Tempflow™ and Tempur-Pedic® Reviews - What 35 Hours of Research Uncovered

2013 UPDATE:

I have had the Tempflow™ bed now for over four years, and am still in love with it. The only problem I can see is that at the end of my work day, I want to take my laptop to work on my bed and I end up falling asleep because of how comfortable the bed is!  Everyone that comes over and sits, or sleeps on my bed comments that my Tempflow™ is the most comfortable bed they have ever laid on.


I had a serious problem! My friend Amanda said she was not going hang out and watch TV with me anymore, unless I got a new bed. You see, Amanda has fibromyalgia which causes great nerve pain throughout her body, so a comfortable bed is a matter of health not just comfort. When sleeping on my 15 year old mattress, Amanda tosses and turns, wakes up often and feels stiff and in pain in the morning. She owns a Tempur-Pedic® mattress and sleeps soundly when she is home.

Before I made a decision on what bed to get, a decision that would likely last for the next 20 to 30 years, I figured I better learn all about mattresses. Being the expert internet researcher that I am, I went about learning all about what was currently offered and looking extensively for any Tempflow and Tempurpedic mattress reviews I could find. I knew from many sources that a Memory Foam mattress is the way to go. The question was: Is Tempur-Pedic® the best or are they just the best known? During my searching I found some great articles and reviews on Tempflow™. I found this side by side comparison and review between Tempflow™ and Tempur-Pedic® to be especially useful: http://www.spacedaily.com/tempurpedic-mattress-comparison.htm.

I learned that Tempflow™ offers many revolutionary improvements superior to the other Memory Foam mattresses available. The main advantage that I found, is that Tempflow mattresses offer a patented airflow system which eliminated the main complaint of Memory Foam mattresses, the fact that they are so hot to sleep on. Their trademarked phrase is The Memory Foam Mattress That Breathes™ After weeks of detailed research into the facts and features of both mattresses, here is what I discovered:


· Both Tempflow™ and Tempur-pedic™ mattresses are designed to offer the best Orthopedic support for the spine, as well as contour all of your body's bumps and curves to offer a better pressure disbursement across the whole of your body.

· Both Tempflow™ and Tempur-pedic™ only use the highest quality U.S. A. foam (or foam also made in Sweden, as in the case of Tempurpedic), so you won't have to worry about longevity issues, as well as the reduced support that comes with using overseas foam that flattens out with use and cracks under pressure.

· Tempflow™ offers patented Airflow Transfer System™ that allows the cooler air to flow in two directions, even when you are sleeping in the same position throughout the night. Cooler air will enter through the many small holes that go down through the surface of the memory foam and out through the convoluted channels on the firmer base foam. It also works in reverse, as air can enter through the sides and up through the surface holes. This unique system also allows a heat transfer as the warmer air radiates off the body and ventilates down through the holes and out the sides of the mattress. By contrast, Tempur-pedic™ mattresses offer an airflow system that only extends across the layer underneath the memory foam layers, with no air holes extending to through the memory foam to allow the air to circulate up to the mattress user.

· Tempflow™ and Tempur-pedic™ reviews show clearly the visco-elastic foam which is the only substance which can make a total imprint of your body, then slowly returns to shape after your body weight is lifted. This slow return rate is what allows a comfortable, yet supportive contouring of all the bumps and curves of the body that eliminate the rebound pressure that hard springs and rubberized foam has when you compress it with your body.

· The Tempflow™ Gaia™, Selene™, Copia™, and Eros™ mattresses use special Biogreen®-SD™ proprietary, pressure sensitive, viscoelastic memory foam material that is free of dangerous chemicals like PBDE, TDI, Boric Acid and Bromine. An independent laboratory even measured no V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) outgas ratings for a truly hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic experience.

Biogreen Memory Foam is 100% VOC free

Since memory foam in general is the culprit of that annoying and possibly reactive bad smell, the Biogreen® memory foam eliminates this problem and you can rest easy knowing that it is the closest thing to your body. Tempur-pedic™ uses their proprietary Tempur™ foam in the following models from firmest to softest: the OriginalBed, AdvantageBed, ClassicBed, DeluxedBed, BellaFinaBed, and CelebrityBed. The Tempur-HD™ foam, models combine with their original Tempur™ foam to produce the following models in order of softest to firmest: the RhapsodyBed, AlluraBed and GrandBed. Lastly, they have their softest surface beds that are “pillow-top like” in feel that use their Temur-ES™ material called the Tempur-Cloud™ and Tempur-Cloud™ Supreme.

· Tempflow™ uses a breathable and stretch forming, non-toxic, fire resistant sock over their foam and their proprietary luxurious and soft Kool-Flow™ Bamboo fabric cover has been specially designed to allow for total breathability for use with their patented airflow circulation technology. With the Selene™ and Eros™ models, the micro-suede side walls have a special airflow fabric in the location of the side channel openings. Tempur-pedic™ uses luxurious, soft, stretchable mattress covers that are made of either a rayon-velour, silk-bamboo, Tempur-Tex™, or (in the case of the expensive Grand-Bed) Cashmere fabric. Many of these models list that they use a breathable micro-suede side wall construction, though in my experience, microsuede shows that there is not much breathability (also confirmed by Tempflow’s use of the airflow fabric sewn between the microsuede side walls where the Channels are located)

· Tempflow™offers Selene™ and Eros™ Mattresses a 30-Year Limited Warranty. The Gaia mattress has a 20 Year Limited Warranty. Learn more here: http://tempflow.com/warranty.html. Tempur-Pedic™, offers a 20-Year Limited Warranty. Learn more here: http://www.tempurpedic.com/customer_service/warranty_information/

· Tempflow™®offers a 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Tempflow™®. For more information, call Relief-Mart, Inc. at 800-667-1969. You can see the actual Satisfaction guarantee here: http://www.Tempflow.com/guarantee.html. The Tempur-Pedic offers a 90 night tryout. You can see the actual satisfaction guarantee here: http://www.tempurpedic.com/mattresses/offers/574

· Both Companies have various awards from space and magazine publications and foundations and have been tested all over the world. I really appreciated seeing the Tempflow™ studies that were performed by the Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama. The following is a summary of those studies, but you can also view the results at this page: http://www.tempflow.com/tempflow_sleep_study.htm

o 73% test subjects reported a reduction in their need to shift and toss and turn on the Tempflow™.

o 100% of all test subjects reported that they felt well supported on the Tempflow™.

o 87% of test subjects gave the Tempflow™ an 8 or higher in total comfort.

· The Tempflow™ site lists actual customer feedback from real customers like the National Geographic ship which have been going to the equator for 6 months. The National Geographic people were concerned that the memory foam would be too warm. Tempflow™ mattresses got glorious reviews about how much the crew members loved the Tempflow™ and there were no complaints of hot mattresses.


· A standard spring mattress will give you improper support and have gaps throughout your body. This will give you a poor night’s sleep. You toss and turn, which means your body is lacking the quality sleep needed for good health.

· Some of the mattresses made today using memory foam are designed for the heat of the body to reflect back to the foam to soften it, making for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

· Most standard mattresses only offer a ten year warranty and they can start to break down within six months after, especially those with the comfortable pillow tops. As mentioned Tempflow™ offers a 30 year warranty to Tempur-Pedic’s® 20 years and you also get one less month to try out the Tempurpedic.

· Chemical odors are often present in other Memory Foam Mattresses.

· While many mattress companies claim to make their mattresses in the U.S.A., they are using foam purchased from much cheaper and poorer quality overseas sources.

We went to their offices in Westlake Village

After my research and thorough Tempflow and Tempurpedic reviews were completed, I was convinced that Tempflow™ was the mattress for us, so I took Amanda to test the beds at their factory showroom in Westlake Village. The moment she laid her head down, she smiled and said, “This is a wonderful bed—even better than mine.”

Amanda was in heaven on the Tempflow

I asked the Tempflow™ representative a question and when I looked back Amanda was so relaxed that I thought she had fallen asleep! When it was time to leave, she didn’t want to get up. She said, “Please buy this bed.” So, that’s when I made my decision. The next step was to decide which bed.

Tempflow™ offers different levels of firmness and Amanda and I liked them all. Tempflow™ offers beds in all sizes. In fact, they produced an 8 foot round bed for the extreme makeover show to represent a basketball for a kid who loved basketball. We chose the Copia™, since we felt it was the best combination of support and plush comfort for both of us. It was just a bit firmer than the Eros model and I would compare the feel to the Tempurpedic-HD models like the RhapsodyBed or AlluraBed. The other models like the Gaia felt more like the Tempur-Cloud models and the Selene felt more like the Rhapsody, but with a more firming support underneath the softer memory foam.

We got the adjustable bed

We were even more excited when we found out that Tempflow™ offers adjustable beds in all sizes. I always loved the idea of being able to watch TV in bed in total comfort, but never knew that you could accomplish this in a King sized bed. Well, I leaned that we could get two single or split King adjustable bed frames that operate simultaneously with one remote control and can lift the whole, one piece, king-size mattress. This was my ultimate fantasy for a bed, but with Amanda in it. The beautifully designed & crafted adjustable bed frames have an incredible 20 year warranty. They have a zero gravity button to bring you to that perfect, weightless body angle (learn more by clicking here)

Sleep is an incredibly important part of everyone’s life. I wanted the best for Amanda and me and Tempflow™ makes it possible for people to get better night’s sleep which produce some interesting outcomes: When people are not tired they are less likely to get low blood sugar. They don’t eat as much and are burning calories while sleeping. Studies show that people have lost weight while getting a good night’s sleep. These factors are among those that result is good health.

Based on all that I learned and experienced, I ordered a king size bed with two single mechanical frames and can’t wait to get them.

I like the fact that Tempflow™ is a proud division of Relief Mart, Inc., which is an industry leader in pain relief, comfort management, and memory foam products. Relief-Mart™, Inc. was created with the intention of helping people around the world through products which enable people to take charge of their health today. In these modern stressful times, the value of good health cannot be overstated.

Whether you are in pain, or just want to improve the quality of your rest, Tempflow™ offers you the highest quality mattress put together in California, using the highest quality memory foam made in the U.S.A. Relief-Mart, Inc. has been producing quality memory foam mattresses and other products for 10 years that bring further innovation and set the standards for the industry.

I am very happy with my decision and Amanda is ecstatic. Tempflow™ offers a 30 year warranty as well as a four month money back guarantee! With a company that has that much confidence in their product and stands behind it that strongly, I knew I had nothing to lose.

Beds made in a 100,000 sq ft plant in CA

We are anxiously waiting for our King Size bed to be made in the Tempflow™ 100,000 sq ft plant and will add our experiences to this article.

The Verdict:

After three wonderful months of sleeping on my King Size adjustable Tempflow™ I am more satisfied than I could have anticipated. Amanda and I absolutely love it! It is amazing what an improvement it has made in our lives. The differences between my old Sealy Posterpedic bed and the Tempflow are extraordinary. I can feel the difference in the stability and support just by sitting on the bed. We wake up rested and ready to face the day requiring less time in bed than before. To me, these are sure signs of deeper more restful sleep.

I used to toss and turn during the night and wake Amanda up because when I moved in the old bed, it disturbed her. But no more, she sleeps soundly because my movements are not transferred to her side of the bed. Even when I work on my computer at night, which I do every night, she is not disturbed and sleeps like a baby.

The heat that Amanda felt on her old Tempur-Pedic® is not felt on the Tempflow™. The bed really does breath. I can actually see where the bottom sheet is pulled down onto the mattress showing how the bed is inhaling as part of its breathing preventing it from getting hot. We are both aware of how the Memory Foam contours to our individual bodies allowing for such comfortable supported sleep. 

I get an even greater appreciation for my bed when I go out of town and sleep on other beds. In comparison, these beds give me a poor night’s sleep and an aching back and neck when I get up the next morning.

Each and every night I look forward to getting into my bed no matter what I am doing. The adjustable function allows me to get in positions that are comfortable whether watching TV, reading, using my laptop or sleeping. Amanda loves to adjust the foot level to the highest point for inversion to help her relax. We absolutely recommend what we are sleeping on, the King Size Tempflow™ with the adjustable bed function. The folks at Tempflow™ were very nice and easy to deal with. They seem to only want a satisfied customer. The delivery fellows were very nice and efficient. I have only good things to say.

You can read some testimonials about Tempflow™ here: http://www.tempflow.com/testimonials.htm


Because of the amazing nights sleeps I have experienced with Tempflow, I recently was in need of bunk beds and obtained them from ReliefMart, the parent company of Tempflow and you can read about our great experience here Night and Day Cinnamon Twin Twin Bunk Review.


Here is contact information for the Temflow and Tempurpedic Mattress:

Tempflow™ Division

755 Lakefield Rd., Ste. H
Westlake Village, CA 91361
800 667-1969
They Ship Worldwide!


Tempur-Pedic North America, Inc.
1713 Jaggie Fox Way
Lexington, KY 40511



*Please note that LA Splash is not associated with either of these companies and that their respective trademark’s were used strictly for comparison and review purposes.


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Tempflow™ and Tempur-Pedic® Reviews - What 35 Hours of Research Uncovered

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