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Emmy Suite Hydration Bar at Luxe Hotel, Beverly Hills

  Imagine an oasis of refreshments in the middle of your room, bursting with lush floral vegetation or delicious fruits, dazzling props and brimming with pure, healthy and energizing liquids from various corners of the globe' an endless flow of premium waters or natural fruit drinks for your enjoyment and wellbeing. Aquabar's Hydration Station is a hip new event service that adds a stunning new dimension to your room, office, or special occasion by creating just such an oasis, enhancing your environment or event with rare premium waters or organic juices. Hydration Stations are elegant, custom designed, flexible offering set-up options from simple and striking to ornate and dazzling. Stations can be staffed with professional servers or a personal hydration specialist. 

Website  www.aquabar.ws 

Pet Naturals of Vermont 


Pet Naturals of Vermont has been in the forefront of nutrition science for over 28 years -- longer than most vitamin companies have been in existence. Pet Naturals produces the finest vitamins and nutritional supplements available anywhere, based on sound research. Pet Naturals of Vermont  sponsors ongoing nutrition research at major universities, and keeps on top of the most current developments in nutrition so that you're assured of having the most advanced vitamin and supplement formulas for your pets. recently discovered by Hollywood's top celebrities for their pets - Pet Naturals of Vermont is quickly taking over the Hollywood pet scene.

Website: www.petnaturals.com




Hedy Manon Bowls  - Safari Bowl 

Hedy Manon safari bowl can be used to entertain or for pampering your posh pet in style.  Each of the luxurious  bowls are handmade, handpainted and dipped in 18K gold by a skilled artist in Southern California.  When only the best will do, the Hedy Manon bowl collection fits into any 5 star dining experience.  Pamper your pet with only the finest.

Website: www.hedymanon.com


Satin Wonders - The Haircare Pillowcase 

Satin Wonders pillowcases not only protect hair from snags and breaks, but help maintain a healthy moisture balance, which can be critical for treated hair. Satin Wonders pillowcases benefit hair treated by bleaching, chemical perms or relaxers and are an ideal remedy for preventing color-treated and highlighted hair from drying out. Your hair comes in contact with one thing more than any other, the pillowcase.

A Satin Wonders pillowcase, unlike many off-the-shelf satin pillowcases, is designed to retain its silkiness and shape.  Satin Wonders is made with superior 100% trilobal polyester satin that is soft on the hair, yet strong enough to resist pilling and will not deteriorate through repeated machine washings. Satin Wonders pillowcases do not have zippers, another source of hair damage, and instead, are designed with a generous safety flip construction to keep the case on the pillow. 

SOLO PT920 Laptop Messenger Bag 

The SOLO PT920 Laptop Messenger Bag is a stylish, multi-toned nylon bag with a unique, hi-tech design that holds up to a 17" laptop. Perfect for today's student on the go, the laptop bag features a large front flap with a full-length zippered main compartment containing a removable laptop pocket. A large, adjustable speed buckle secures the front flap which also features an organizer and accessory pockets underneath. The uniquely styled shoulder strap is adjustable and removable with a non-slip pad, allowing students to carry their laptop messenger on their shoulder or in their hand for a more professional look. The PT920 Laptop Messenger Bag is available in all black, red and black, and blue and black, and is $69.99 MSRP.

InFocus Play Big IN76 Projector 

The InFocus Play Big IN76 transforms any living room into a mini movie theatre with an extraordinary high definition viewing experience that makes watching the average TV screen mundane.  Whether catching your favorite weeknight lineup, gaming in life-size proportion or viewing a classic film, the drama will unfold with riveting images over ten feet wide and stunning clarity.An affordable native 720p high definition front projector designed exclusively for use at home, the Play Big IN76 was created to project larger-than-life images whether placed on the living room coffee table or mounted on the ceiling, providing the perfect projector for entertaining. 

The impressively powerful image of the Play Big IN76 comes in a clean, sculptural package that can be proudly displayed in any home environment.  The projector features a sleek, high-gloss black finish reminiscent of a sports car making an impressive display even with the lights turned on. MSRP: $2,999

Buff 'n Shine Shoe Polishing Kit 

Buff'n Shine is an automatic, hand-held shoe polisher that polishes shoes in one minute, with no messy hands or cloths. Buff'n Shine helps to protect the investment made in a good pair of shoes by extending the life of the leather and preserving shoes' appearance.  With Buff 'n Shine, hands never touch the polish and shoes are polished fast. About 100 polishes can be done with a set of AA batteries (included). It also saves time and money and can be taken on business trips, tossed in the car or kept in a drawer at work for fast/easy touch-ups.  There are two versions of the Buff'n Shine: $9.99 for the Buff'n Shine only; and $19.99 for the gift/holidayshoe care kit, which includes two polishes, replacement buffer and brush and travel case.

Buff'n Shine is sold in Wal-Marts nationwide. Register to win a free kit at www.buffnshine.com.

Minimus.biz Hole In One Golf Kit 

This kit includes 20 product types and 32 total products, in zippered vinyl bag; Includes: 1 Gold Bond® Body Powder, 1 Kleenex® Tissues Pocket Pack, 1 Evian® freshener spray, 1 Banana Boat® Sport Sunblock SPF30 (tube), 1 Emergency Poncho, 1 SmartShield® After Sun Repair, 1 Survivor Industries - Travel Safe First Aid Kit, 1 Chapstick® Lip Balm, 2 Natrapel® Insect Repellant, 1 Clear eyes® Handy Pocket Pal®, 3 Biofreeze® Pain Relieving Gel, 3 Zeiss Lens Cloth, 3 After Bite® Insect sting relief wipe, 1 Bayer® Aspirin, 1 Benadryl, 1 Advil®, 3 Dry Hands, 1 Purell® Hand Sanitizer with Aloe, 2 Golf Wipes, 3 golf tees

AeroBed Premier DuraSuede

This is the newest air-filled mattress from Aero Products.  The DuraSuede is the perfect combination of luxury and durability, with an extra-soft MicroSuede top and tough DuraTec bottom surface, which makes it up to 95 percent stronger than other brands. Like all AeroBeds, it inflates and deflates in less than 60 seconds, so it's easy to use. It can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens 'N Things stores nationwide, as well as online at amazon.com.

Website: www.aerobed.com

100% Organic High Protein Grain Treats by Uneek Treats

Uneek Treats Pizza Crust Nut Rolls Beagle Bites $7.99

Do you know what your dog is eating?

You will, when you feed them Uneek Treats. Our 100% Organic high-protein grain biscuits are so natural they are not meant to last long.

At Uneek we believe in selling smaller fresher portions for the most nutrition and enjoyment. The fresher the ingredients, the better the product. We believe your Uneek dog deserves the best.

Our treats are smaller in size for better portion control. As with us, dogs can be over fed and take in more calories than they expend. The busier our lifestyle, the less we have time to play and playing for dogs is some of their best exercise.

Beagle Bites, Nut Rolls and Pizza Crust with a Wet Noze bowl, cookie cutter and Uneek Dogs card $29.99

Smaller treats allow us to do more tricks and not feel bad if we give them "more" treats. It is a great way to watch their weight and spend more one on one time with them.

Uneek doesn't just believe that what you feed them is healthier but how you feed
. Uneek Treats are 100% Organic and we donate a part of our proceeds to rescue operations for needy animals. 
Website  www.uneekdogs.com 

Holiday Stress Busters

This lock is easy to install keeps out all intruders when activated - even if they have a key!

It's time for Holiday Havoc that period from December 1 to January 1 where consumers must juggle schedules, parties, to-do lists, shopping and baking all while maintaining the perfect yuletide demeanor. For many, just getting and staying stress-free through the holidays is the key to improving their enjoyment of the season. Simple and affordable solutions, like Master Lock's NightWatch™ deadbolt and the new durable metal Swingline® Optima™ PowerEase™ Stapler are gifts that are sure to take the stress out of this holiday season. The NightWatch deadbolt is easy to install and keeps out all intruders when activated - even if they have a key! You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe inside and that no one can enter, even if they have a key! Likewise, the new Optima PowerEase Stapler's patented technology reduces operating force by up to 70 percent, taking the frustration out of stapling!

Swingline® Optima™ PowerEase™ Stapler's reduced force technology reduces operating force by up to 70 percent, taking the frustration out of stapling








Candle Impressions Flameless Candles

Candle Impressions Flameless Candles

They look like real candles.  They feel like real candles.  They flicker like real candles.  They have a soft vanilla scent like real candles.  However, they are safe.  They run on batteries.  Available in various shapes and sizes, Candle Impressions make wonderful gifts in addition to adding to your holiday decorating.  Perfect around children, seniors, pets, etc.  Available in retailers and via many e-commerce sites, Candle Impressions Flameless Candles have a suggested retail price under $29.99. 

Visit www.CandleImpressions.net


Staples MAILMATE Junk Mail Shredder

Staples MAILMATE Junk Mail Shredder


Perfect for people who hate junk mail and know it's important to protect against identity theft, the Staples MAILMATE Shredder fits anywhere for ultimate convenience and shredding accessibility -- from the office desk to the kitchen counter.  This compact shredder turns unopened junk mail into confetti and is powerful enough to shred 10 folded paper sheets, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, staples and small paper clips. Comes in a stainless steel and black finish.

For more information Click Here

Staples - Get the Rx for a Cleaner Office this New Year

The New Year is the time to make resolutions for a better life.  Some vow to get organized and there is no better way than to start in the office. According to Fellowes, desks can have 400 times more bacteria than toilet seats.  They suggest using products with antimicrobial product protection to fight back against microbes on your desk.

Staples desk doctors offer the following prescriptions to make the New Year, a clean year in your office:

PaperMate FlexGrip® Elite Anti-Microbial Retractable Ballpoint Pen


WRITE CLEAN PaperMate FlexGrip® Elite Retractable Ballpoint Pen has anti-microbial protection that protects the pens surface from product damaging bacteria.  The Lubriglide® ink system provides smooth writing and soft rubberized barrel gives all-day writing comfort. ($12.99 per dozen)



Smead® Anti-microbial Top Tab Folders


FILE IT AWAY Smead® Anti-microbial Top Tab Folders suppress the growth of bacteria, algae, mold, fungus, and mildew.  The100 to-a-box, 3 tab (1/3 cut) folders come in letter size, for the ultimate in sanitary filing. ($19.95 per box)




iTouchless® 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can


TRASH IT   iTouchless® 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can - throw trash away without ever having to touch the trash can with 100% hands-free, foot-free operated, lidded waste disposal system.  Built-in Artificial Intelligent (AI) Smart-Chip which opens the top when you are 6 inches away, the trash can lid automatically closes 3 seconds after trash has been deposited and your hand moves away from the sensor. SilenX Technology keeps the lid from making any loud impact sounds when closing. Sensor can be turned off and trash can may be opened and closed manually if needed.  Made of stainless steel with a brushed silver finish.  H 27.25" x W 10.5" x D 14.5".  Uses 4 D batteries (not included).  ($99.99)


All items are available from Staples and www.Staples.com  



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