CornerStone Home Design Review – Careful, Competent, and Creative

It was my lucky day when my friend Kristy accompanied me to Cornerstone Home Design on my search for two precut quartz slabs to be used for bathroom counter tops.  For several years my husband and I have rented an apartment in Palo Alto to escape winter in Chicagoland.  This year, however, was different.  My husband and I purchased a small condo  in Menlo Park where we can stay during the winter months.  However, when it was time to take possession, we were shocked by the amount of work required in order for us to move in.


Scraping the popcorn from the ceiling

I found myself faced with a very limited time horizon, lots of varied work to be done and no experience with tradesmen in the area.  My goal was to begin work to rehab the condo on day one and move in as quickly as possible.  Calls to painters, plumbers, counter top experts, etc. were very discouraging and the most difficult to find was a worker who could both manage to remove the popcorn ceiling.  So, when we were at the display area for CornerStone Home Design, my friend took me aside and said “Ask them if they have someone who works on popcorn ceilings”, she saved my life.  Albert in the shop told me to contact Ed Stoll.  I did.


Careful work


When Ed Stoll came to give me an estimate, I could not believe that his company could help me with everything.  Ultimately, they scraped the ceiling, retextured and painted it, painted the walls and added accent colors, replaced the bathroom counter tops, sinks and faucets, cut down and replaced bathroom mirrors and finally added a kitchen counter top pass through.  They did this quickly and well and we were able to move into the condo two weeks after they began.  (This gave us three weeks there before returning to our Chicago home).


Richardo adds the accent color with care


Ed Stoll shared this information with me. "Cornerstone Home Design has been the premier kitchen and bath showroom in the Bay Area for nine and a half years.  Owner Benson Fong started Cornerstone Home Design after he graduated from UCLA.  His father has a wholesale import business specializing in marble and granite but Benson took a different approach, offering a boutique style showroom that catered to upscale patrons and offered modern design.  They have a great selection of tile and stone.



The mirror needed to be cut down to fit

The showroom also has three full time cabinet designers and features multiple kitchen and bath vignette displays.  They have an extensive plumbing department for faucets, showers, tubs and toilets.  They offer a wide range of choices in these products.  CornerStone Home Design specializes in complete design services for any size remodel and also offers installation for kitchen and bath projects".  



The mirror fits now



Guest bathroom, new counter top, sink and faucet


I found the showroom a wonderful place to visit.  Everything was beautiful and easy to find.  I didn’t see anything there that I could not have enjoyed having.  The colors and materials were appealing and functional.  I loved the kitchens and if all goes well, I hope to work with Cornerstone on my next long visit to bring it up to the standard that has been set in the rest of the condo.



Master Bathroom, counter top, sink and faucet

My very positive experience included capable and very pleasant workers.  Each of them, painters, plumbers, quartz cutters and installers, etc. were easy to have around and took care not to create a mess and if a mess was necessary, they cleaned it up.  They were on time or let me know if there was a delay so they were very reliable.  I feel very fortunate to have rather blindly stumbled upon what turned out to be a great company that I expect to contact in the future.


Jose affixes the pass through counter for the kitchen



Functional and pleasant

PHONE: (650) 866-3222
FAX: (650) 866-3223
[email protected]


Photos: B. Keer

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