POLE SHOW LA 2014 - Takes Over Grammys Weekend

56th Annual Grammys parties seemed like a bore, only the "Shooter Diva" would be able to gain access to one of the hottest events of the year.  On January 25, Pole Show LA 2014 the largest, most entertaining and spectacular pole production was held at 333 Live located at 333 South Boylston avenue from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

There are pole competitions, pole fitness events and pole dancers out there but nothing compares to the excitement and wild entertainment POLE SHOW LA 2014 delivered.  A spectacular night of dance acrobatics, and aerial.  This Hollywood affair was classy, provocative and an exciting way to spend an evening.
This was not a competition, but rather a "you have to see it to believe it" one-of-a-kind production and live event.

Pole Show LA was back for 2014 and it was truly bigger, badder and hotter than any before.  With celebrities from Kate Bosworth to Rampage Jackson in attendance and FOUR 15 foot poles with seating in the round, this year the audience got the best view of everything.


Pole Show LA creator Leigh Ann Reilly said, "I love producing Pole Show LA each year because I'm able to watch my creative fantasies come to life. It's like everybody's big pole dance dream come true.  This is a totally new wave of entertainment I can't wait to show it to the world". 

Starring the current reigning International Pole Champion for 2014 Natasha Wang, Pole Show featured 70 LA performers, 500 guests and an estimated 18,000 fans streaming live.  For 2014, Pole Show LA brought the best of the best.  Glamorous costumes by Kelly Maglia Couture has helped to change the silhouette of pole dancing while the uniquely choreographed group pole routines made Pole Show LA 2014 a marriage between "Cirque Du Soliel & the Pussy Cat Dolls."

Sponsored by X-Pole and BeSpun, Pole Show LA featured the best, most fit, most creative and most daring Pole Artists in the country.  This years performers Natasha Wang (USA), Sarah Jade (USA), Marion Crampe (France), Mina and Nadia (USA), Sara Scott (UK), Michelle Shimmy (AUS), Sergia Louise (USA), Jamilla Deville (AUS), Josiah Grant (USA) as well as other Featured Performers and notable dancers including Leigh Ann Reilly, Samanta Star, Tiffany Hayden, Amy Raven, Jennifer Kim, Brynn Route, Alex Magala, Nicole "The Pole" Williams, Mary Kolacinski, Sienna Spaulding, Adrienne Strauss and Lindsay Kimura.

Media: Handsonpr, Social media: @leighannreilly, Photos by Partyby5

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