David Rabadi- Listen To Your Heart. Not Your Mind

Greetings  readers. Life can't be ignored! It can only be lived! You can brush anything you want off your shoulders. I know all that means is you are changing its location.. Listen to your heart.. Not your mind.. All the people in the world don't matter...Continue on your journey with what you desire. I believe most people of the world are trapped within the cave of their own minds. I hope my EFFECT can help my readers realize there is no problem never was a problem, just release your struggles and BE. 


    Open Book
I am scattered
walking one direction
writing pages that turn into chapters
my book is open even to those that
judge my cover I will never ask why
I will always reply and never deny
there is no way to describe me
you are left with a invitation
come and experience me
I have no rules or regulations
however I do dislike fast readers
but don't worry all you read is at your pace

people often freez when they look at me lololol

lovers at war we build defenses,
we can't find a way out of these problems,
causing us to hide our true feelings

I need you to hold me,
you want me to tell you it’s alright,
neither one of us make a stand,
tonight I'm finding it hard the walls are closing in

the silence is getting so loud,
I hear you scream,
bitterness has silenced our emotions,
It's getting hard to breathe,
is happiness worth more than a innocent mistake,
I'm willing to do what it takes
to calm the storm in my heart,
I've never been the desperate type,
not looking for a miracle
just a reason to believe

I remember when we came alive
in the night time, now we exist in
each others shadow, reflecting 
on cherish moments,
living our lives running alone

something about you
got me going out of my mind,
I don’t know how to explain it,
I have been told all the sagas,
still doesn’t stop me,
I am creating drama,
now you can’t resist me,
you just want to kiss me,
I know if I give in
it will be over,
so I am gonna make you wonder
and wander, no matter who you
cruising, it’s my smile,
you will always speed back to

talk to you
smiling eyes filled with tears,
I remember a time you use to listen to me,
telling secrets of make believe,
answering questions I already found,
ask in a indirect response,
I directly answer your conclusion,
one person, two person, person by three,
all search for a reason to keep me in fear,
their force effects my being to create
a movement for me to never have fear

love is blind
I look into your eyes,
You go out of your mind,                                                                                       I can’t see anything,
I am lost in you,
love is blind
you are under my spell,
I can’t help myself,
we both still try,
over our heads,
we are under each others skin,
you got no strength,
In the state I put you in,
my knees are weak,                                                                                            I am lost caught in everything about you,
your mouth can't speak ,
thinking about the things we do,
we fell too far this time

I’ll be the clown
but never the fool
you can laugh now
I have no interest
in making you cry later
you can have the last laugh too
it's enough for me to know
my presence alters your ego
you can try your best to expose
all the things I don't reveal
we both know
we are each fighting our own battle
your wrong thoughts of me
are a reflection of your disguise
you think I can't see
just in case you forgot
you gave me a ticket
to sit front row
to your Manage a'Trois quarrel
1st opponent your mind
2nd opponent your ego
3rd opponent yourself
first round goes to the ego
second round yourself is eliminated
it's a tie between ego and mind
third round yourself wins it
I guess I was the reason you lost, forfeit and won
thanks for the entertainment you crying fool


     We were young
and out of control
we planed and plotted
got caught and rebelled
what we had was pure
together we found all that we lost
now we are in-between a war
that has nothing to do with what we hold
but are forced to let it all go
and to think we thought we live for ourselves
but it's safe to say no matter who we meet
in the rest of our life journey
they will never come close
to finding what was stolen
only we have the original piece
I miss you most in my happy times of despair 

my cousin LINDA also my heart and soul!!!!

I think the biggest mistake in life is to stay conditioned. In my experience I have learned the only way to grow is to face your fears and then realize there was nothing to fear because worrying is useless in your time of despair. There is no problem never was a problem just release your struggles. 

I hope you all enjoyed my poems. I thank you for your time.

A very special thanks to: my sister Rana (aka wonder woman) for passing down her confident and courageous traits. My brothers: Zeid, Kusay & John (aka Moe Larry and Curly) you have to be the funniest guys on earth. From your favorite bro, the orginal clown Charlie Chapplin. My favorite cousin Linda (aka Bonnie) I am forever your Clyde. Tony, Jane & Rita, the best sis-in-laws and bro-in-law I could wish for. My nieces and nephews, you keep me strong and are the reason I look forward to tomorrow. Mom and Dad you are the best in the world.

RIP: Ellen Besserman (miss you and love you)


David Rabadi

Copyright © David Rabadi - All rights reserved 

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