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BRM Luxury Timepieces

BRM Watch 3mvt-52 & BRM Watch Bi-roto

Description: Today’s discerning watch enthusiasts and style connoisseurs are always looking to distinguish themselves. The unparalleled quality of BRM timepieces allows them to rest assured: These watches are marvels, both inside and out. Boasting precision, cutting-edge materials, and a futuristic design aesthetic, these watches are in a league all their own. BRM employs complex components, titanium cases, and exclusive, engine-inspired movements, capturing the latest in racing technology for style-forward consumers. Insisting on perfection at all phases of the manufacturing process, BRM watches are made entirely by hand at the company’s small factory in Magny-sur-Vexin, located outside of Paris. BRM can be purchased locally at Scott Miller - 9000 West Pico Boulevard - Los Angeles CA 90035 - Tel: 310.274.8016
Price: $5000.00

Swarovski Crystal Garden Party Dress

Limited Edition Garden Party Dress designed by Susan Lanci for Swarovski

Description: $3,000 limited edition Garden Party Dress designed by Susan Lanci. Adorned with thousands of sparkling, hand placed Swarovski crystals on top of celery green hand woven silk. Crushed crystal sprinkles the top of the dress along with a belted waistband of romantic pink ultrasuede roses. Each crystal is sewn one-by-one which means no two dresses are exactly alike. Only 10 dresses exist in the world.

U-BOAT Premium Italian Watches


Description: This holiday go bold, aggressive and oversized. Inspired by 19th century craftsmanship and intricate made-by-hand detailing, these timepieces embody force and style. U-Boat is a timepiece of rare artisan quality; all items in the collection are made of mechanical Swiss ETA movements and are housed in full-bodied oversized steel cases. All watches in the line are designed with the crown on the left side of the cases. Classic yet powerful, it is unique and unexpectedly comfortable to wear. Fans of the watch are Ralph Lauren, David Beckham and John Legend. Average price $2000.
Price: $2000.00

Bellum Classics Fall '07 Love Collection

Love Collection - Womens'

Description: The Love Collection was created for those who celebrate personal individuality, catering to those who appreciate the detail of design and the love for life. Each watch was handpicked for its own distinctiveness, then overhauled and customized to the Bellum standard. Ranging from obscure, obsolete, vintage watch brands to high-end timepieces from the 1940s through 1980s, all pieces must exude a classic style while still embracing a hint of edge. Timeless and captivating, collections from Bellum Classics include several styles and monthly web exclusive limited editions. Clients can also privately collaborate with Bellum Classics to create made-to-order, customized pieces. Housed in its own custom made box, each watch comes with a custom designed Bellum Classics t-shirt. Please visit for custom orders. A selection of pre-made watches are available to be seen by appointment only.

Designer RentalJewelry Company

Judith Ripka yellow canary crystal earrings & Stephen Dweck green agate stone

Description: Now, women and men can rent designer jewelry and accessories from some of the world’s most sought-after designers such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Roberto Coin, Tag Heuer, Rolex, John Hardy and Judith Ripka. is the only Web site in the U.S. that provides online jewelry and watch rentals to both men and women. There are no “fakes,” all of their items are 100% certified original. When one “borrows” items from, the wearer has the confidence that the piece of jewelry is real. The beauty of this service is that women and men can benefit from the flexibility and ability to constantly have a steady stream of designer jewelry and accessories including bracelets, cufflinks, rings, necklaces, watches, sunglasses, and earrings. gives budget-conscious consumers who love to shop the same gratification of obtaining that lust item without owing thousands on your credit card each month.

Custom Made All Black Elite Collection made with 22 kt. gold stripe or platinum stripe from the Tom James Company

The All Black Elite Collection is made with 22 kt. gold

Description: The yarn is produced using a specially developed tonal synthetic core, which is then covered in a spiral formation with an exclusively designed Japanese paper that has been plated with either gold or platinum. The paper that is used can best be described as almost fine linen. The outcome produces a strong luxurious yarn with a metallic decoration. All cloth is supplied exclusively by Holland and Sherry of Saville Row.

Leblon Shoe

Leblon Shoes available in Black and Chocolate

Description: The Leblon is handmade in Brazil and is made out of lamb skin leather. The buckle is 18k gold plated. Colors available are black and Chocolate, and sizes are availabke in 5-9, no half sizes.

Price: $349.00

Custom made Signature Collection from the Tom James Company

Custom made Signature Collection from the Tom James Company

Description: A client can select the base of his/her cloth from a palette of four ground shades and 14 decorative shades. The client can then supply details for the wording of the stripe such as a name, a company motto, or in some cases if possible, a company logo can even be weaved. The cloth is then woven on a narrow width loom (75cm) keeping in mind that only enough cloth is woven in order to supply the customers garment. A minimum of 7 yards is required. With time permitting, Tom James will dye special background shades to meet a customer's individual request, should the standard shades of gray, navy or black not be suitable. All cloth is supplied exclusively by Holland and Sherry of Saville Row.

Glowing Fur!

Voted "Best Club Gear for 2007" ~ The GlowFur line includes Full-Length luxurious Coats

Description: GlowFur apparel is the most exciting new fashion statement to arrive in a very long time! "You become the Art" when you wear any GlowFur to a party, club, or show. The faux fur is specially designed with an internal flexible lighting system, when switched on creates the most amazing visual effect of any clothing on earth! A Hollywood discovery indeed.   Flip a switch - Turn on - tune in!  After a night on the town, hand wash... simply fabulous!
Price: $100.00 - $1000.00

Carla Mancini Handbags

Spring/Summer 2008 & Spring/Summer 2008

Description: Fashion-forward, eclectic, and alluring, the handbags of Carla Mancini bring a unique vision and unerring sense of quality to discerning style-setters. Carla Mancini’s pieces are meticulously handcrafted of the finest, softest leathers, fusing designer Mariana Goschin’s of-the-moment sensibility with the highest level of hands-on construction. Having caught the attention of the celebrity set—Rachel Bilson and Cameron Diaz are fans—as well as the top tastemakers in New York, Los Angeles, and abroad, Carla Mancini offers something for everyone, for any moment. Talented designer Goschin, who co-owns Carla Mancini with longtime business partner Richard Elgrichi, has long made it her mission to create “bags with a soul,” and the pair work their deep appreciation for classic Italian design and craftsmanship into each season. With the finest assortment of high-quality leathers and the richest color pallet in the market today, the styles never fail to be current and sophisticated.
Price: 400.00

Ladjili Jewelry

The Confident Expressions Necklace - The Siren Princess Necklace

Description: With elegant designs and spiritual essence inherent in each piece, Ladjili Jewelry is sure to capture the spirit of the individual wearer. Each piece is handmade in designer Veronica Ladjili’s Venice, CA studio and is infused with the intention that the wearer is filled with an abundance of radiant health, joy, peace, and prosperity. Veronica Ladjili’s ever-changing designs are inspired by nature and utilize natural materials known for their healing properties. She uses aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, amethyst and turquoise, often combined with coral and abalone dipped in 24 karat gold and finished with 14 karat chains. Inspired by the Native American spiritual traditions as well as her own commitment to spirituality, Veronica personally blesses each piece of Ladjili Jewelry. By presenting the wearer with a symbol of eternal peace and strength, Ladjili Jewelry is a modern interpretation of an individual talisman or amulet.
Price: $262 - $375

SoHo Silver for a Brighter Holiday Season

SoHo SLVR Stack

Description: Inspired by contemporary colors and clean lines, the SOHO SLVR collection marries modern design with traditional silver. Ceava Kats’ newest collection, set to debut Fall 2007, combines elementary beauty and an inventive oxidation application to create three separate, yet complimentary, silver-bred pieces. Each style, including bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings, comes in three variations of silver tone. Each piece was handcrafted in Italy and took over 20 hours to create, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. SOHO completes its designs with an exclusive finish; a step which adds an unparalleled shine to the collection and in the case of SLVR, enhances the radiance and glimmer of each eye-catching piece. A more accessible, yet no less prestigious and sleek line, SOHO SLVR presents the modern fashionista with elements of design as inspiring and eclectic as the world in which she herself decorates. Prices start at $250.

Limited Edition Vintage Silk Handbags and Accessory Pieces

Cowgirl & Art Deco Crane

Description: My custom designed handbags and personal accessories are made from vintage hand embroidered or hand-painted Japanese silk obi and/or kimono. These are all limited editions, since the fabric was made 30-90 years ago. One can look upon these bags as a piece of history, recycling a magnificent piece of art,as well as being cross cultural. The mystique of the East meets the contemporary style of the West. The handbags are accented with jeweled or vintage beaded handles and further decorated with brooches from the same era as the fabric, swarovski crystals and gemstones.
Price: $200.00

Morgana Femme Couture - Lingerie With an Edge

Morgana Femme Couture Margot

Description: Check your inhibitions at the door and take a walk on the wild side with a selection of risqué and edgy lingerie that will quench even the most insatiable appetite for amour. Introducing Morgana Femme Couture (MFC). The MFC brand is all about being eccentric. This fierce lingerie collection is just as diverse as the women that wear their creations. Something romantic, something naughty, something's all about self-expression. Emulate the quintessential femme fatale with Morgana Femme Couture's Margot. Slip any piece from this steamy collection under your 9-5 power-suit and you’ll sizzle waiting to indulge in your favorite nighttime extra-curricular activities. A sultry shade of red makes each piece a holiday must! Choose from Balcony Bra ($49), Hipster ($24), Shorty ($26), Suspender ($31) and Corset ($240-$276 depending upon the size).
Price: $200.00

Chinese Laundry Denim

Chinese Laundry Denim

Description: The launch of Chinese Laundry’s new denim line allows the brand to give its customers what they want- more Chinese Laundry style! Chinese Laundry denim will give young women the jeans they crave- the perfect fit that blends style and comfort into each pair of jeans. The Chinese Laundry jeans can be dressed up for a night out on the town or toned down for a stylish “around town” look. With stylish looks in footwear, bags, belts and socks, the addition of Chinese Laundry denim is designed to inspire a “go get ‘em!” outfit and attitude.


Swarovski™ Crystal License Plate Frames

Genuine Swarovski™ Crystal License Plates - Get a License to Bling

Description: What is the hottest new accessory that A-listers like Jamie Foxx, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Eva Langoria-Parker, Brittany, and so many other Celebrities LOVE and “just gotta have”? It’s the genuine Swarovski™ crystal studded license plate frames that License2Bling puts out. This is the perfect gift for anyone cool…..especially yourself. Made out of´ genuine Swarovski™ Crystals, proprietary construction and jewelry-like craftsmanship, L2B frames are the choice for celebrities, musicians and car divas everywhere. Treat yourself and your friends like the Star, Star, Stars you are and give yourself a License2Bling!!
Price: $120.00

Fana Jewelry - Fashion Jewelry

Pave Pendants

Description: Fana jewelry pieces are chic and classic. Designed for discerning women who like to create style everyday. Designed and created in New York City, Fana pieces are in 18kt Gold with the finest diamonds and gemstones. Never afraid to be bold and innovative, the designer has won numerous industry awards and Fana designs are currently sold and worn in over 40 countires.

Ladjili Jewelry

(L) The Ancient Wisdom Necklace; (R) Handmade Gold Hoops

: With elegant designs and spiritual essence inherent in each piece, Ladjili Jewelry is sure to capture the spirit of the individual wearer. Each piece is handmade in designer Veronica Ladjili’s Venice, CA studio and is infused with the intention that the wearer is filled with an abundance of radiant health, joy, peace, and prosperity. Ladjili Jewelry is committed to maintaining an artisan approach so that each piece is as unique as its owner. The designs are inspired by nature and utilize natural materials known for their healing properties including aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, amethyst and turquoise, often combined with coral and abalone dipped in 24 karat gold. Inspired by Native American spiritual traditions as well as her own commitment to spirituality, Veronica personally blesses each piece of Ladjili Jewelry. By presenting the wearer with a symbol of eternal peace and strength, Ladjili Jewelry is a modern interpretation of an individual talisman or amulet.

Tara & Sons: Holiday Pearl Gift Guide

White Pearl Pendant and Chocolate Pearls & Diamond Dangle Earrings

Description: The allure of pearls is timeless and universal. Since the beginning of history, the pearl has been extolled as a metaphor for life itself, for virtue and love, wisdom and justice, spirituality and righteousness. It is with a deep and abiding respect for the tradition inherent in pearls that Tara and Sons, Inc., purveyors of Tahiti’s finest pearls, creates its exquisite jewelry collections. Tara & Sons, Inc., was founded in 1974 by the Sethi family with the solitary goal of designing and manufacturing the finest jewelry in the world. Tara & Sons scours exotic locations around the world for the most perfect Tahitian pearls and diamonds available in the world and then uses these natural wonders as the inspiration for their exquisitely designed jewelry collections. Tara & Sons branded line of fine pearl jewelry, TARA, can be found in the world’s finest jewelry retailers.

Unique Jewelry

Moissanite jewels


Description: A hot trend in jewelry sweeping the nation right now is Moissanite, a jewel born from the discovery of particles from a meteor crater. Moissanite offers 2.4 times the brilliance of a diamond! Charles & Colvard has been able to exclusively create this jewel, which has superior fire and luster to a diamond. Moissanite has been featured in top fashion publications, and worn recently by celebrities. Many are surprised when they hear about it because of its amazing shine, quality and value. Moissanite is available nationwide, and will be on display at trunk shows around the country this fall.

STORM Charm Watch

STORM Charm Watch

Description: This holiday season give the gift every girl wants - The STORM Charm Watch. Stylish and functional, every woman is sure to love it. London fashion brand STORM is renowned for its exclusive, contemporary watches and stylish accessories. For the individual seeking a distinctive and unique expression, STORM offers a range of styles from funky edginess to sleek sophistication. Today STORM is a global brand with a presence in more than 45 countries around the world and standalone STORM stores in places such as Moscow, Riga, Prague, Bratislava, Dubai and Melbourne. More STORM stores are planned in India and China during 2007.

Sworn Virgins Pure Eco Fashion

Sworn Virgins

Forget the little black dress, this time of year it’s all about the little holiday dress- perfect for the environista. Made of 100% organic bamboo – Sworn Virgins Pure Eco Fashion serves up the perfect holiday frock in a range of flattering fits, lengths and shapes. With empire waists, bubble hems and trapeze lines these eco friendly pieces are perfect for hiding the effects of holiday cookies and drinks! Sworn Virgins – Pure Eco Fashion is available at Big Drop NYC, Fred Segal and Kitson and retails between $60-$220.
Price: 60.00 - 220.00

Kevin Heady - Hip Chick 40" necklace or belt

Hip Chick Carnelian necklace/belt

Description: wonderful fashion forward 40" necklace or belt designed and fabricated by austin texas based jewelry designer, Kevin Heady....his works have graced the museum of modern art in new york, museum of art in houston as well as recently seen on rocker deborah harry of blondie......always on the cutting edge of design this piece is a perfect example..... handmade in sterling silver with various stones in an oval shape. comes in carnelian, antique carnelian, amazonite, or green jasper. beautiful worn long, doubled up or as a fabulous belt. earrings and a shorter single stone version available...$ 250, coordinating earrings $ 50.


Monster Cable/L-R-G Designer iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases

Description: Fashion meets function as technology leader, Monster Cable joins with one of the fastest growing fashion design houses -- LRG Includes a case for iPhone with magnetic clasps Lined with Kolon Chamude Includes a detachable keychain that can also be used to hang the case in 2 different configurations either vertically or horizontally. Includes loops for securing case to belts or bag straps 8 Great Looking Hip Designs Made with Great High- Quality materials. Inside of the case can be used to clean the screen of the iPod/iPhone.

Bejewel Your Holiday with Erica Flaum Designs

Interchangeable Necklace Tank by Erica Flaum

Description: ‘Tis the season to be accessorized. Start of the season with an interchangeable tee, tan or long sleeve by Erica Flaum Designs. A signature Erica Flaum necklace is attached to the garment with toggles for easy washing as well as to give you the choice to wear the necklace on it’s own. Celebs from Angelina Jolie to Courtney Cox, Molly Simms to Sharon Stone are all proud owners of Erica’s Designs!!

Ed Hardy Watches

Ed Hardy Watches

Description: Ed Hardy Watches is an edgy and fun watch brand for jetsetters and trendsetters alike. The watches continue the legacy of Ed Hardy Clothing, founded by fashion guru Christian Audigier. Our watches feature Swarovski Crystals, colored metal bands, intricate designs and Japan movement. Ed Hardy Watches began with the mindset of bringing fresh and fun watches to the public that make bold statements, but at the same time, are affordable enough to purchase more than one. Our goal here at Ed Hardy is to make our watches the ultimate fashion accessory.

Lady J Jewelry

Giraffe Collection - Giraffe Hoops

Description: Lady J Jewelry is for a lady who strives to stand out from the pack. A lady who is a risk-taker and independent thinker who craves the unconventional. Using silver as the medium, Lady J Jewelry embraces the organic qualities of metal and its imperfections, creating raw design and strong, textured pieces. Each piece, from the clasp to the chain, is hand-polished and 100% handcrafted. Jessica D’Amico, founder of Lady J Jewelry, challenges pre-conceived ideas of jewelry design and provides a more personalized style for trend-setting urbanites. The Icicle earrings would be great for your holiday gift guide. It's an exclusive piece where all proceeds go to Friends of Karen, an organization dedicated to providing emotional, financial, and advocacy support to children with life-threatening illnesses. Lady J Jewelry has three collections: The Original Collection, Saturn Series and The Giraffe Collection. Please contact me directly for sample requests, images, etc.

Crazy About Jewelry! by Susan Eisen

Crazy About Jewelry

Description: Crazy About Jewelry! The Expert Guide for Buying, Selling and Caring for Your Jewelry, authored by international jewelry expert and appraiser Susan Eisen, is the ultimate guide to making jewelry last a lifetime. An invaluable resource for jewelry owners everywhere, this expert guide will quickly show readers how to efficiently organize, care for, maintain, expand and recreate their jewelry wardrobes into collections they’ll adore for years to come. Susan Eisen’s sage advice puts common jewelry myths to bed (psst…ring removal isn’t necessary when washing your hands) and provides practical solutions for everyday jewelry conundrums. Learn inside jewelry tips and tricks from this in-demand jewelry expert who travels the world managing the jewelry collections of her high-end clients. Born out of Eisen’s lifelong passion for jewelry and dedication to educating consumers, Crazy About Jewelry! is a must-read for casual wearers and full-fledged gem enthusiasts alike.

Handcrafted crosses

Heavenly Crosses

Description: Heavenly Crosses produces handmade Disciples Crosses that are both unique and inspirational. The crosses can be custom-made and come in a variety of trendy colors. Not only are the crosses a powerful symbol of faith, but also a fashionable accessory that can be worn on all ocassions. The craftsmanship is excellent and one can feel proud to give them as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other milestone events.


Black Coresetto Satchel (Black Italian lamb skin patent and embossed crocodile leather) Retail price -$345.00 - White Fiore (Off-white pearlized Italian leather) Retail price - $485.00

Description: Bolzano exemplifies the classic, sophisticated elegance that all chic women look for when choosing the perfect accessories. Handmade of rich luxurious leathers in fashionable colors, the handbags are as functional as they are stylish. Designed for the contemporary woman on the go, these gorgeous bags feature tucked away pockets to meet the demands of every busy fashionista’s lifestyle. Bolzano’s attention to detail also extends to coordinating wallets, checkbooks, cell phone holders, and ipod carriers. The line consists of a variety of styles that will accessorize a fun flirty weekend and make a powerful statement in the boardroom. Prices range from $50 to $485.

Gina B Laptop Bags

Luca Bella in White & Capriccio in Black

Description: A gina b. laptop handbag is so stylish it blends in well next to the designer handbags and totes that are currently the rage among successful women and celebrities. Leather and metal accents, fashionable materials and bold colors are all hallmarks of gina b. international. The gina b. laptop handbag collection is disarmingly attractive at first glance, but when it comes to function it is all business. Each design features a padded space to tuck in up to a 15.4” or 17” laptop computer plus ample storage for pens, notepads, business files, electronic organizers and other personal essentials.
Price: 280.00


(L) Kennedy Tote in Saddle Brown and Gold; (R)Sahara \"Elite\" Large in Navy

Description: Mimeki, a designer line of luxury handbags, is making a bold statement in the accessories world. The collection is modern and fresh with an eclectic sense of heritage. These bags, known for their signature shapes, are sophisticated yet practical, made for the confident consumer who desires beauty and function. Mimeki handbags are changing the way women view their everyday handbag. Rochelle Thwaites, an interior designer by trade, is the visionary and designer behind Mimeki.

Baghaus - Designer inspired, quality, affordable, handbags

YSL tan tote

Description: This is the ultimate one-stop destination for all bags fashionable yet affordable. Designer inspired, these bags range from being ultra trendy to classically sophisticated, and come in a variety of sizes for different occasions. However, you can rest assure that never compromises quality or style for a lower price. provides fashion forward women with handbags inspired by over 30 of today’s legendary and top designers such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, YSL, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Rafe, Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Gucci, Fendi, Versace, Balenciaga, Coach, Christian Dior and virtually every other designer a “handbag hunter” would want.

Give New Moms The Hottest Holiday Gift

Secrets of the Ladies Room's Signature Hot Mama Bag

Description: If you are or know a new mom, spoil them this holiday season with the Secrets of the Ladies Room Hot Mama Bag!! This chic bag comes in white with silver or gold trim and come stuffed with a changing mat, sleep mask, mommy stretch mark cream, a hot mama book, cool wallet as well as kegel balls to help prep for labor! This is the best gift this season for new moms and moms to be!!


Ari Soffer Jewelry adorned by rockers

Milpond Guitar Pick & Don't F*ck Around Bloody Miles Buckle

Description: Ari Soffer, one of the hottest designers to hit LA, is a man who lives by the seat of his personalized diamond studded leather pants. And while pants don't make the man inside them, those very pants may have helped create the man Ari Soffer is today. Over 10 years ago, his company started with just that and has since grown into jewelry for men and women, home furnishings and much more! With a mile long celebrity list, he can be picky with who comes through his doors. Rockers such as Tommy Lee, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne, Nikki Six, and countless others wear his jewelry constantly!

REI Davos/AntiFreeze Down Jacket

REI Davos-Women's Mahogany & AntiFreeze-Men's Black

Description: $159 Colors: Abalone, Mahogany, Black Sizes: S - XL Cold weather is no match for the REI Davos jacket (for women) and REIs AntiFreeze jacket (for men) featuring high-loft goose down, nature's most efficient insulator. • Downproof ripstop polyester shell surrounds lightweight, toasty warm, highly compressible 700-fill down • Ripstop polyester shell fabric contains 88% recycled content • Quilted construction keeps down from shifting and allows maximum loft • Less insulation under the arms and at sides facilitates breathability • Shaped elbows • Water-resistant finish fends off light moisture • Zip-off storm hood features side and back volume adjustments that tailor the fit • Exposed center front zipper features interior stormflap which folds over zipper at neck to protect chin from abrasion • Features two hand pockets with invisible zippers and one inside security pocket with a convenient headphone portal • Includes 6.5 x 13 inch stuff sack.

Kombi I-Rip Glove, winter glove

Kombi I-Rip Glove

Description: Made for the music junkie who wants to hit the slopes, listen to his tunes, but not freeze his/her fingers off! The I-Rip features an integrated wireless i-Pod remote control with Fibretronics technology. So, keep your i-Pod safe in your pocket and simply use the toggle switch on the backside of your glove to fine tune your tunes! The I-Rip features a stretched nylon shell, Kombi's high loft, down like insulation and a no stink/wicking lining. A goggle/nose wipe, adjustable wrist strap and a cinch cuff closure are just a few of the added benefits of this mid-weight winter glove. Available in black/black and grey/light grey for men and women in sizes: S, M, L, XL.
Price: $150.00 Suggested retail

Have a spicy Holiday with Lavande

(L)Lavande Bralette and Panty Set (R) Lavande Chiffon Triangle Top Gown

Description: Made exclusively of the finest imported silk, laces, vintage-inspired trims and hand finishes, Lavande SWK was created to accentuate the feminine form: its long lines, sinuous curves and sensuous hidden parts. The luxurious fabrics and meticulous attention to detail are no accident. Lavande is the perfect marriage of sexiness, femininity and function. Lavande is the gift that will love to be gifted, received as well as shared!!

Nike ACG

Women's Nike ACG Whites Jacket & Men's Nike ACG Brenton Point Fleece

Description: Nike ACG, a diverse collection of active and outdoor apparel, recently launched with exclusive styles available at DICK'S Sporting Goods and This extraordinarily diverse line maximizes fashion forward colors, performance enhancing fit, and advanced technology to deliver the best in outdoor apparel. Men's and Women's parkas, jackets, pants, tees, fleece, pullovers, and accessories are available from $10.00-$250.00. Whether skiing the slopes of Colorado or enjoying a winter walk in the park, Nike ACG has the line to keep you warm and stylish this winter.
Price: 10.00 - 250.00

Level 99: Denim Gets Dressed to the Nines

The Dorothy & The Dembie

Description: Level 99, the leader in wide-leg denim trousers, sets to grow its denim empire with the unveiling of a full lifestyle collection that boasts only the best fits on the market. Widely known among fashion trendsetters and forecasters, Level 99 is the leader in wide-leg denim and trouser fits that flatter every woman’s body type and lifestyle. Sought out as the "perfect jean", Level 99’s Typhoon has caused an explosion of interest among savvy shoppers and top buyers. Level 99 is worn day to night due to its impeccable attention to the woman’s body. Level 99 is the only women’s premium denim that exists within the premium fashion category at a $108 to $118 retail price point. Without compromising quality, cut, fabric or fit, the company is taking denim trends to another level of denim consciousness and the retail buyers are responding!

Price: $108.00 - $118.00

Holiday Treats Sure to Please Frankie & Johnny Pajamas

Description:, your cozy place on the web for hip, trendy PJs, Slippers, Robes, Yummy Bath & Body Treats and more, offers the ultimate must-haves in gift-giving for the holiday season: Celebrate the season in style with matching pajamas for the entire family. Fun flannel or cotton prints from Frankie & Johnny Snowman Collection are sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Mom will love Snow Bunny Aqua Flannel Lounge Set ($78), Dad can slip into Snow Bunny Aqua Flannel Pajamas ($78) and the littlest member of the clan can cozy up in the Snow Bunny White Romper ($28.95) Frankie & Johnny Farmer’s Breakfast and 12 Monkeys pjs sets are great for couples $88 depending upon the style).

Private Label Abbey Hill Collection of soft home products at Kmart

Abbey Hill Collection

Description: Making the ideal gift for those with classical tastes, the ABBEY HILL™ collection offers beautiful ideas for holiday gifts. Luxurious woven Jacquards with delicate embroideries and graceful trims as well as colors that range from calming pastels to soft earth tones characterize this collection. Ideal as a thoughtful, soothing gift, this line provides the ultimate in comfort for your friends and family.

Price: $69.99

Bordeaux -- Perfect Holiday Gift!

Casual Tank - Flattering Cami

Description: Bordeaux's wide array of seamless tanks, billowy tops and sexy dresses are worn by some of the top celebrities including Brittany Murphy, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere and Winona Ryder. Some ideas for holiday gifts include their Skinny'z Collection: Skinny’z™ by Bordeaux boasts sex appeal plus superior fabric and design construction to its competitor’s seamless garments, thanks in part to its high fashion design team and body engineered patented technology. A leader in the industry, the Skinny’z collection is “a seamless way to contour your best body”. Skinny'z are made of a lightweight, revolutionary material that will refine and shape as it smoothes out curves. The Skinny’z collection includes four items: Flattering Cami ($60 retail), Casual Tank ($58 retail), Tummyless Short ($52), and Tummy Short ($52 retail).
Price: 52.00 - 60.00

Megumi for the Holidays

Megumi Earrings

Description: Megumi Eda is one of Japan’s most prestigious costume jewelry designers today. Her sophisticated and timeless jewelry is inspired by an appreciation of the gentle colors and shapes found in nature and Japanese Art. Megumi incorporates the finest raw materials into her intricate designs, using natural stones, Venetian and Czech beads, along with glass and natural pearls. Through years of experience Megumi Eda blends heritage, artistic design and exquisite hand craftsmanship together to create beautiful and delicate bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. These beautifully bold creations continue to set the standard for fine costume jewelry.

OKA b. Shoes

OKA b. Shoes

Description: OKA b. shoes sparkle and shine this holiday season. Look no further ... the ideal holiday gift this season has just arrived! Featuring a unique reflexology-inspired design, OKA b. shoes are available in 15 distinct styles and an extensive assortment of colors. These comfortable shoes are just what feet need during the holidays and all year long! Made from a revolutionary material called Microplast ©, the durable one-piece design is so tough it can be thrown right into the washer for the easiest clean-up ever! Stuff your stockings with the perfect gift this holiday season - OKA b. shoes!

Men's Robes and PJs

What Dad Wants - Charmeuse Kimono Embroidered With Chinese Characters - From LA Designer Gyz

Description: Surprise him with an Incredibly Luxurious Charemuse Kimono Robe. It's like two robes in one, as the kimono is is fully reversible and so soft to the touch. The back side of the Asian-inspired robe is expertly embroidered with a fierce dragon and the front side has embroidered Chinese Characters which translate to Long Life, Prosperity, Good Health. Turn the robe inside out and you a completely solid Charemuse Robe with contrasting trim. Comes in handsome classic colors: black and red, burgundy and mauve, or taupe and black. An unbeatable selection of distinctive gifts including pin-striped silk pajama sets, charmeuse boxers, and two-tone robes are available at or All from Famed LA Designer - Shirley of Hollywood and it's distinctive men's line GYZ.

UJeans the perfect pair of jeans

Just one of the billions of designs you can make with UJeans

Description: Tired of not being able to find the right pair of jeans? Frustrated with wearing jeans that mostly fit? UJeans has what you want. We are an eco responsible, made-to-measure jeans company where customers get to design their own jeans. You design the jeans and since they are made-to-measure we guaranteed a perfect fit. Create almost anything with UJeans, so you can follow the trends or start your own. The perfect pair of jeans also make the perfect gift.

Not Your Daughters jeans

Wide Leg - Fall Collection

Description: Tummy Tuck Jeans were the first jeans made for women of all shapes and sizes. With the hangtag, “not your daughter’s jeans,” Tummy Tuck Jeans are made for the baby boomer generation and work to flatten the tummy, lift the butt and allows women to wear one size smaller. The jeans contain a lycra weave in the tummy panel that minimizes the bulge that many women complain about. Prior to Tummy Tuck Jeans, women had to succumb to the often unflattering and ill fitting jeans that the younger generations were wearing. With the advent of Tummy Tuck Jeans, women from size 2 to 24 can now feel comfortable in their own skin and truly look and feel their best. Tummy Tuck Jeans has a fit that will work on everyone!

Bold and Sexy Sheiki Shirts

Celebrity Hoodie is a soft fleece with multi-girl and multi-background designs, as well as bold stitching and studding around the pocket ~ Sheiki Snake Girl Tank is hand dyed with crystal details and bold stitching around the neck and arm bands

The exceptional quality of Sheiki Shirts is evident in every detail, from the soft burned-out fabric to the distinctive dye work. All drawings are complete originals, based on 20s and 40s pin up girls, created by hand and delicately silkscreened onto the premium fabric. The attention to detail extends to the unique chain stitch of the embroidery and the Swarovski crystal embellishments, each done by hand. As with the entire Sheiki Jeans clothing line, Sheiki Shirts are created for optimal feel and flattering fit. View the entire line of shirts as well as the premium Sheiki Jean line at
Price: $60.00

Biscotti Moonlight Pink Dress & Shrug

Biscotti Pink Dress & Shrug

Description: Trendy Togs ( is an online children's boutique of designer clothes. Trendy Togs has the latest and greatest boutique kids clothesfrom designers like: Oilily, Catimini, Wati, Trish Scully, Charlie Rocket, Mimi & Maggie, Jottum, Deux Par Deux, Room Seven, Pampolina, Baby Nay, Cakewalk Clothes and more!This dress is perfect for your little gir's holiday! Biscotti, Biscotti, Biscotti! We love you Biscotti! Who else can turn netting and ribbons into a set from the French Renaissance. Seriously, she could hang out at Versailles in this duo. Knit shrug sports the same sparkles as the dress.

Attus Apparel Polo Shirts

Attus Holiday Sale 50% OFF

Description: Attus Apparel was founded in the Spring of 2007. We wanted to offer an alternative to the typical croc and pony show found in the world of knit polo shirts. A polo shirt that let the wearer advertise for himself, his interests, his mood. Attus offers very unique, stylish, and very nice designer polo shirts for men. Our knit polo shirts are 100% pique cotton, slim fit, vintage distressed and offer very iconic mood and interest driven embroideries on the chest. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, throw on our Jerk Polo. Feeling a little Hungover, try The Hangover. Live like a Rockstar, wear the Hesher. Check out our website to see the available styles. Right now all of our polo's are 50% OFF.

Bridget Lynne Designs

Dangleous & Green Onyx Cluster

Bridget Lynne Nielsen has been passionate about jewelry from a young age. With a love for all things that sparkled, she began making and designing jewelry for her friends and family since the age of twelve. With a business degree from Syracuse University, Nielsen decided to combine her love of fashion and business and Bridget Lynne Designs was born. All the pieces are handmade by Nielsen herself in her studio in Manitoba, Canada. Nielsen creates pieces on the premise that accessories make the outfit and should be timeless. She strives to be on the cutting edge of style while maintaining customer satisfaction and providing quality products. The Dangelous is sold for $77.00 and the Green Onyx Cluster is sold at $235.00.
Price: $77.00 - $235.00

Unbelievabra by Shapeez


The Unbelievabra

Description: The UNBELIEVABRA was designed for every women who wants to look and feel their best. It is the only shapewear garment with an integrated under molded cup bra without back closures that totally eliminates all back bulges and visible bra lines. It lifts, supports and shapes your breasts and creates a smooth back which gives you a slimmer appearance. It is made from Moisture-wicking CoolTex fabric that feels silky and luxurious on your body so you stay cool, comfortable and confident all day long.
Price: $75.00

Stylish Holiday Slippers

Bonjour Fleurette Bonne Noel

Description: The Judi Flowers Studio for Bonjour Fleurette Holiday Collection provides you with holiday gifts that are both stylish and practical. The ‘Bonne Noel’ is a black velvet slipper enhanced with a gorgeous red or black and white plaid taffeta flower with a Swarovski® crystal center. The matching children’s slipper is the perfect gift for the stylish young lady of the family. Also available, matching eye mask and sachet.
Price: $73.00

Trendy Army Hats

White Crown Cadet Hat as seen on Paris Hilton

Brokedown Clothing is a new line seen on A list celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Jamie Pressly. Our line includes trendy Army hats with metal motifs, tattoo inspired graphic tees, tanks, thermals, and hoodies funky but comfortable and casual. We are now in the works of expanding adding a Men's line due out in February 08 and and kids line for proud moms and dads that like to dress their kids in style like them.

Ed Hardy Snowblazer boots

Ed Hardy Snowblazers in Gray & White

Description: Stay a step ahead of the style curve this season with the designer that celebrity trendsetters turn to when it comes to keeping them cloaked in the latest fashions. Ed Hardy’s Snowblazers are a trendy twist on a classic style. These knee high flat boots are designed with ornate tattoo detailing that exudes the California cool. Lined with luxurious faux sherling and suede exterior, the Snowblazers add an edge to an outfit.

Handmade, All-Natural Handbags and Accessories Support Philanthropic Efforts - Give a Gift that Gives Back this Holiday Season

Bali Collection: Halfmoon & Night

Description: Five Accessories, an online store that originated from its efforts to bring handmade handbags and accessories from Bali to the United States, announces its newest offerings from Guatemala, Honduras, and the United States. The company helps support grassroots efforts around the globe to aid under-privileged children by donating five dollars of every handbag sold and 15 percent of all other sales to each artisan's local cause. Five Accessories' online boutique carries handbags and jewelry made from a variety of materials including bamboo, wicker, coconut shells, recycled materials, silver, cloth, leather and more; materials unique to each artisan's locality. For more information and to purchase Five Accessories products, visit or visit one of its 15 retail locations across the United States

The Shoul: The New Functional, Fashionable Wrap

The Shoul, as casual day-wear

Description: The “Shoul” – a play on the words shoulder and shawl and pronounced shole - is a lightweight yet warm wrap that refuses to fall off the shoulders. Made of a washable, soft acrylic knit and available in black or tan, the Shoul offers a flattering, versatile design that works day-to-night for casual and dressy attire. As a travel accessory—and especially on buses, trains and airplanes—the Shoul folds to a compact, easy-to-carry size and even comes with its own handy clip. Priced at just $39 plus $4.95 shipping and handling, the Shoul makes an ideal “under $50” gift and is available at

Vintage 1970s Hawaiian Casuals by Stan Hicks made in Honolulu in a 100% polished cotton in an ugly green & brown foliage printed short sleeve, and special gold buttons a ticket to surf any turf + 1990's version of a shining example of a Serious brand blue short sleeve made of tiny 100% manmade sequins. Registering a solid 10 on the Fuglymeter and made in USA

Description: is a online retailer of stylish new and vintage mens and boys clothing. From T-shirts to tuxedoes, create a personally unique and independent fashion style using the Fugly Meter to decide how far to take all this fun. All our vintage products short-curcuit the fashion industry's poor labor conditions and environmental consequences. Each vintage fashion statement has been laundered or dry-cleaned using non-toxic techniques, repaired if needed and is READY TO WEAR upon receipt. We are an earth friendly and socially responsible company that by recycling and reusing circumvent the global effects of manufacturing clothing.

Mr. Happy Crack Gifts & Apparel

Mr. Happy Crack t-shirt

Description: The Mr. Happy Crack line of gifts and apparel has universal appeal! Mr. Happy Crack, The Crack Team company mascot, has an entire catalog of merchandise featuring the concrete cartoon and his slogan, "A dry crack is a happy crack!" The Crack Team, concrete repair specialists, has locations nationwide. The catalog, including bobbleheads, boxers, hats, t-shirts, thongs and baby rompers, is available online at I encourage you to visit the press center at to see what the media has to say about the merchandise.


Tikilynn Cards & Notes

inside text: "Produce The Memories That You Keep Forever – Merry Christmas!"

Description: tikilynn cards & notes is the paper greeting collection created for the vibrant, art-loving word enthusiast. Our boxed set of greeting cards is available with beautiful Holiday and Christmas designs with heartfelt inside text that exemplifies the true meaning of the season. The sets make great stocking stuffers and even better Holiday and Christmas cards to send to friends and family by showing that the best gifts are the ones that cannot be bought in a store. (sold online for $13 for a set of 10) How can you have a blue Christmas with tikilynn cards & notes red and green holiday notes? These flat correspondence cards are festive enough to send your holiday hello or announce your holiday party! They even feature tiki wearing Old Saint Nick's hat! (sold online for $13 for a set of 10). This set is another great stocking stuffer!

ESPN Holiday Consumer Products

College Gameday Apparel

Description: ESPNU Apparel, A retro inspired line with a contemporary edge, the ESPNU collection includes T-shirts, fleece, shorts, outerwear and polos, celebrating the passion, pride and tradition of college athletics ESPN Books, filled with at-your-fingertips essential sports knowledge 23 Ways to Get to First Base: The ESPN Uncyclopdia, by Gary Belsky and Neil Fine ESPN Ultimate NASCAR: 100 Defining Moments in Stock Car Racing History ESPN Guide to Psycho Fan Behavior

BabyLegs, the orignial leg and arm warmers

Julie is all school rock with these new styles coming out this fall

Description: BabyLegs leg (and arm!) warmers combine style with functionality creating this years absolute must have for parents. They protect those sweet BabyLegs while crawling, provide extra sun protection, and are the perfect item to carry around all summer long for those chilly encounters with air conditioned buildings. Even "tweens" have been smitten on these BabyLegs. These "hot" BabyLegs have many fans including Mira Sorvino, Angie Harmon, Holly Robinson-Peete, Angela Bassett, Tia Carrere, Diane Farr, and more.

The Diamond Life Accessories

Bling Coffee Sleeve

Description: A line of custom Swarovski adorned Koozies and Coffee Sleeves. What’s a Koozie you ask? It is an insulated neoprene holder of your favorite cold beverage bottle like water, soda and beer. Now you have another place you can express your inner BLING. This is the latest MUST HAVE for the Hollywood glamour set. The Coffee Sleeves are patterned after the paper ones used at all the coffee shops, only better they last forever and are a fashion statement. This is the thing for all the coffee lovin’ fashionistas out there.

Hand Etched Beauty by Butterfly Creations

Butterfly Creations

Description: Who can resist a gift of beautiful jewelry? Butterfly Creations is a no brainer as each piece is hand etched and hand made. From men's to women's, bracelets to necklaces, Butterfly Creations is sure to make everyone on your list smile. Each piece is made with care and beautiful detail be it from semi precious stones to the hand etched metals. This season's most coveted stocking stuffer is Butterfly Creations!

Consumer product PR Account Executive

(L)Buenos Aires - (R)Interphase

Description: Foster Grant is an iconic sunglasses company that graced the faces of celebs like Mia Farrow and Raquel Welch in the \'60\'s. Elvis himself was rarely seen without his signature pair. The company was best known for their "Who's That Behind Those Foster Grants?" ad camaign. Foster Grant has launched a line of fashion styles for under $30. They are available everywhere! The new slogan is "Who Could You Be?" Anyone can be stylish, chic, or rocker punk just by throwing on another affordable and fashionable pair! Retail locations can be found at

Supportive Lingerie That's Stylish

Jodi Gallaer Plunge

Description: If your boobs rival those of Pamela Anderson or if you’re not so well-endowed alá Kelly Ripa, chances are your choice in bras is a little, shall we say, flat. Why? That’s because full-busted women and difficult to find sizes are often the most overlooked demographic by bra manufacturers. But not anymore... Introducing Jodi Gallaer Lingerie, a divine, new collection of colorful, cute and supportive lingerie for full-busted women and difficult to find sizes – and everyone in between. Offering a unique brand of fashion and function, Jodi creates stylish lingerie in sizes that range from as small as 28C to as large as 40H. Perfect for the holidays is the classic Plunge bra - in red - which features lace cups with virtually flat seams that make it a great everyday bra and ideal for wearing under holiday party attire. Available in sizes 28C to 36G.
Price: $58.00

Sweet Vibes Jeans

Sweet Vibes Jeans

Description: Sweet Vibes accentuates a woman’s personal expression of her confidence and “I’m hot” attitude. Whether she wears strappy heels or sporty sneakers underneath her jeans, this woman knows how to make a statement and have a good time. Mixing unique style with upcoming fashions, the Sweet Vibes lifestyle is all about looking and feeling fabulous. Spending time at the mall, talking on the phone, listening to music, and going to dance clubs and concerts take up all of the Sweet Vibes woman’s time. In order for her to fit everything into her schedule, jeans are a necessary component of her wardrobe because of their versatility in any setting; from day to night she’s able to make her jeans fit!
Price: $50.00

Marnie Rocks Rain Boots and Umbrellas

Marnie Rocks Rain Boots and Umbrellas

Description: Let peace and love rain. The Marnie Rocks Peace and Love Rain Boots and Umbrellas are available for women and girls. The rainboots come in black and white for women in whole sizes 6-10. The girl\'s rainboots are pink and green and are available in whole sizes 8-4. The women's umbrella is printed in black and white with peace signs and hearts. It is 38" long. The girl's is printed in pink and green umbrella with yellow handle. It is 22" long.
Price: $48.00


Just two of our many adorable Spring/Summer '08 styles

Description: Since the beginning Groove has brought the freshest footwear to the young female market. Fun, funky, fashion-forward Groove girls are creative, innovative and unique. We believe in freedom of individuality through artistic expression invigorating the mind, body, and sole! Because our staff is comprised of our target market, we are sure to bring the latest fashions out to our consumers; “for girls, by girls!” And since each member of the Groove family comes from a different background with the same passion for fashion, we have shoes suitable for all lifestyles. Our collections offer a combination of high fashion with street, surf and urban styles intertwined. Each individually inspired shoe in the Spring/Summer‘08 line is designed to showcase the unique, youthful and genuine spirit that is encompassed in Groove Footwear.
Price: $40.00

Cocoons Eyewear

Cocoons eyewear

Description: Cocoons are the only sunglasses in the world that will completely isolate your eyes from the elements. The collection features patented designs that deliver 360° of Advanced UV Protection and are available in a range of styles and sizes that can be worn over prescription eyewear or as conventional sunglasses. After wearing Cocoons for a short period of time, your eyes will begin to relax. The polarized UV400 front and side lenses treat incoming light, eliminating distracting glare and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. The patented frames protect your eyes from all angles, blocking sunlight, UV, glare, wind, rain and airborne debris.
Price: $19.99 - 39.95

Rock-n-roll Style for a cause

Get comfort with an edge in this cool camo shirt

Description: Finally there is sexy and stylish clothing for a cause! The following items are great last minute holiday gift ideas that are not only super cool, but also give back to a great cause that affects so many people we know. And, for all those who just need the right fatigues to face the holiday weekend with their family, this is the perfect attire!
Price: $25.00

Naztech cellphone case

Naztech cellphone holder

Description: Naztech blends three timeless elements––innovation, beauty and essence––to create a unique look of perfection. The pace of development of the Naztech brand and ultimately each product is unparalleled to anything ever done before in the marketplace. Naztech is continually poised upon the threshold of something that is truly special. The Naztech name is synonymous with the highest quality in sophisticated and fashionable personal accessories. Naztech’s exquisite collection is the result of many design trials, craftsmanship and innovation which confer a sense of eternity upon their owners -- a triumph of precision craftsmanship and personal convenience.



Description: Foxgloves fantastic form fit, stylish design and luscious colors make them the gloves you love to wear indoors or out. These innovative gloves provide complete dexterity and are excellent for planting, weeding, pruning and harvesting. The tight knit and brushed surface keeps hands and nails clean and the four-way stretch of durable SUPPLEX® nylon and LYCRA® elastane provide breathable comfort and easy care. Available in three sizes, plus they are machine washable and quick drying.
Price: $25.00

Lowepro Napoli Series of Camera Pouches

Napoli 30

Description: The Napoli line of elegant leather pouches for ultra compact digital cameras will be a delightful surprise in anyone’s stocking. With its durable, fine-grain, nappa leather exterior and soft padded suede interior, Napoli protects digital cameras against scratches and impact when transported by hand, in pockets, purses or bags. All pouches in the series are lightweight and include a wrist strap port which, with the carrying strap, allows convenient hands free carrying, a magnetic clasp for secure yet quick access to the camera and a low-profile belt loop. An interior memory card pocket provides quick access to an additional memory card. Napoli is available in four sizes and three colors, red, black and chocolate. The MSRP is $24.99 – 39.99 and can be purchased at nationwide retailers such as Best Buy, Ritz Camera, and Staples.
Price: 24.99

Fredericks of Hollywood Plush Robe

Frederick's of Hollywood Plush Robe

Description: The Fredericks of Hollywood leopard detailed plush robe is a holiday gift to desire, adore and indulge. Ranging in sizes small/medium and large/xlarge, it's the perfect holiday gift for any woman! Tease the season with Frederick\'s of Hollywood this holiday! For more than 60 years, Frederick’s of Hollywood has been the pioneer in innovative, alluring lingerie. Every time a woman in America puts on a piece of black lingerie, a push-up bra or a thong, she has Frederick’s to thank. With more than 150 boutique stores nationwide, world-famous catalog and online shop, Frederick’s has been recognized as one of the world’s most well known brands. Visit
Price: $20.00

Palomita and Chucho Clothing

Palomita and Chucho Clothing

"Esta marca es para ti” This brand is for you, is the tagline for the Palomita ™ and Chucho™ brands focusing on the Latino customer. These brands were created by Molly Robbins, ”Molona” a Mexico City native as well an apparel industry veteran. She has secured exclusive rights to use trademarks and vintage art from an array of Latino companies. These brands incorporate these colorful graphics providing a platform for individual style. The logos range from beverages and confections to cement companies and tire manufacturers. The brands also host iconic characters such as Topo Gigio®, a mouse known for his endearing comments and fun attitude. The brands are fresh and fun and capture the nostalgia of Latin America.
Price: $20.00

Wearable Baby Blanket -- Cute 'n Comfy

CSN Stores will keep your bundle of joy warm this winter

Description: HALO brings you this sweet wearable baby blanket that will keep your little infant warm throughout the night. The SleepSack Fleece replaces loose blankets for safer sleep. The super-soft, micro-fleece is great for the colder climates, but it offers superior breathability, making it perfect for year-round use. It's the only wearable blanket that carries the "#1 Safe Sleep product" gold seal from First Candle / SIDS Alliance. The SleepSack wearable blanket reduces the risk of rebreathing (the inhalation of carbon dioxide), which has been associated as a possible cause of sudden infant death syndrome. Allow your baby to stay safe, warm and cozy all night long with the Fleece SleepSack wearable blanket. Only $19.98 at A great (and safe) way to bundle up baby.

bottomsUp by Cheeky Designs

bottomsUp by Cheeky Designs

Description: bottomsUp® offer help wherever it's needed. They can be attached in the front or back, keeping tummies tucked in or cheeks from peeking out. They are fully adjustable and also help keep bras from riding up in back. Perfect for not only pregnant women, but any women seeking a better solution. Available in basic black, buff, and leopard fabrics, bottomsUp® are soft on skin and won't be seen by anyone other than the person they are on.
Price: $19.75

hip-T: Cover Your Assets!

Black "Original" Assets Covered & Black "Original" Front View hip-T At Work

  hip-T is a hip wrap worn over your jean's waistband and hip area, and under the lower portion of your top. You can now create sassy layers without the bulky, sweaty t-shirt tangle, and prevent rear view sneak peeks of the run-a-way thong and possible "bum cleavage" outbreak. Feel free to sit, squat and bend knowing hip-T has your assets covered! Be free - hip-T! Available in a variety of colors, patterns and lace accents. Perfect gift and stocking stuffer for under $25.

CSN Stores Offers Hilarious Onesie

These onesies from CSN Stores say it all, especially if you're a Grandma

Description: "What Happens at Grandma's, Stays At Grandma's," is the saying emblazoned on this adorable onesie from Trend Lab, offered by CSN Stores ( At just $15, this is an adorable stocking stuffer for Grandmas of cherubs everywhere. It's available in bright green, light pink and light blue, and is part of a larger product group called, "The Message Onesie Collection." Just imagine the look on family members' faces when they see your little angel wearing this sassy piece!

The Winkee

The Winkee

Description: Winkee is a revolutionary, patent pending bra accessory, that is the ultimate solution for plunging necklines. Go from Boardroom to Bodacious without changing clothes! Winkee empowers all women to feel confident, while maximizing their wardrobe. Winkees attach around your bra with "WinkeeDots" (Enclosed 25 Winkeedots with every Winkee) Winkeedots are a fabric to fabric, disposable powerful double sided adhesive, that provides a custom fit for every woman.
Price: $15.00


Begg Holiday Group

Description: Elegant, sophisticated and timeless, Begg Scotland draws inspiration from its signature lush Scottish surroundings and ancient Scottish textile designs to deliver a striking collection of scarves, shawls, stoles and throws. Begg’s Holiday 2007 Collection unveils the Fantasy Cava in hues of winter white, beige and silver. An exclusive weaving technique blends silk and cashmere to create a delicate and lightweight design. The open weave style of the Fantasy Cava incorporates golden and silver lorax threading that compliment the Holiday’s metallic tones. In addition, the shimmery Glamour Kishorn is featured in luminous colors of gold, platinum and pewter. Throughout the line, golden tones blend with soft neutral hues to create a subtle and unassumingly powerful Holiday palette that moves effortlessly from day to evening.

PeaceLoveEarth Seven WIshes Bracelets by Annatarian Eco Couture

Seven Wishes Bracelet

Description: Only in L.A. does it seem natural that couture and the environment go hand in hand. Enter the eco-conscious couture brand Annatarian, designed by Anna Mikhitarian. Annatarian has also rolled out her new eco conscious jewelry line, PEACELOVEEARTH. The line includes her signature necklaces that are adorned with dangling charms as well as your choice of either a peace, love or earth pendant as well as her newest Seven Wish bracelets that come in an assortment of colors and charms. Look great and feel great wearing these beautiful green lifestyle accessories!

Out Ease Struts

Out Ease Struts

Out Ease Struts is an innovative, patent pending product that prevents pant hems from getting caught between an individual’s heel and shoe when wearing backless shoes. The Struts strips are quickly and easily attached to the inside center of the pant hem by removing the adhesive backing from the strip. It is easily creased or curved to form. Unlike the permanent strips, simply peel and discard Strut strips before laundering the garment. Struts uses an environmentally friendly PLA film made from 100% corn by Earthfirst®.

Nundies: The Pantyless Panty

Nundies come in Blushing Buff or Naughty Black, as well as other assorted colors and patterns

Description: How Nundies Equal No Undies: As a tulip-shaped panty that adheres to the inseam inside a woman’s pants, Nundies is intended as an alternative to wearing underwear, promising to liberate women from the age-old constraints of tacky panty lines, uncomfortable thongs and bulky briefs. This product is brought to market by Dallas–based Advanced Materials, Inc. (AMI4), Nundies marks a new product line for the company known for its success in manufacturing medical products, such as diet patches, mammography pads and single–use ice packs.


Description: 191 Unlimited was created in 2002 by recent college grads Parth Sharma and Girish Karnani. We took $191 to the casino, got lucky, and won enough money to create the first 191 line. 3 years later, we are still here, and tearing it up. Whoever said dreams can’t come true? 191 is dedicated to creating the most unique clothing for both men and women. We try hard to combine new and bold fabrications with edgy detail to keep our customers comfortable, happy, and looking good. That’s it, plain and simple. We don’t need to feed you anymore bullshit. We trust you know what’s best for you. Ok then, good talk.

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