How to Rock His World When You are over Fifty Review – Adding a Man to Your Life

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought our readers would be interested in that always elusive topic of how to “catch a man”, especially when one is an older woman. 


She caught her man

A few years ago, I sat with Patricia and Elizabeth before they became authors when they published, "How to Rock His World When You are Over 50". This book contains tips from two very experienced ladies. They were talking about their idea for a book.  Idea turned into a book very quickly and has now been published in England by Austin & Macauley, soon to be released in the States.   Looking over the book, I can only imagine that it will be flying off shelves and orders will keep Amazon very busy.  This book contains tips from two very experienced ladies. It is well researched in its presentation of delicate topics – topics presented thoroughly and responsibly.


A Great Book for Valentine's Day

About the authors:



Patricia  McKane

Bringing a wide range of experiences to this book is Pat, glam-ma of five, is the CEO of many businesses world-wide, from electronics to hand-painted dresses to skin cream, (two patents). ‘Pat's Chat' gives instructional talks to older women. Widowed three times, with her fourth marriage coming up in 2017. Her vast experience with men is shared in this book. Seeing Patricia and her flawless and beautiful skin, she looks at least 20 years younger than her 82 years. She shares her beauty expertise and tips with all women. Her knowledge of men and how to entice them is unparalleled.


A romantic display

Elizabeth Roberts

With very different experiences, Beth, glam-ma of two, a divorcee, was forced into the dating scene. She experimented and was so successful that other women asked her for advice on how to catch a man. The lessons she learned from dealing with and successfully handling men are incorporated into this book, honestly and openly. 


How enticing is this?

The advice is powerful and startling at times, but also refreshing in its frankness.  Some of the topics dealt with include some of the following: Older women who are “man-less” and who feel they are too old to attract a man; The question of whether a woman is “fat” or “voluptuous”; Online Dating; Looking and feeling younger, and more.


A romantic scene

I was surprised by some of the topics that included online dating, interviews on dating and sex where responses came from men and women from 50-90, a section about dangerous situations – what to watch for and what to do, how to discourage a man if you have made an error and finally, how to keep that man.



Though this book is clearly intended as a “how to”, the topics are also interesting to younger people, some of the chapters would probably interest men, and so much of the material is intriguing it can interest anyone.


His and Hers

Splash is making this book available as part of a Valentine’s Day Contest. There will be a random drawing before Valentine’s Day and the lucky winner of our random drawing will receive their own copy of “How to Rock His World for Women Over 50”.  To qualify, please “like” Splash Magazines Worldwide on Facebook.

The winner will be chosen from all valid entries on January 31st, 2017. All decisions by Splash Magazines Worldwide are final.



Photos: Courtesy of Patricia McKane and Elizabeth Roberts



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