Green Home Solutions of South Bay Review - A Refreshing Experience with Mold

For the past year I have had the responsibility of managing my late brother's estate. This included managing and maintaining the beautiful, totally charming and historical fourplex in West Hollywood that was initially commissioned and overseen by Charlie Chaplin in the 1920s. Legend has it that, such luminaries as John Barrymore and Mary Pickford, as well as Chaplin himself stayed there. When the recent drought gave way to rain, the property developed leaks, and in the repair of those leaks significant mold deposits were discovered. Since we do not live in the area, the advice of our wonderful realtor, Brian Byhower has been greatly appreciated. But his suggestion of Green Home Solutions of South Bay, was just “the best”.  It was my good fortune to work with Eitan Harod as he remediated two of the apartments. Mr. Harod was amazing and could not have been more helpful!


One of the fourplex

​Dealing with mold is always a challenge.  Finding anyone to do this work is not easy but finding Mr. Harod who not only removed the mold in a healthy and efficient manner, but was also responsive, efficient, devoted, honest and kind was remarkable. And it is also environmentally friendly.  I feel it is very important that LA Splash readers be aware of this company and the service that it provides.


Mold isn't pretty

Dealing with an old and poorly maintained property, what more could I have asked for! Mr. Harod could not have been more helpful! THANK YOU Green Home Solutions of South Bay!  A powerful Woohoo is well deserved. This is as good as it gets!


Remove that, please

In answer to how he happens to be in this business, Mr.Harod shared,



“I was looking for a way to help people improve their lives, I knew I wanted it to be green and I knew it had to be scientific to satisfy the engineer in me (I have a B.Sc in Mechanical engineering from the Technion), when I came across Green Home Solutions I knew I had found the answer to all of those needs together with a great group of people to provide support every step of the way.” 



Environmentally friendly, too



At Green Home Solutions of South Bay we pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, and accountability. As a family-owned business, we are invested in improving the quality of life and environment of the neighbors and businesses around us. We do this by offering a service that utilizes effective, natural, safe, and affordable green solutions to indoor air quality concerns. As parents to a toddler, we personally understand the need to ensure a healthy environment for our daughter at home and in the places we visit. 

At GHS we developed specific enzymes that break down the mold on the molecular level, making it inert. The cool thing is that our enzymes also break down many allergens commonly found in the home like pollen, dust mites and pet dander.



Well protected

We want the readers to know that when it comes to mold or odor remediation there are a lot of different levels of service out there, our goal is to make this process easy and simple and most of all affordable. Our guarantee is to solve any issues related to mold or odor and to be available to answer your questions at any time.


We Are Green Home Solutions of South Bay - Southern CA

Eitan Harod
Redondo Beach, CA 424-287-4224




Photos: Courtesy of Eitan Harod

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