Crimson Series G10 Knife Line Review - The Knives With Worlds Most Durable G10 Handles


If you're looking to start a new diet, or alternately, if you're tired of your diet and plan to let yourself go, if you just got a job and want to celebrate, if you plan to become a home cooking prodigy or just like to play around in the kitchen, then the CRIMSON SERIES G10 Knife Line is exactly what you need.

Still in boxes

Now, reading up on quartering a chicken and studying the culinary guides for local flavor should be as much a part of your preoccupation once you own this set as taking a picture with the Ergo Chef knife for your new Facebook profile pic.

Ergo Chef knives inside bamboo wooden block

Six days a week, among other duties, I prepare meals in the Splash kitchen. The arrival of the Ergo Chef Crimson series gave me plenty of trepidation, particularly as I set down for the first time on the kitchen counter, the entire cutlery set in its bamboo wooden block. It was time to take this cooking thing seriously, I thought to myself, just as I finished poaching  what might as well have been a belt buckle.

Crimson G10 Knife Line

But these knifes looked prolific in my hands, and made me want to go on a chopping spree. I felt inundated with zeal. And to appease my enthusiasm, Thanksgiving was looming with the promise of bird breasts to be sheared, onions to score and vats of potatoes to peel.

Crimson Series Arsenal

Here are some of the amazing features I discovered during this time -

The Ergo Chef knives are crafted with G10 Fiberglass Resin - the most durable handle material in the world. Also the red handle has an elegant and comfortable line that really makes one look like a pro when holding it, while the ergonomic handle design has a natural feel that indeed translates into more efficient cuts.

The tapered bolster blends from the full tang handle to blade for an easy grip, precise control and perfect balance. Because I chop a lot of vegetables in the kitchen, I particularly like the 6” Santoku knife. As I pinch the blade, I can drive through with precision due to the perfectly natural feel of this tool in my hand.

The Crimson set is made with precision machined German steel blades that provide superior stain resistance and durability. The blades are sharpened to 18 degrees and heat treated for long edge life.

On our kitchen counter

This line will be formally introduced to stores in 2014 at the January Atlanta Gift Show and March IHHS. All Ergo Chef products come with a 30 day Satisfaction money back Guarantee!

See all the CRIMSON G10 SERIES Cutlery by visiting the website.




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