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Celebrity Lamp

Celebrity Lamp

The Paparazzis won't spare their flashes for this Celebrity! Iconic and original, inspired by the stars who rarely shun their shades in public, the Celebrity lamp has found a new use for aviator glasses, eyes and light switching their usual sides. The lamp shade is made of 40 pairs of mirrored aviator glasses and rests on a shiny, linear stand, featuring an amusing temple light switch.

Hearts Bedding

Hearts Bedding

Description: Slip into the soft luxurious Minky Fabric Bedding Collection and feel yourself floating off with the clouds. Your teen will love to curl up into the softness of this bedding and the hot pink & black pattern are perfect for her wild side! It will prove to be a fabulous focal point for her room. She'll be all the rage with this soft, chic bedding set.
Price: $500.00

Pirouette window shadings

Elegant Pirouette window shadings & Vane comparison

Description: Although unusual, luxurious custom window coverings make a creative and beautiful Valentine's Day gift. Innovative Pirouette window shadings from Hunter Douglas offer soft fabric vanes that float gracefully in front of a fabric sheer. When opened, the top and bottom of each vane shift closer together in the back, creating a soft outward fold and allowing light to filter gently through the fabric sheer. When closed, the vanes slide into a flattened position for excellent light blockage and a smooth look. Vanes can also be partially raised for a gentle countoured look that still maintains privacy, or adjusted to different levels between the opened and closed positions for variable light control. For more information or to find a dealer near you visit our website.
Price: $379.00

Plantronics Calisto Pro

Stay connected, wherever you work, with the Plantronics Calisto Pro ~ Connect the Calisto headset to your Bluetooth® mobile phone and hit the road

Stay connected with the Plantronics Calisto Pro Series hands-free phone system. Its integrated multi-function Bluetooth headset offers professional sound for your home office as you remotely answer landline, VoIP and even mobile calls. Combined with a compact handset offering a built-in speakerphone, interference-free DECT™ 6.0 technology, and ability to download Outlook® contact numbers, you’ve got powerful communication options like never before. * Seamlessly switch between landline, VoIP and mobile calls * Wi-Fi®-friendly DECT™ 6.0 technology for superior call clarity * Compact handset works with headset or on its own, up to 300-foot range from base * Download Outlook contacts into 200-name phonebook (with 3 numbers per name) * Flip-up waist clip for “on the go” dialing and Caller ID viewing * Connect the Calisto headset to your Bluetooth® mobile phone and hit the road * USB port for easy Outlook and VoIP/PC connectivity (works with Skype and Yahoo! Voice).

'Green' Hand-Turned Reclaimed Bowls

Spalt Maple Reclaimed Wood Bowl

Description: Spalted Maple Wood Bowl #2 Measurements: 7 1/2" round bottom x 6" high The wood for this bowl was cut from a large fallen maple tree, left so long on the ground that it was in the beginning to rot, "spalting" stage, when I rescued it. Once host for numerous boring insects, it proudly carries its distinguishing cavities and mineral staining as a reminder of its once proclaimed fate of returning to the earth from which it came.
Price: $225.00

Diva Heart Bedding

Diva Heart Bedding

Our Diva Hearts Bedding celebrates the beauty of color for color’s sake! With two primary designs to choose from (Hearts & Splash), the Diva Kid's bedding provides some dazzling eye candy for your girl. Our Diva Hearts design features a checkered field of wild, psychedelic tones of pink, purple, red, blue, green and yellow with inlayed heart designs. The Diva Splash design features a flavor of contemporary art in bright mixes of blue, green, and red tones.

Teen Girl Tre Chic Bedding Collection

Teen Girl Tre Chic Bedding Collection

With our teen girl paris tre chic bedding collection, your hip and stylish young girl will feel ooh la la! Featuring fabrics with visions of Paris, Arc de Triomphe, pink and black leopard, black and creme zebra, this bedding set will complete any teenage room decor. It's a sure thing when it comes to teen or tween taste in decorating. You might just be wild about it as well!
Price: $200.00

Red and Black Patent Leather Teen Bedding

Red and Black Patent Leather Teen Bedding

Covering quilts and other textured fabrics, patent and tattoo finishes are the coolest fashion inspired room décor this year! The shiny finish adds a stylish and inspired touch to the Tatoo and Patent Leather collection which a modern woman needs in her life! This fabulous collection features wild, colorful prints with accents in black and bright, vibrant colors like purples, oranges and lime greens. Funky throw pillows come in minky and patent leather fabrics in turquoise and red. This is one tattoo even a mother will love--almost as much as your teen or tween does!

Hot Pink Dots for your Sweetie

Hot Pink Dots for your Sweetie

Think pink! Our Hot Pink Daybed bedding for your teen girl has four fun prints to choose from. Your girl can mix and match the Deco Dots, Flamingos and Stripes to create the perfect room. With a wide variety of custom 100% cotton bedding items available, you can customize your bedding set with choices in more than thirty different prints and patterns
Price: $150.00

Signature Keepsakes Envgraveable Signature Mats

Signature Keepsakes Engravable Mat lasts forever

Want to give a gift that will last forever? The Engravable Signature Mat is a metal picture mat that permanently etches signatures onto a sturdy, high quality alloy surface with an engraving scribe (pen). Each mat comes framed in a high-quality wooden frame with additional matting and room for a photo inside, plexi and hardware to hang the mat. The best thing is that the Engravable Signature Mat never needs any special upkeep, will never rust and the signatures etched into it will last forever. Also included is a Signature Engraving scribe, a polishing cloth to remove finger smudges after the signing, and an elegant 5 x 7 guest instruction card.

Joyful Hearts Accent Table Lamp

Joyful Hearts Accent Table Lamp

This modern table lamp features a translucent base and multi-colored heart drops. Translucent base also functions as a nightlight. Give them your heart for Valentine's Day, or any day, for that matter, as this lamp has girl style written all over it. Any girl would go wild to show off this modern, stylish lamp in her room. It will be the center showpiece--and it's functional too!

The World #1 Clock Radio for your iPod

iHome iH8 Clock Radio – Red

Description: Dual alarm lets you wake to iPod, AM/FM or buzzer.  Sleep to your iPod or AM/FM radio, with Adjustable Sleep Timer.  The iH8 is an AM/FM radio with 12 station memory presets (4 AM / 4FM1/ 4 FM2) and has universal clock which plays and charges docking iPod models (inserts included).  Now available in Red!  It allows listening from other aux audio sources (non-docking iPods, MP3/CD players) with included patch cord.  The iHome Clock radio has high-fidelity stereo drivers in specially designed Reson 8® speaker chambers, multifunction LCD display with adjustable backlighting, full function remote interfaces with iPod/radio controls and Sure Alarm battery backup (batteries included).   Additional features include EQ function controls balance, bass and treble with external speaker jack.
Price:  $99.00

Watercolor Heart Knobs

Watercolor Heart Knobs

Add a touch of style and femininity to your girl's furniture with these fun and fancy Watercolor Heart Knobs. A great addition to any room. Available in Blue, Yellow, and Purple, to match most room schemes. For your Valentine or for any time, give them your heart. They tug on your heartstrings anyway, this way they will do so every day!

Chocolate Scented Throw

Fruit Essences Scented Throw

With a gorgeous Fruit Essences scented throw wrapped softly round your shoulders, you can experience the essence of nature and surround yourself with comfort. Exclusively available in the U.S. at home decor retailer, these scented colored throws are available in Chocolate (brown), Strawberry (red), Orange (orange), Lemon (yellow), Raspberry (Pink) or Green Apple (green). Discover nature in the essence of aromas. Relish the sweetness of the raspberry, the brightness of the lemon, the voluptuousness of the chocolate, the freshness of the strawberry, the vitamin energy of the orange, and the inebriating green apple. The scented throws measure 54" x 68" and are fringed on two sides.

Addison Wall Clock from Howard Miller

Addison Wall Clock from Howard Miller

Description: The Addison makes a romantic, and unexpected, Valentine's Day gift. It is finished in antique black with antique gold highlights. The pendulum bob, with matching finish, is an open circle, suspended on a metal pendulum. A black bezel surrounds the convex acrylic crystal. The dial features an antique Antique Red background with gold Arabic numerals and Antique gold spade hands. To find a local dealer visit our website.
Price: $64.95

Hot Pink Minky Camouflage Pillow

Hot Pink Minky Camouflage Pillow

Description: The Teen Camouflage/Hot Pink Pillow combines two of the hottest fabric patterns--a great, bold camo print with chic, feminine hot pink. It's a terrific decorating piece and so comfy to boot! Your teen or tween will go wild over this hot print. Can be added as part of a themed room or can stand alone as a focal point for the bedroom!
Price: $63.00



Description: Clarus, the company that introduced the Q-Link intelligent pendant to humans, is introducing the Pet-Link for cats and dogs. The Q-Link is the most advanced personal energy system available - it naturally reinforces, balances and enhances the body’s energetic system, allowing the body to function more efficiently. As a result, the wearer can experience enhanced well-being, increased mental and physical performance and improved quality of life. Studies have been published in renowned and respected journals providing efficacy to Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT), the science behind the Q-Link. A Pet-Link trial was conducted with the idea that SRT can also help protect animals from harmful electromagnetic frequencies, hip ailments, and provide a plethora of beneficial effects. The results were overwhelming! In addition, the Pet-Link has a calming effect on animals, making “Beware of Dog” a thing of the past.
Price: $59.95

Unique, Handmade, Art-designed Peruvian Candles

Kerzen Candles come in a variety of colors and scents

Description: Kerzen is a new online candle store from Peru who is bringing for the first time to the U.S the most unique, high-end, high-quality, handmade candle designs using the best ingredients exclusively brought from Europe. Kerzen's candles are designed with the latest trends so that each can be displayed like and individual work of modern art. Kerzen's candles are brand new in the U.S so they're a fantastic gift for those who like the new trends and distinctive products or simply for those who like to relax with the scent and light of a candle. You can view products at our website.

Sin in Linen -- Flirty, Not Dirty

Photos by Lilly Warner

Description: Sin in Linen™ is a new line of adventurous linens and accessories, designed and founded by Northwest entrepreneur Sandy Glaze. When shopping for bedding and linens, Glaze was suprised by the lack of designs that matched her personal sense of style. Thus, the concept for Sin in Linen was born. Sin in Linen designs were influenced by 1940s and 1950s pin-up imagery and tattoo art. The designs were created to be a bit flirty -- not dirty. Sin in Linen now offers not only bedsheets and duvet covers, but also kitchen and bath accessories, tee shirts, and boxer shorts. Select Sin in Linen items can be purchased at multiple Bed Bath and Beyond Stores nationwide, specialty boutiques, and the entire line is available on our website.
Price: $50.00

IHome Portable Stereo Water-Resistant Sports Case for iPod, shuffle or any MP3 Player

iHome Portable Sports Case - iH13R

Description: Listen to your iPod or shuffle anywhere you go, the beach, gym, or a romantic picnic in the park. The iHome Sports Case can charge your iPod with an AC adaptor (not included) or run on 4 “AA” batteries (included). It is housed in a lightweight zippered case that snugly and securely holds your iPod, and provides protection against inclement weather conditions. The Sports Case has a built-in iPod controller, which allows you to listen through headphones or through the dynamic stereo speakers. Additionally, the iHome Sports Case provides the option to listen to other aux audio sources (non-docking iPods, MP3/CD players) with its included patch cord. A great gift for your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.
Price: $49.00

Abigail Alarm Clock from Howard Miller

Abigail Alarm Clock from Howard Milller

Description: This fun alarm clock makes the perfect gift for just about anyone! It features a satin nickel and black finish. The bright red dial showcases white Arabic numerals and black hands under a convex glass crystal. The alarm set time is indicated in a window in the center of the dial just below the “12.” An easy access on/off button for the alarm is located on top of the clock. To shop online for tabletop clocks, or to find a local dealer visit our website.
Price: $44.95

Sonic Boom Love Clock with Bed Shaker

This alarm clock will get you up. It's alarm is louder than a jackhammer

Perfect for when early mornings come on the heels of wild and crazy nights. The Sonic Boom Love Clock has an adjustable volume alarm with a maximum loudness of 113 decibels (just for reference, a jackhammer is about 100 decibels!). And the bed shaker attachment does just what you think it would. Slip it under your mattress and your ears will bleed and your bed will shake, and there is no way you will oversleep. Bed shaker not recommended for recreational use.
Price: $39.99

Reusable Shopping Bags

Olive Smart Sack - includes 6 reusable bags

Description: The Olive Smart Sack is 6 stylish, reusable bags in one small sack. The Sack fits in the cup holder of your car, making it accessible and almost impossible to forget. The biggest consumer complaint about other reusable bags is that they are inconvenient to carry around and easy to forget because they are typically left in the trunk of the car. The Olive Smart bags come in a combination of 6 enduring colors, each with over a 20 lb capacity. The fabric is soft, durable and washable supplex nylon. This Sack is the perfect reusable shopping solution. The Olive Smart Sack is a great Valentine's gift because it gives to loved ones as well as the environment.
Price: $39.00

Redback's Maxistrike Hammer

The 24oz Maxistrike " The Don"

Description: The Maxistrike Hammer, Redback’s signature tool, has a patented curved handle that increases strike impact and significantly elevates the “after-shock” and strain. Originally designed for contractors this hammer has been discovered by DIYers wanting professional quality tools at a reasonable price. The Maxistrike works so well that it was awarded ‘Dealer’s Pick’ at the US Hardware Conference. The first non-US product ever to win this award. The perfect gift for that special DIY enthusiast in your life. A gift with a difference for both men and women, after all, who doesn't like a good-looking tool?
Price: $25.00

Motherboard Gifts Business Card Case

Motherboard Gifts & More Business Card Case

Description: Circuit boards may suggest sharp edges and bumpy surfaces, a Valentine’s Day turn-off. Not so of Motherboard products. Each is created from material never marred by circuitry soldering. In fact, the boards were never actually installed because they are defective, deemed obsolete, or part of an unclaimed order (i.e., unrequited love. Sob.). Another reason the product line is romantically charged: the colors and patterns of circuit boards vary, making each gift item virtually one-of-a-kind. The slim, metal card case with a circuit board top holds 10-15 cards and fits easily in a pocket or briefcase. And all cases can now be personalized with engraved geek names, mottos, or the lyrics to your favorite love song. Case dimensions are a seductive 2 1/4 x 3 5/8 inches. All items are created from recycled material that otherwise would be tossed into a landfill. It’s the perfect metaphor for Valentine’s Day: No Heart Left Behind.
Price: $24.99

Everyday Pets Affection Collection

Affection Collection

Description: The Affection Collection comes to you from professional dog trainer Kathy Santo and includes organic behavioral aides for your dog. One can choose from two different collections. Affection Collection Stress Relief Valentine Set includes Relieve De Stress, Tidy Wipe Ease and the Kong Toy. Affection Don't Chew Dare Gift Set includes Don't Chew Dare, to combat destructive chewing; Tidy Wipe Ease, for quick clean-ups; and the Kong Toy.
Price: $24.50

DANI ECO Soy Candle and Diffuser

DANI ECO Diffuser & DANI ECO Soy Candle

Description: DANI has two new products that launched in October – the ECO Pure Soy Candle and the ECO Natural Reed Diffuser. The candle and diffuser are available in six new fragrances, that coincide with the color of the container, including green (clover), brown (sandalwood), yellow (lemon), red (rose), purple (zante currant) and silver (fresh fir). The package for this new product line is also very eco-friendly, because it is made from the corn-based alternative to plastic, NatureWorks™ PLA. The Eco container is biodegradable and compostable, and easily disintegrates into water, carbon dioxide and organic material. To the knowledge of the company, this is the first time a soy candle or reed diffuser has ever been packaged in a corn-based alternative to plastic. The purple and rose would make excellent Valentine's Day gifts. Otherwise, they are all great for any occasion.
Price: $18.00

Golden Dragon LED Light

Golden Dragon Under-Cabinet Light ~ Golden Dragon LED Light

Description: Every woman loves her closet and this wireless, bright LED light allows for bright light that helps her see every last shoe! Projecting 30 times more light than conventional push-on lights, a simple wave of the hand in front of the infrared motion sensor makes it easy to turn on and off – plus it features an auto-off 60 minute timer. Besides closets, the Golden DRAGON is great for underneath cabinets and other areas were traditional lighting doesn’t reach. Available in white, stainless steel, and black, the Golden DRAGON light is sold with three AA batteries.
Price: $14.99 - $16.99

Tikilynn Cards & Notes in playful pink

tikilynn cards & notes flat correspondence cards

Description: Looking for something to send your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? Forget fattening candy and flowers that eventually wilt. Give the gift of pretty paper. We’ve got the ideal kind: tikilynn flat correspondence cards in playful pink. This set of 10 flat correspondence cards + 10 white envelopes are a great way to send a note to your Valentine or anyone else who has your heart! Alison kim mclaurin formed tikilynn cards & notes online paper boutique (based in Raleigh, NC) to combine two of her favorite things: color and the written word. As the owner and creative writer, she marries both to create paper lines that spread a little cheer!
Price: $15.00

Floppability® Bark Targets - The EX

"The Ex" Doggie Chew Toy

Description: Single? Give “The Ex” What He Really Deserves! Doesn’t every woman wish she could chew into her ex one last time and show him who’s really in charge? This Valentine’s Day, give yourself and your furry friend the gift of sweet revenge with The Ex dog chew toy from Bamboo pet product’s Fat Cat line. Designed with dog psychology in mind, The Ex features Fat Cat’s “Maximum Floppability®” technology – aka floppy, dangling extremities – to give both you and your dog the pleasure of seeing him surrender to your pup’s mighty bite. The Ex also features a fun yet safe squeaker inside; there’s even a place to write your least favorite ex’s name on the back (just remember to use a non-toxic permanent marker). Now that’s what we call therapy!
Price: $13.99

EZLeash, EZSwiveLeash, EZCollar, EZHarness

Our EZSwiveLeash (an all in one leash and collar product with a swivel mechanism on the lead portion to help mitigate tangling) comes in red, royal blue, black and purple in sizes from xs to xl ~ Our EZHarness product is a step in product with no annoying buckles or adjustable straps. It is lined with double fleece for extra comfort and comes in red, royal blue or black in sizes xs to xl

Description: Puppy and Pet Products International, LLC, developers of the “EZ” line of pet products, humane collars, leashes and harnesses. Our EZLeash products represent a paradigm shift in collar and leash technology, providing a safe, humane, and stylistic attraction to pets and owners around the world. All of our products have double padded fleece wherever it touches the dog's body. We offer all-in-one leash and collar products or 1/2 collar and harness products that allow the owner to use their own leash attachments.
Price: $12.99

Open It

Open It

The Open It is the only tool that has everything you need to open any package. Groups of women known as “Designing Women” with the Zibra Company, suffering from frustration of opening plastic packaging (Wrap Rage), took action and developed a cure. The Open It combines a cutting tool, dual-head screwdriver and retractable cutting blade in one safe and easy to use tool. The Open It easily opens clamshells, toy packaging, boxes, CDs, DVDs, battery compartments and more.
Price: $10.99

LED Book Light

LED Book Light ~ LED Book Light Application

Description: Perfect for reading in bed without bothering your significant other which is a Valentine’s Day gift all year long! LED technology offers bright, white light in this compact, portable book light, which easily attaches to books and magazines. It also features a swivel head and adjustable goose neck, giving off a more directional light than other sources, which makes it less distracting in low-lit areas. It operates on 2 x CR2016 button batteries (included).
Price: $7.99 - $8.99

Knock Knock Lovers Vouchers & Couples Door Knob Messaging

Knock Knock Lovers Vouchers ~ Knock Knock Couples Door Knob Messaging

Description: Knock Knock makes "Lovers Vouchers" - a super-cute little booklet of 20 vouchers that are redeemable for things like a "Weekend Getaway" or "End to Argument." They retail at for $8.00 online at Knock Knock's “Couples Door Knob Messaging” is sturdy, double-sided door knob hangers that relay bold, colorful messages that won't be missed-with a sly dash of humor to boot. Whether you're telling your husband to "brush your teeth, I'm in the mood" or "not tonight, I've got a headache," why say it when you can hang it? 3 Door Knobs/box for $6.99 at
Price: $8.00

Knock Knock's "Sex With You" Pad

Knock Knock Pad

Description: "WHY I MUST HAVE SEX WITH YOU" PAD from KNOCK KNOCK: While sex is one of our basic needs, the diversity of reasons to engage in it staggers the libido. Now you can communicate to prospective partners not only that you want to have sex with them but also why. Then, clear off the kitchen table and let the fun begin! Retails for $6.99 at
Price: $6.99

CSN Stores -- They Know How To Handle Hot Stuff

A Flurry of Hearts Trivet is just the right accent for a loving kitchen. A Trivet Assortment shows many different options, trivets to suit any kitchen decor

Description: For Valentine's Day, don't be afraid to serve up something hot. CSN offers this stunning HotSpot Silicone Pot Holder/Trivet in dancing red hearts. For the cook on your Valentine's Day list, this is a must. This novelty 7" potholder is made from medical-grade, FDA-approved silicone and resists heat up to 675 degrees! Not only can it be used for holding pots, but also can be used as a trivet and a jar opener. Silicone construction is perfect for the kitchen because it is nonstick, dishwasher safe and resists skidding and sliding. The potholder has a cutout hole to easily hang in your kitchen.
Price: $6.99

Heart Hand Warmer

Cool chemical reaction lets you use this hand warmer again and again

Description: You won't get cold feet in a relationship if you have warm hands, using this Valentine's Day theme hand heater. Unlike most hand warmers, this one you can use over and over again. And, you don't have to pop it in the microwave to heat up. The magic with the heart hand warmer is in the metal disc you see inside it. All you do is click the disc back and forth a few times and you'll see the clearish gel inside become opaque. As the opaqueness spreads, so does the heat! It's a crazy chemical reaction which we like to call AWESOME! If only true love were as easy as an exothermic reaction...
Price: $5.99

Floating Light Hearts by GAME

Floating Light Hearts instantly brighten up a spa. They're a perfect accent for a romantic Valentine's Day.

Description: Valentine’s Day just got a little brighter! GAME™, the maker of the popular AquaGlow™ Floating Light Garden™, has introduced their new luminous line of decorative Floating Light Hearts. Create an aura of romance by sharing this time honored symbol of love and affection with someone special. The Floating Light Heart’s glowing effect is a perfect accent for any romantic event. Perfect for the true romantic, Floating Light Hearts add a tranquil glowing effect to any surrounding. Spice up the evening and place Floating Light Hearts in a bathtub, filling the room with a dramatic dash of color. Love is all around as Floating Light Hearts dazzle in hues of red, blue and green. Each heart is powered by two 3V batteries (included) and feature an auto-shut off after one hour. Available in passion, hot pink and romantic pink.
Price: $2.99

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