Internet Radio Recorder Broadens Horizons for Music Lovers

Five years ago, music lovers everywhere were faced with the frustrations of radio advertising, Lou Bega, and the legal downloading of music.

With the advent of Fogware's Internet Radio Recorder, at least two of those frustrations are a distant memory.

The new versatile and extremely user-friendly software enables music fans to legally capture music and programs from internet radio stations, and convert files to MP3 and other supported formats. In addition, users are bestowed with tools to edit and directly record these files to CD.

No other program has combined all of the necessary tools needed in the personal CD recording process, making Internet Radio Recorder the first of its kind.

Internet Radio Recorder takes advantage of the abundant selection of internet radio stations which deliver an unparalleled array of music and programs from around the world.

Convenient radio features include timer control for recording during a given time span, parallel recording for multiple web stations, selective recording filtering, and stream information providing song title and artist for most stations.

For the weekend DJ in all of us, Internet Radio Recorder also offers easy-to-master editing features such as volume level control, fade-ins and outs, and sounds effects such as reverse and inverse sound.

Internet Radio Recorder is the ideal alternative for those of us who have been illegally attempting to download music from programs such as Kazaa, only to be led down the harsh alleyways of corrupt pathways and bogus file names. Users are now able to find great music without the time and heartache of searching individual songs.

However, much like all media-capturing software, users must be careful of sound quality. Despite the initially impressive list of available radio stations, it soon becomes apparent that many of them are unavailable, and even more connect at low bit rates for poorer sound quality, resulting in a sound similar to that of an actual radio.

Nevertheless, Internet Radio Recorder provides a still mammoth list of high quality radio stations from pop, to college radio, to Hungarian trance, to 80's rock. If the words "eclectic" and "diverse" describe your musical tastes, the available web stations should more than satisfy your needs.

However, if you are a selective listener who only enjoys a few particular genres, you might find that the seemingly infinite possibilities soon shrivel down to a handful of stations.

Furthermore, for those music lovers who take pride in their personal mix CD's, dissatisfaction might arise from the fact that the program is, after all, recording from the radio. Hence, just like the good old days of sitting next to your cassette boom box, it is impossible to predict when your favorite song will come on, and even more impossible to capture a song in its entirety.

Luckily, Internet Radio Recorder's editing capabilities can remedy most of these shortcomings. It is only a matter of whether you find it worthwhile to put in the extra studio time to achieve your desired results.

Overall, Fogware's Internet Radio Recorder is an innovative program with more pros than cons. The smorgasbord of internet radio stations alone makes this software worthwhile; the additional editing and copying features only make things better.

Internet Radio Recorder is most valuable for the listener who simply wants an hour long CD of assorted jazz, rather than the listener who wants the complete compilation of John Coltrane.

Regardless, Internet Radio Recorder is beneficial for any true music lover and certainly unlike any other music software on the market today.

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