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Approaching the Women's Lifecenter

Chasing winter away this year has been daunting.  Each time it seems to go, it returns with a vengeance. How does one cure “winteritis” without traveling to a warmer climate?   And then one day when I drove by Women’s Lifecenter,  I thought this might be the way.

Come into a comfortable place

Entering, I was surprised at how large and comfortable I found it.  I learned that Dr. Elysa Fisher, MD, FACS Aesthetic Surgeon had been trying to relocate her center to a larger space for many years and when the Chase Bank that was the previous occupant moved, this became the perfect place to open the enlarged center.   Elysa Fisher, M.D. has the wish to provide clients with the opportunity to achieve the utmost level of self-confidence and well-being.  To achieve this goal a wide range of offerings that compliment the surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures Dr. Fisher has provided for more than 18 years.

Elysa Fisher, M.D. and on her left, her "right hand", Geralyn

Dr. Fisher states that, “As a physician and surgeon, I feel it is important to be accessible and to serve as a resource of information for my patients.  As a woman, I feel I have the ability to better understand my patients’ experiences and needs. I’m dedicated to making their lives better, whether in health or in illness, through a holisitic and multi-disciplinary approach and to make this available in one welcoming place.”

Dr. Fisher's waiting room with recycled furniture

It was New Leaf Interiors that created a beautiful, comfortable, green space where one feels at ease.  The surroundings are completely compatible with the healing nature of the center. (www.new-leafinteriors.com)

Looking down the hall

Services are available in the following categories: Facials (five), Body Treatments (three), Waxing (sixteen choices), Massage (five), Oriental Medicine (five) Pregnancy and Infancy Classes (three) and Additional Services (Sinitus treatment, Yoga classes, Personal training and qigong).

Makeup area

I was interested in exploring a facial, a yoga class and a massage. I had had facials before, participated in an occasional yoga class and had a lovely massage several years ago in Thailand.  But what I experienced at the Women’s Lifecenter was simply different and better.

My Agesmart Treatment of sixty minutes was heavenly.  The spa brochure describes it “Our AgeSmart treatment is the ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely-aging, dry, devitalized skin.  We combine vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation, energizing massage techniques that release tension in the facial muscles, and a specialized contour masque.  Your skin will be noticeably firmer, smoother and revived.”  Yes!  I felt spirited away to a different time and place and space.  It was a beautiful, relaxing and healing experience.  When I left, my face felt satiated-as though it was filled with a wonderful meal.  I had a smile on my face that wouldn’t quit.  I felt so UP that the grey rainy terrible weather outside didn’t even bother me. Rachel Murphy, Aesthetician took such good care of me.

Rachel Murphy, Aesthetician

She says, “What I like most is to relax people. But beyond helping them to relax and feel better, I like knowing that I’m working to benefit their skin at the same time.”  She feels she can empathize with people who have skin problems because she and her sister were helped at a point when they both had very severe acne.

Julie Rosenheim, yoga instructor

Yoga with Julie was a new experience for me.  Julie Rosenheim attended the School for International Training in Nepal and traveled through India. The style of yoga in the class I took has roots in Ashtanga yoga with Julie’s “Yoga for Lifeforce”.  She has been teaching yoga for seven years.  I asked how advanced the class is and she said as long as people don’t expect perfection, anyone is welcome to drop in and participate in her 1:00 p.m. Monday class and go as far as they can.  That’s what I did and I felt great after the class.  Julie says, “When yoga is diligently practiced, our entire being is adorned with peace, health, radiance and ultimately, self-knowledge.”

Chaya Klein, massage therapist

As a very special treat to myself, still trying to shoo winter away, I arranged for a massage with Chaya Klein.  This was not the first massage I have ever had, but it is probably the best.  The brochure says, “This classic technique includes slow rhythmic movement over you entire body which aids in the relaxation or stimulation response, and decreases or increases your body’s sympathetic nervous system response.”  I really didn’t want the session to end; it was such a calming and healing Swedish massage.

Hineini Yoga with Stacey Hunt is an Iyengar based yoga style that is both gentle and strengthening is currently available (5/09/09).  Classes assist women in practicing how to "work-in" - discover their inner bodies; become flexible, toned, and strong.  HINEINI YOGA(TM) is great for all women.  No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary.  Come as you are. Endless Benefits! Mondays from 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Fee:  $16 per class or 10 classes for $140
* Bring your own mat, blanket, block and strap

There is so much to gain from a visit to Women's Lifecenter.

WOMEN'S LIFECENTER 118 Skokie Blvd. (One block north of Old Orchard) Wilmette, IL 60091 847.256.9400
For Women! For Life!

New Leaf Interiors
8305 Keystone Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60076
Photos: Barbara Keer

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