self-improvement process than men are. I came up with eleven points to explain why and how girls are getting ahead of their opposite sex population:”
1) “Since most women believe that it is a male driven society, they tend, at least during exercising, to work harder than the male population. Women also believe they have more to prove than their partners -- in every aspect of their lives including at the gym. For that reason they are a lot more women hiring male trainers than women hiring female trainers. It is way more motivating to prove someone’s wrong than to meet their expectations.”
Leo concludes, “The reality is that it doesn't matter where you come from and what language you speak, we are all humans and have the potential to achieve greatness. You can only if you believe you can; and you are only if you believe you are so take it to the next level !

High Performance Mentality by Leo Frincu

Leo Frincu’s High Performance Mentality book holds the key to breaking through the mental and physiological barriers that stand between individuals and their goals. His philosophy and methods offer a refreshing blend of practical, usable advice, motivation, and no-nonsense self-accountability. Although created specifically for competitive athletes and trainers, his High Performance Mentality principles and teachings are equally effective and accessible for anyone wanting to take their fitness—and life—goals to the next level."
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See the other ten reasons why girls train harder than guys and more about Leo’s new book and follow Leo at the his Results Personal Training Gym  at: ResultsStudio LeoFrincu   ChoosingFreedomTheBook HighPerformanceMentality
Source: Handsonpr, Photos courtesy Handsonpr

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