Single Parent- Nicole Risby

The public image of the "typical" single parent is quite distorted. Today I am talking to a woman that is a single mother and has it all in order.

Whether a  women has lost the father of her children to; famine, war, other women, the streets, drugs, or prison, she knows what parenting is.  This woman that I am about to introduce to you has never been intimidated by circumstances. She gave birth to a beautiful girl that she loves to death and doesn't skip a beat when her baby needs to eat. She held it down, never complained, never blamed God, the absent father, or anyone else. She is a warrior, worked hard, keeps her child clean, clothed and has a roof over her head. She met her baby daddy in da club, he took her out, shook-er up, then confused the $h!T out of her. She got pregnant! Baby daddy became a ghost. Don't you want her? After all you did leave her with something, The greatest gift of all a CHILD. Sorry if I am intense READERS! BUT I get annoyed with coward b!tCh men, that run away from responsibility. Now that I put my two cents in, here is the dime piece herself the very responsible, loving, caring, and sexy as fnck and is very sexy the single mother that got all fathers wishing she had a baby by them, Miss Nicole Risby.



David: Hey Miss I am making it on my own leaving dead beats alone. What is the tempo in motherhood for you today?

Nicole: I definitely move to the beat of my own drum.  It took some getting used to but I have it under control.  I know how much time I need to get ready for work, who to depend on for a sitter, who to turn to in case of an emergency. My days before I was pregnant was open for anything. It's not just me anymore, It's me and Kayleen and she comes first.


David: Take me back to before you got pregnant. Where were you heading in life?

Nicole: Before motherhood I always had a passion for dance.  I danced in school and traveled and I just LOVED it.  Being from Schaumburg IL I felt stuck.  The opportunity came to move to New York and I took it! I was OUT! I worked hard to make a name for myself but I just never made it.  Making it as anything in New York is tough.  I started waiting tables and bartending and before I knew it dance was the furthest thing from my mind.  I had to sit back and refocus about my future and when I finally decided that nutrition got my engine going and I wanted to go full speed ahead I found out I was pregnant.

David: What was the first thing that came to mind when you found out you were pregnant?

Nicole: The first thing that came to my mind was O My God! I said it about 10 times.

David: How was the fathers response when you told him?

Nicole: He was there with me.  He was excited. He wanted another child anyways and he wanted one with me and he couldn't have been happier.


David: Did you ever think of abortion or giving her up for adoption?

Nicole: Never.  I was 28.  I was a grown woman doing grown woman things.  I said if I got pregnant after 25 no matter what I was keeping it.


David: What is different from the Nicole that wasn't a parent to the Nicole you are now?

Nicole: The Nicole now thinks first.  I would react first think later. I would quit a job, spend my money frivolously, party like a rock star!  I was always responsible no matter what but not like now.  I feel am definitely more patient and grateful.

David: Some single mothers diminish the fathers of their children do you ever do that?

Nicole: Hell yea. I was hurt so anyway time I could shine a bad light on him I would. I thought for at least 10 months I was going to be on the next episode of Snapped. Once Kayleen came that changed.  It wasn't about us anymore and I just needed to move on.  I was still angry but once the feelings went away that went away also.  I never bad mouth him in her presence because I want her to respect her father but thoughts of choking him out crosses my mind from time to time.


David: What is life like for you and Kayleen?

Nicole: Life is amazing.  I have great friends and family.  I have more support then I ever thought I would have.  My friends have really had my back in New York. My family is from Chicago Il but family in New York is like blood.  I am truly blessed, Kayleen and I have more then enough.


David: What advice can you give woman that just found out they are pregnant and the fathers don't want any part in it?

Nicole: I would say cry first and get right back up.  You have life inside of you that is going to bring you so much joy.  Indulge yourself into work and you family and really concentrate on the life you are making.  It will be his loss at the end of the day.  A real man will eventually come around and take care of his child like mine did.  Just make sure he knows who's boss and who runs the show!!

David: Any last words for the readers?

Nicole: There is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm a true believer in time heals all and it may be tough now but it will get better.


David: Nicole thank you much for sharing your story and inspiring others. I enjoy our late night chats and the way we check in on what we have checked out.

Smile Readers this article has a happy ending. It brings me joy to know that her baby DaddY decided to be a real man and take responsibility as we know men often live their lives holding emotions and not showing tears when they are crying inside. To all you so called men that are hiding from your responsibility, you have two options keep your dagger in your pants or have a sex change then know what it feels like for a woman. Back to the lady of the day Nicole Risby shake what your momma gave YOU!!! C U iN Da" CluB "....



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