David Yurman: The Man Behind the Brand

For centuries, jewelry has served as a form of self-expression.  Crafted using primitive tools and natural materials, men and women used necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings to show their rank in society and their love and devotion to others through gift giving.  With the discovery of precious metals and gemstones came a whole new kind of jewelry to wear.  Elaborate crowns, chest plates, and cuffs showcased the talents and creativity of metalsmiths and jewelry makers alike.


When you think of luxury jewelry brands, what names come up?  Chanel?  Tiffany?  What about David Yurman?  They’re all big names in the industry.

Luxury jewelry is an investment.  It speaks volumes about a person’s tastes, style, and values.  More importantly, it pays testimony to years and years of jewelry design as every well-known brand got its start somewhere.  To truly appreciate some of the most iconic jewelry designers in the world, one must first know how they got their start, what they value, and how they plan to evolve their designs for the future.

So, who exactly is David Yurman, and what makes his brand stand out in the minds of his customers?  Here’s a brief biography that explains how the man got started in the jewelry industry, why his products are exceptional, and what his plans are for the future.  It is then that you’ll fully understand the name behind the brand.

Early Beginnings

David Yurman’s fascination for welding and sculpting started at the age of 16 when he studied under Cuban welder and sculptor Ernesto Gonzales.  The influence the artist had on the young man resonates in the jewelry he designs today.  After leaving college, Yurman became a part of the Beatnik movement and opened a studio in Greenwich Village.

He worked for various sculptors including Theodore Roszak and Hans Van de Bovenkamp.  It was in one of the studios he met painter Sybil Kleinrock, his wife and business partner.  The two founded a company called Putnam Art Works where the Yurman’s jewelry started to receive recognition throughout the world.  David became of member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America the same year his first boutique opened in 1999.

Brand Offerings

Yurman’s signature piece, the cable bracelet, consists of a twisted helix adorned with gemstones on its end caps.  It has long held the admiration of people for decades and it serves as the foundation for all of David’s other collections.  Men’s and women’s rings, bracelets, necklaces and chains, and watches bear the David Yurman name.  So do earrings as well as wedding and engagement rings.

New collections launch and new boutiques open yearly.  The brand, known for its precision, beauty, and signature style, built its reputation as an influential jewelry design company.  Through hard work and perseverance, David Yurman and his family are living legacies.

When asked to name his most special design by the Daily Pilot, David showed his handmade cable cuff and replied in reference to his love for horse riding with friends, “I decided to give a bracelet to the ‘Best Dressed’ on the ride and this was a kind of merit award.”

What the Future Looks Like for David Yurman

A supporter of humanitarian aid and the arts, the David and Sybil Yurman Humanitarian Arts Foundation made its debut in 2001 and continues to present the David Yurman Angel Awards to individuals who donate time and money to charity and the arts.  The award’s recipients include Steven Spielberg, Elton John, and Leonard Slatkin, to name a few.

The Yurman brand continues to grow and exceed its customers’ expectations.  A flagship boutique opened on North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in 2006 brought the brand to California, a place David spent time traveling back and forth to as a young man.

Evan, the couple’s son, carries the legacy as he makes a name for himself.  In 2013, he celebrated a decade of creative work.  His leadership skills impact many of the company’s designs including the Men’s, Wedding, Timepiece, and High Jewelry collections.

The brand recently opened a boutique in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France.  The 420-square-feet retailer offers a number of pieces from the David Yurman collection as well as artifacts and sketches telling the history of the company.  A sculpture by the designer completes the visual story well.

In Closing

Quality jewelry made by skilled craftsman is an investment worth exploring.  Few items bring as much joy as a Renaissance Bracelet with gold and gemstones, a Buckle Chain Necklace with diamonds or a colorful pair of Chandelier Earrings with green onyx, smoky quartz, and gold.  Fitting for holidays and other special occasions, a piece from David Yurman’s collection offers beauty, style, and luxury to the person wearing it.

Authentic jewelry marketplace, TrueFacet offers David Yurman earrings among other pieces of jewelry at a significant discount.  All items come with a description of their condition as well as complimentary shipping, a 7-day full refund, and an authenticity promise.  People who love the look of luxury and vintage jewelry without a steep price tag agree that TrueFacet’s offerings satisfy.



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