Carole Lea Burns- Lifes Journey

Life! I count my blessings every freakin DAY! When I encounter people that have a deep sadness for reason's that are so minute I cant even type them down. It amazes me how trapped they are in their own mind. So if you are one of those people that have more concern with all that is shallow, I hope you continue to follow the rest of my writing.

Hello readers Carole Lea Burns is know as one of NYC best skin specialist, after meeting Carole I was drawn to her compassion for people and wanted to learn more about this woman that gives and doesn’t expect anything in return. Her journey is one that I wouldn't wish on anyone. This journey is one that will shock, inspire and at the end make you smile and be in awe with the heroic woman that she has become… She shares her journey through poetry and dialogue.

Carole Lea Burns

To be kissed to be fondled to be touched and caressed it all sounds beautiful now what’s the rest.
Well I am 5 and yet just barely alive now who taught me wrong from right says everything will be alright. It feels so wrong uncomfortably right.
Now 10 years later he kisses me he fondled me he passes the point of touching me.
Now something so wrong could never be made right.
Who to blame he or she? They both created my destiny. A mother not she, now finding my father at 25, a friend a parent I want to know? I just wanted to be just some daddy’s little girl.
A father, a male authoritative figure a man to stand by me and say I was his. A man to stand and watch his daughter grow now everything’s outgrown. A father he never came to be. What will ever happen to me, an orphan to begin and orphan in the end.
I am so sad all I just wanted was a dad
Our mirrored faces look the same he is now the only one to blame.
The shame I carry the blame I give mothered my mother no father to show I just wanted to be just some, some daddy’s little girl.

an exterior of smiles, and interior of hurt

The saline tears that turned into a stream ran a river followed by a sea. I am floating drifting and dragging again at times I wish I knew the end.

Live through a nightmare to find my prince tall dark and handsome that he is. He touched my heart, caresses my hair he sees into my heart all the pain and despair. He looks into my strained eyes and guesses what’s on my strained mind. He feels my skin and then looks again wishing he could stop the burning the burn that never seems to end. The burning that in my head in my heart is cooled by the patience of his warm heart .He holds my hand as if to say I am safe, he still sees the fire burning in my face he takes me into his arms and holds me real tight his everlasting hug will get me through the night. I awaken with a kiss from my prince happily ever after, I hope that's what this is.

fairytale with out a happy ending.

Clearly these are words from an abused child, a haunted young adult and growing woman. This childhood is one that was lost on innocence and trust, by the people whom I should have trusted the most.
These are moments in my life that have been bitter sweet and milestones. Yet life still goes on.
In remembrance of a childhood lost; a burned victim, emotionally, physically and sexually abused child. This is how I go on re-writing the past which is now my present state of mind. I am ready to regain my power over myself that I always owned but never owned. For now I am in the present, for now my journey really begins
There are times when repeated experiences are necessary to achieve deeper understanding and enrichment and that is where I am now in my life. Embracing and creating a fundamental change in my consciousness that is needed to bring about a major shift in my life.

Born during the Vietnam War and put up for adoption. My real mother came knocking 6 weeks later at the adopted family’s home. She took me back to New England for fear of being disowned. My grandparents witnessed my abuse and tried to get custody of me especially after they burned me; I was hospitalized at the Shiners burn victim hospital in Boston. Then the stupid judge gave me back to my mother and step father till the age of 15. At 15 moving out I regained my inner power and told the dirty little secret to my high school principal.
At the age of 30 I got married unfortunately I did not know how to be a wife and he not a husband. Now turning 40, a business owner of a skin and laser company in New York City, I have reclaimed my life. I got my power back. Something that was robbed from me, now I own it, I have my power back!

Written By Carole Lea Burns

The begining of a new journey.

It's one thing to read or even hear about a story that is completely horrific, but to be in a room with someone and listen to them reflect on their past and have to fight the people that are suppose to be embedded in keeping you away from harm but chose to allow the chaos of a possessed soul to continue on destroying the life they have created. WOW what the F were they going through...  It's easy to just point a finger but my mind isn't conditioned  to declare inocent or guilty.. I think what as happened in that persons life that forces them to become so evil. Especially with the greatest gift of life Children... Though I dont judge, I sure as hell don't except anybody that can't except what is wrong.

Carole I have no words just my arms if you ever want to be held... Your journey is beyond anyone or thing that I've ever witnessed. You were a little girl that fought a battle alone. Your strength and soul triumphed over the demons and now you are a woman that stands and inspires all walks of people to keep their POWER! The message in Carole's journey ?  There is no person or thing that can destroy you unless you allow them.. if their is anybody out there living in fear, RELEASE your fear... trust YOURSELF and FUCK all the NEGATIVE CREATORS!!!


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