The International Home +Housewares Show 2017 Review - "It's Smart"

I had the opportunity of attending The International Home +Housewares Show 2017 on it 2nd of four days.  It ran from March 18th to 21 at McCormick Place, Chicago with the theme of “It’s Smart”.  The huge venue was filled with visitors from everywhere, those displaying their wares and others looking buying or discussing.


From the parking lot, a Chicago mural


North Building filled with visitors

Owned and operated by the International Housewares Association (, the show was held March 18-21 at McCormick Place and featured more than 2,200 exhibitors and over 62,000 total attendees from 125 countries.  Listening to the various languages while walking through the exhibitions is fascinating.  There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm as people were buying and selling.


Colors are everywhere


Owner's solution to draining grease from food

My colleague and I were on a mission to find new, innovative products and we did. Two companies we found were owned by women whose products are manufactured in the U.S, one in Chicago (refresh2go) and the other outside of New Orleans (a colander that drains fat from meat).  One other item was manufactured in the U.S, in Livermore, CA, a coffee-making device and a company in Michigan produces wrapping paper with flower seeds that can be planted and will grow and other seed items.


Tight, reusable covering


Keeping herbs and other products fresh

There were several unique products related to wine.  One company developed the method for preserving unused wine by removing air from the bottle.  Their new product is a pourer/stopper and a great carafe that rotates to put air into red wine. Another company has colorful covers for wine glasses and wine bottles.  The wine bottle cover has a pocket to hold an opener and seemed to be the perfect item for a summer evening at Ravinia.  And along the same lines is a husband and wife company that has developed an adorable glass the sits on a platform and again allow the wine to breathe and it won’t tip over.


Sleeves for wine glasses and bottles (with a place for an openier)


Mr. Coffee- really?

Containers were everywhere but two that were especially interesting were a range of collapsible containers that were remarkable both because they are easy to store but also because one can freeze in them, place them in a microwave or oven and then in a dishwasher.   Another group of storage items is designed to keep herbs and other items fresh.  The herb holders are varied and intriguing and other containers seal extremely well and hold grains, cereals and more.


Collapse- from freezer to oven or microwave


Pouer and stopper - hard to find


Taking the air out of the wine bottle

Odds and ends included:  a shield to keep fried foods from spattering, a sock hold to keep pairs of socks together, and item to make beer foamy,  a very simple holder that allows one to tip a bottle or container so that the last drop is available for enjoyment, and recycled material used for cleaning items, carpets and more.  There were also unique travel items.


Travel products


Farberware colors


Large, well-known companies were everywhere and most noteworthy were the beautiful range of colors in all kinds of products. Cooking demonstrations, lectures, investment opportunities, and other events were taking place continuously, with something for everyone.  This is always the show to attend.  I wonder what next year will bring.



Not Your Mother's Melamine


Colors and more

Interested in some of items mentioned?  You can check them out here:


 Refres2go website


Refres2go is a water filter system

“Filter facts: All natural coconut shell activated carbon technology

Treats up to 40 gallons of water (about 2 months)

Filters potable water (drinking water) only”


This company produces a filter that removes lead from drinking water


   Frywall website


Frywall will keep stir-fry spatter contained




  Triumph Plant website


Triumph Plant offers seeds in various forms and a

“Unique approach to gardening” with their wrapping paper design


Gift wrap that grows


 Aura Glass website


A new “pourspective” – spill resistant glass

A glass that is completely different


A wine glass that airates but does not tip over

  Aerobie website

Coffee maker makes clean and rich coffee

Simple, easy, little waste


Hot wataer over finely ground coffee - clean flavored, rich coffee

 Ofertex website

 Eco technologie- fabrics from recycled material

Textile recreation from Israel


Recycled fabric for cleaning and more



One is advised to “Make a Smart Move” and register for the show in 2018 anytime of the year Housewares Show website


Photos: B.Keer

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