Angelo Sorrenti- Kickboxing Champion

Some guys make no sense, but have looks that make us understand. Some guys do nothing but complain and some guys get all the breaks. Now let's forget all guys and focus on a man, and when I say man -  I mean the man Angelo Sorrenti. Better known as 'The Miracle Trainer' amongst  New York's elite. He puts the it in fitness. He knows, what we don't know The secret to what every single person on this earth wants. A knock out body! To all you plastic surgeons Angelo is giving you something to reconstruct and if I were you, I would worry: because once you read what he does, it will put you right to sleep, without any anesthetics. Doctors tell us that the only way to get rid of stubborn fat is through surgery.. NOT TRUE. They say don't eat fast food, it will make you fat. NOT TRUE.. and all the diets out there that claim they work.. NOT TRUE.

Angelo Sorrenti. I know ladies he is yummy, with that tummy!

I know all you readers are in a rush to read. Before I word-out my questions for Angelo. I need you to take off your Rose Colored Glasses, because we know the lies and he knows the truth.

A seventh-degree black belt and New York State kickboxing champion, Angelo has practiced martial arts since the age of 3. As a trainer, he is known for his ability to return any body to its natural metabolic state and sculpt it into perfect form through strength, resistance and cardio training.  studying nutrition and physical education in Italy, he devised the Angelo Sorrenti Integral Advanced Manipulation program (AS I AM). While he is quick to point out that he is not a doctor—"I don't have a Ph.D. in pathology," Angelo says—AS I AM is fast becoming the program du jour of the city's body-conscious fashionistas.(


David-Hello there miracle trainer, mind getting off that treadmill to run over some questions I worked out?


Angelo- It’s my pleasure!


David- I  researched your As I Am program and got so excited, finally a program that isn't designed like a one size fits all belt. You help people that struggle with weight and advise them individually on how to get the results they are looking for. Before you take action to get them into shape, you request blood work from them. Why the blood test?


Angelo- People who are very overweight are most often not healthy.  They have serious imbalances. They often have diabetes, and high cholesterol. I also find that many women have hormone imbalances that are contributing to their weight gain.  I need to see exactly what a person’s condition is to be able to correct these imbalances safely and effectively.

watch where you swing your sticks Angelo : )


David- What inspired you to create this program?


Angelo- Diet’s don’t work and more than that – the yo yo dieting has an opposite effect! It creates more weight gain. Being a fitness trainer is not enough. To truly help people you have to correct their imbalances, get them to lose weight, keep the weight off – and get fit. And most of all it has always been my mission to help people and to help solve the obesity crises in America.


David- When you hear mind, body and soul, what does your heart feel?


Angelo- Mind, body and soul – together is a complete holistic approach to one’s health and well being. So it brings me joy to know that I work with the entire person. Stress and depression are serious illnesses that affect the entire body. These are imbalances that cause damage to the heart. Do you know that you can literally die from a broken heart? I help people cure depression and alleviate stress with the AS I AM program. When mind body and soul are together in one, YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!!!


David- Your  physique is beautiful, are there any parts of your body you wish you can change?


Angelo- Although I’m always trying to improve,  my body is my temple and there is really nothing I would change about it! I love it into all its perfection and imperfection!

I can't breath!

David- How often do you eat junk food?


Angelo- I never do! When I let my self go a little, I really love good pizza, and a burger! But I don’t think those are junk food. Moderation is very important…


David-What is your favorite work out?


Angelo-I love to be active – it helps me focus and alleviates stress. I love to play soccer, go for a run and I especially love to practice martial arts in the middle of nature, like in the mountains or on the beach at sunrise… I practice all kinds of training and sports.


David-What makes you happy?


Angelo- There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. Especially someone who you knew was on such a downward trajectory – someone obese with diabetes for example – who now is a healthy weight, and with perfect blood levels. These people’s success gives me the biggest reward

Angelo Sorrenti!!

David- What is something you have always wanted to do, but haven't?


Angelo- Honestly? Get married and have a family. That would be wonderful one day! It seems that I haven’t had the time!


David- How do you spend your days off from training?


Angelo- There aren’t many days off. Once a year I visit my family in Naples. My Grandmother and sister, and I, we drive to my place on the beach in Sicily.


David- What advice would you give a person that is struggling with weight and has given up on trying another diet/program?


Angelo- I would recommend they do the AS I AM Manipulation because it resets the metabolism restoring it to perfect balance, bringing you to your natural state. It corrects all the imbalances. And it has never failed in 17 years.


David- What would you like to instruct to all the readers about fitness and health?


Angelo- DO NOT DIET!!! Eat healthy foods! That means no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, no soda. Eat frequent small meals. Problem is people do not know what “small” means. Eat clean lean meats. And dark green vegetables. Drink plenty of water.  People are also chronically dehydrated. And cardio! People do not move enough! When I see them on the treadmill they are barely moving and reading a magazine! Sorry, but this is not enough!

What a kick ass guy! Angelo Sorrenti

Come on everybody don't you want a nice body? Don't you want to be healthy? Say you want to be healthy! Don't you want to be healthy? We all want to burn off the extra calories. Say you want to exercise. Don't you want to exercise? Say you want to exercise with Angelo, the miracle trainer. All he has to say is, if he was your trainer the things he would do for you, but he's not so he can't but if he was, he would transform your body with his As I Am program, that would make you call out his name and praise him to the lord. I mean we all seen his body in the pictures. Take back your control, and be the change you want to make.

Angelo you are truly an inspiration, in our talk you spoke about your darkest hour and brightest moment and I found that you are an angel put on this earth to help all walks of life. Thank you much for your time and the awareness you have alerted me and the readers on. Now drop and give me 20 lol. Work out soon!

 Angelo Sorrenti

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