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Bikram Yoga Grand Central - Number one Place in all Manhattan to practice

By David Rabadi

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Hello Readers! It is I, the man hooked on heat. Writing about a hot new trend. Bikram Yoga, actually yoga began more than 3,000 years ago in India. The word yoga is Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages of the East). It means to “yoke,” or unite, the mind, body, and spirit . I know that when I write I got readers acting like what I write don’t faze you, but the hits show on my paycheck. Now pay attention! You trying to keep yourself from going crazy, time for a yoga class or you will end up like Tom Cruise on the Oprah show.

The smile that lights up my day Denise

Yoga includes physical exercise, a mat, towels, yoga wear and tons of water before class and a bottle of water in class. Also a lifestyle practice, training your mind, body and breath, as well as connecting with your spirituality, are the main goals of the yoga lifestyle.

Lesson learned from the champ herself Kyoko

Bikram Yoga is suited for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Never done yoga? No flexibility? Maybe a little nervous? No worries! Come meet Kyoko Katsura and Denise Nann owners of the hottest new location in all Manhattan. Bikram Yoga Grand Central studio located on 226 East 54 street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. They will help you every step of the way. Kyoko is the 2009 NY Regional Champion, National Championship and the 2010 NY Regional 2nd place winner. She came in 8th place at the National Championship in 2010. Her and my favorite instructor Denise teach with strong dedication, amazing positive energy and help keep me in function in a  world full of dis-function. They are also generous enough to allow other instructors teach at their studio. Who are just as passionate as them for yoga. Connie Liuzzo is a wonderful instructor along with National Champion instructor Joseph Encinia. If you dream of being a part of an amazing community of people committed to laughing, learning, growing and sweat! Then Bikram Yoga Grand Central is the place to be. Log onto for more info http://bikramyogagrandcentral.com/

Published on May 16, 2011

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