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Noises began immediately.  The Cubs won- Really the Cubs WON.  Can this be true? It seemed impossibility, year after year, the Cubs would break you heart but not this time.  They won the World Series.  Fire crackers.  Horns.  Unbelievable. And, what a series.


Even the dinasour is cheering for the Cubs

As Chicago receives the Cubs at Wrigley Field for the first time in 45 years, Cub fans continue to be amazed and thrilled.  The “W” flags are everywhere.  Cub fans share their stories and all kinds of special offers in honor of the Cubs pop-up. Forty one thousand fans watch game three.  Cubs don't win.


Wrigley Field; Photo: Vintage Chicago Splash Magazine

I had the chance to talk with John Iltis, who has been a life long Cubs fan, but really a Chicago fan, happy to see the Sox win 10 years ago.  But his history is much more intertwined with the cubs.

John shared this story:

“When I was 10-11 I sold Chicago Daily News with a score card at Wrigley. In those days my friends and I would buy the newspaper for 2-3 cents and sell them for 5 cents.

In the seventh inning the gates would open and anyone could walk in for free.

If we picked up empty beer cups and other trash and the Cubs would give us a free grandstand ticket for the next game.

It will be a real treat to attend a World Series game with my daughters who have been Cub fans since they could understand the game. Claire had a winter Cub hat and Annika has a Cub hat that no longer has a blue color, sun dried.

I remember taking younger daughter, Annika, to the San Diego playoff game when she was 3 or 4. In those days you could carry a “baby” in for the game. She doesn’t remember being there.

I have a signed baseball from around 1950’s with Paul Minner, P; Eddie Miksis, 2B; announcers Bert Wilson, radio play-by-play; Bert Campbell color; and Walt Jacobson, bat boy, who then became a TV journalist known as Walter Jacobson on WBBM TV, and WFLD TV.”


Flying high;Photo: B. Keer

It turns out that John has had Cubs tickets- good ones for many, many years, but a few years ago, when getting to games became difficult, he didn't attend games regularly but determined he would attend Game 4 or the World Series - and he did.  


Excitement before the game, Good friend Ira Deutchman, yours truly, Claire and Annika at the 4th World Series, Saturday, October 29, 2016; Photo- Courtesy of John Iltis

John was willing to answer a few questions.

B.K.: Over the time you have been a Cubs fan what are the changes you really like?

J. I. The new Left field scoreboard.


B. K: The changes you like least?

J. I.:The tearing down of buildings for new hotel with a McDonald’s! 


B. K. Does this series feel real?  Did you actually expect to have the chance to take advantage of the agreement you made to come to the fourth game of the World Series?

J. I.:This was the first year I thought they actually had a chance.


Dick's hat sits on the box holding his ashes watching the World Series; Photo: Joyce Wippman

My friend, Joyce Wippman, shared  a story about her husband.


“Dick  (Wippman) always loved baseball and the Cubs.  He played during his
childhood and teen years, and of course,  hoped to someday be a
professional baseball player.  Dick became a CPA instead.  His love
for the game continued by coaching his sons' baseball teams while they
were growing up in Glencoe.

Dick's Mom was born in 1906 and was 2
years old when the Cubs won the World Series in 1908.  She lived her
life hoping to see them win again, but she died just short of 100.”


As hometown Jason Kipnis leads the Cleveland Indians to great heights, my thoughts turn to my cousin, Leslie Kipnis (mot related) who lived in Highland Park and was a lifelong Cubs fan. One can only imagine his delight with Game 5, looking down on us from another place. I remember the intensity with which he almost climbed into the TV and the careful score keeping he did.  His son has been kind enough to share some collected baseball memorabilia.


Signed bat-Fergie Jenkins; Photo-Nathan Kipnis


Signed bat, Hank Aaron; Photo- Nathan Kipnis


Signed ball; Joe Dimmagio; Photo- Courtesy of Nathan Kipnis


To Nate;Photo: Courtesy of Nate Kipnis

For more information about The Cubs


The World Series and Halloween in Chicago; Photo: B. Keer

Cubs related events:

210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge Rearranges Music Offerings to Bring You the Cubs' World Series Games 


210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge  (210 Green Bay Road, Highwood, IL 60040; telephone: 847-433-0304) 

Root Root Root for the Cubbies with a World Series special menu
at Prairie Grass Café


Prairie Grass Cafe (601 Skokie Blvd.; Northbrook, IL) is flying the W all weekend long! The flat screen TVs on every wall will be playing the game and Chef Sarah Stegner has created a special menu to celebrate the Cubs first World Series appearance in 71 years.


Bleacher Bums cast prepares for its opening day as Cubs clinch Division title

 call 1 800 838 3006.

As the Chicago Cubs are set to embark on Game One of the World Series tonight, some of the cast and crew at the nationally celebrated haunted house brand, House of Torment  in Morton Grove, wonder if the animatronic goat at their haunt and a visit from a few Chicago Cubs’ players helped break the curse.

Check what happened next at the Victory Parade

Open for the Halloween season and other events year-round at 8240 North Austin Avenue, Morton Grove, Illinois 60053, please call 224-888-1031 or visit House of Torment website


Video is Courtesy of EarthCam  



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