SoySafe is a Natural Cleaning Product that is Pleasant and Easy to Use

Soybean field and soybeans

During the Green Festival at McCormick Place, Chicago, I picked up samples of SoySafe's Spray-and-Wipe and All Purpose Cleaner. They were so pleasant to use that I called their toll-free phone number to get more.  I learned that SoySafe manufactures fifteen products, that Mary Johnson founder and owner of the company, and that it based in St. Charles, Illinois. It surprised me that products ranged from a simple spray & wipe cleaner to graffiti remover.  But the aspect of these products that I find most amazing is that they are soy based, non-toxic, and really effective.

Mary Johnson and her product, SoySafe

How is it that the same soybean from which mild mannered Tofu is made can be the primary ingredient in this powerful product that does so many tough jobs?  Initially, Mary Johnson was also surprised to learn about SoySafe from one of the developers, George Ferguson, one day after Mass. To prove its effectiveness, she tried to remove graffiti from a large planter in a park with the soy-based product and it worked so well that she went into business with him.  Later,  Mary bought out Ferguson's interest and opened a distribution center at 920 Cedar Avenue in St. Charles, Illinois.

Spray and Wipe

SoySafe Products, Inc. is focused on developing safe, non-toxic and naturally biodegradable products.  After several years of extensive research and development, SoySafe has emerged as a leader in safe, all natural, effective, and competitively priced cleaning products. It is the company's mission to provide consumers with safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that work as well as or better than, leading "toxic" brands at a competitive price.

I really like the fact that they won't harm the environment and are safe to use around children and pets.  In addition, these products don't trigger allergenic reactions, asthma, or skin reactions.

Granite Cleaner Polish

The Spray and Wipe might be my favorite product.  So far, it has left my stainless steel tiles and sink brighter and fresher than they have ever been, cleaned up footprints left by workmen, and removed sticky grime from the countertop.


I eventually tried more products and all of them worked very well.  I came in from gardening, and used the Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner which cleaned instantly, smelled great and left my hands moisturized and not dried out.  The Adhesive Mastic Remover effectively removed a large area of glue left on a glass.  The Basin, Tub, Tile cleaner left the bathroom shiny and smelling faintly of lemon.  Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner performed as promised, leaving the porcelain sparkling.  The Woodsealer and Waterproofer certainly smelled better than the traditional product but I'll need to see if it holds up for the year that is promised.

Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Thanks to the Oven and Grill Cleaner, the cook top was cleaner and brighter than ever.  The Granite Cleaner Polish worked very well on marble surfaces. 
With a one step application it cleaned, polished and left the surface reflective, shiny and smooth.  Other marble sealers I've used smelled terrible and required several steps and the marble was never as reflective.  The Laundry Detergent/Softener left my clothes soft and fluffy and barely wrinkled.  A very small amount of detergent resulted in white clothes looking whiter and colors brighter.  I did not try the Graffiti Remover but it is widely used by schools and municipalities. I will leave the White Board Cleaner Restorer, the Paint Stripper and the Penetrant Lubricant for other to try.

Oven and Grill Cleaner

Krystyna is someone who knows a lot about cleaning products, and has used all kinds over many years.  She was very pleased to learn about Soy Safe cleaning products because they don't bother her in the way typical cleaning products do.  It was easy to breathe when she used them.  Her hands didn't feel like sandpaper after cleaning but were actually soft and moist, which surprised and delighted her.  In addition, dirt and grime were easily removed and surfaces remained shiny and fresh smelling.

Edgebrook Ace Hardware carries several SoySafe Products

The Edgebrook Ace Hardware Store at 5423 W. Devon in Chicago (PH:
773.775.7205) sells five of the fifteen products manufactured.  Items can be shipped from SoySafe as single items or in large quantities.  For the full range of products, go to: or call 630.444.1580 or
1.866.359.9401 and enjoy a shiny, fresh smelling, "breathe easy"


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