Health & Beauty Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

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HoMedics Quad Roller

HoMedics Quad Roller

For the person in your life who needs a high-quality massage no matter where they are, the HoMedics Quad Roller Massaging Cushion is the answer. The cushion, which fits easily over most chairs making it perfect for home or office use, employs four independent rollers to travel up and down the back providing a rejuvenating Shiatsu and rolling massage. The 'Spot Shiatsu' function lets users stop the action in precisely the right spot, and a width control button allows for changes in roller spacing to customize the massage experience. Suggested retail price of $149.99. 



LipTrix - Lip Plumper and Lip Gloss

A Beauty Revolution - LipTrix - Glosses As It Plumps
LipTRIX -- Shirley of Hollywood's revolutionary new lip plumper leaves lips irresistibly sexy, shiny and fuller. Its patented Maxi-Lip ingredient stimulates and boosts collagen-building proteins that plump lips, increasing their volume. Apply alone for sheer color or as a gloss over your sexiest lipstick. The luscious LipTRIX comes in five shades: See-Through, Pink Satin, 24 Karat, Mocha and Berry, and is available for a suggested retail price of $19.95. LipTrix is new and only from Shirley of Hollywood - Glamorous Lingerie Since 1948 and Makers of Bustiers and Corsets for over 60 years. 



Lock Stock & Barrel Hair Care

British fashion and style role models began in the 60's with the Beatles as their hairstyle quickly spread across the pond. In the 70's Brit Pop presented David Bowie as a hair icon with a punk style that went well into the 80's; and now quite possibly the most famous international idol ever, David Beckham whose hairstyle is constantly changing and always at the forefront of fashion. The Sixties originated with priorities high on personal appearance and within this acknowledgment comes an education on refined style inside fashion and grooming. Today, designers like Ted Baker, Paul Smith and Ben Sherman are among the English fashion leaders who've created a modern appreciation for the well-dressed man from head to toe. Staying true to the classic British way of life, Lock Stock & Barrel, a high performance hair care company, is being launched as the grooming supplement for the suave and sophisticated men around the world. The professional line of shampoos, conditioners and styling items consists of nine products, labeled after slang terms that originated in the streets of London. 



Zia Men Skin Clearing Set

The Zia Men Skin Clearing Set is designed specifically for men who are prone to breakouts or razor bumps that result from shaving. The set includes the ActiClean Face Scrub, ActiShield Shave Gel and DualAction Face Lotion, as well as a Free Travel Kit.  ActiClean Face Scrub removes old cells that cause breakouts, bumps and razor drag. Corn cob and pineapple unblock pores, while tea tree and vitamins help prevent razor bumps and soothe irritated or blemished skin.  ActiShield Shave Gel helps prevent razor bumps and irritation for a close, pain-free shave. Algae extracts provide a slick surface for nick-free shaving while healing eucalyptus and vitamin E treat bumps and redness.  DualAction Face Lotion is a post-shave balm and moisturizer in one, this oil-free lotion instantly soothes redness and razor burn with botanicals and vitamins. Marine algae, ginseng and a multi-vitamin complex combat dryness, lines and environmental damage. Zia Men Skin Clearing Set Retail Price: $19.95 



Phytomer Homme Shaving Products

Phytomer Homme offers a potent shaving combination with a revitalizing Rasage Perfect Shaving Mask and soothing Cool Marine Aftershave.  Rasage Perfect Shaving Mask is a genuine 2-in-1 care product for shaving and oxygenation. This exclusive shaving mask formula promotes a smooth, close shave, allowing the razor blade to slide easily and without skin irritation. It can also be used once or twice a week as an ideal moisturizing mask. Retail Price: $25.00  Cool Marine (Alcohol Free) Aftershave helps sooth razor burn caused by micro-cuts that result from shaving. Marine Oxhylium, a signature Phytomer ingredient, is the active ingredient that harnesses the natural purifying power of the ocean to detoxify skin and leave the face unmistakably clean and fresh. Retail Price: $24.00 



Monaco Groom Center (Razor Set)

Roundup Text  Grooming tools receive an upgrade with a new line of patent-pending shaving equipment from HOMMAGE. Combining innovative functionality and unparalleled style, HOMMAGE's unique designs, by internationally acclaimed artist Wolfgang Joensson, uses magnetic technology to hold the sleek brush and razor to a stationary groom center. Monaco Groom Center combines the Monaco Razor and Monaco Brush and Stand into a single unit. Unique to HOMMAGE Groom Centers, the razor and brush are magnetically attached to the stand, allowing for safer, easier single-handed removal. With its rubber sole plate and perfect weighting, the stand doesn't tip over when the razor or brush is removed. All Monaco Groom Center com¬¬ponents are honed to perfection and finished with a durable, high-gloss chrome coating. Retail Price: $450 (Available at Barneys New York, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom locations across the country).



RMAX International has developed equipment called the Clubbell

The Clubbell is a greater challenge than kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, not to mention machines.  The best part the Clubbell can be used by young athletes or older non-athletic people alike!

The Clubbell is swung rather than lifted and is appropriate for men, women, young and old as well as individual or group training. The Clubbell differs from other equipment as it is a highly effective tool for strengthening connective tissues, especially in the back, hips, shoulders, elbows and knees. Many people have testified to the power of this deceptively simple looking club. It melts away fat leaving only a lean, toned and fit body.

By moving tri-planar, the Clubbell strengthens the myofascial chains across their full range of motion, which increases soft tissue elasticity rather than traumatizing it like the two dimensional movements of conventional weight-lifting. Soft tissue elasticity diminishes as we age and is primarily responsible for most injuries for athletes and the aging, which is why these apparently disparate groups are the Clubbell's largest advocates.



No other piece of equipment can produce the unique force production of the Clubbell as pulling away from the body produces a positive growth effect on the muscles, tendons and bones.  The Clubbell costs much less than treadmills and home-gyms, is virtually indestructible and easily transported everywhere you go.








Vicks Vapor Therapy/Vicks Thermometers

Is there a new parent on your shopping list?  How about some new products for cold/flu season? 

Speed Read Thermometer

Vicks has a series of new InSight Technology thermometers that show the temperature reading in red, yellow and green. 






Vicks Filter Free Humidifier

The new Vicks Humidifiers keep moisture in the air while adding a cool Vicks scent. 








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