Yacht Rock Revue and Player at House Of Blues

Since we have embarked on a new year and we are now in the 21st century, it seems everything old is new again, or is at least consider retro cool. Take the movie, "American Hustle" which has Oscar written all over it, and it's stars Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale. The whole vibe of that movie takes place in the 1970s and has the flavor of the disco written all over it.

Even the soundtrack has music from that era, so it's safe to guess the 70s are coming back in style maybe even bell bottom jeans, well let's not go that far, but who knows? A whole new generation is getting a dose of the 70's and if you didn't live in that era like me then it may be new, hip and cool to younger people today?


Seems that way at least with the music thanks to a band like Yacht Rock Revue. This seven piece band started out in the mid west of Indiana and has become the best cover band of 70's and 80's music for this generation. Forget that most of them were in diapers or junior high school in the actual 70s and 80s. They sound just like Prince, Michael MacDonald, Christorpher Cross and Steely Dan. They have groopies of yacht rock girls dressed in cute little sailor outfits following them around the country that are teenagers today and everyone from age 35-65 dancing to the shuffle.


These guys dress the part, act the part and sound like the originals and they even have original voices join them on occasion as they did with Player doing their hits, "Baby Come Back" and "This Time I'm In It For Love" at the House of Blues last night as they rock out a packed house screaming for more than a 90 minute set of songs everyone knew the words to.


Al Stewart played his hit, "Year Of The Cat" along with Elliot Lurie who sang the hit, "Brandy You're A Fine Girl" and " Dancing In The Moonlight." It's great to hear and see the classic artists get up and jam with such a talented group of musicians playing music everyone still seems to enjoy. Shows that this classic rock music still stands with the test of time in this new century.

So I invite you to join me and Player in the Bahamas for a Cruise of a lifetime with the Yacht Rock Revue coming up Feb 26- March 2nd.


Please check out Player's website for more details and Yacht Rock Reveue's website for more on where you can catch one of their shows!

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