Healthy Green Goods Review – Toxic-Free, Eco-Friendly Products

I was inspired to visit Healthy Green Goods after I heard  Dr. Marny Turvill, M.D. Pediatrician who was one of the participants  in a discussion about managing toxic environments held at the Wilmette Public Library. Her story was very interesting.  In 2006 she became the owner of Healthy Green Goods located at 702 Main Street in Evanston.  I listened her story of how this happened and was amazed and somewhat shocked by what I learned.

Dr.Marny Turvill, M.D., Pediatrician and Healthy Green Goods owner

Dr. Marny, as she is affectionately known, suffered from severe multiple chemical sensitivity, meaning that she could not tolerate being around synthetic chemicals such as: fabric softener, cleaning products, perfumes, scented lotion and so on.  She found that after practicing as a pediatrician for fifteen years, being in a public building where synthetic toxins in cleaning products, renovations, personal care products and laundry products were present, was no longer feasible.

Suffering from brain fog (difficulty processing and making decisions), muscle aches and stiffness, arthritis, depression and irritability, she needed to make a change for her health.  Although the decision was difficult, she could no longer safely work in a typical public building because her body could not tolerate even the smallest exposures to synthetic chemicals.  By making dramatic changes in her diet, home and work environments, Dr. Marny is on the mend and is busy teaching others how they can make lifestyle choices that will keep them safe in a world full of dangerous chemicals.

Approaching Healthy Green Goods

A vacant store space came to her attention and she rented it. Opening a store became the means to manage her own space, free of environmental toxins where she could educate the public regarding a lifestyle that is toxin free while selling eco-friendly products.  She has a wide variety of products that are as chemically free as possible for sale. A few products have synthetic chemicals but these will not create unhealthy exposure. Stepping into the store, I was surprised to see that beds and other furniture are for sale along with paints, flooring, carpeting and the more usual skin care products, clothing, bedding- an unexpected range of products neatly organized and pleasantly displayed.


Dr. Marny offers a completely unique service, Healthy Green House Call.  This is a consulting service.  Dr. Marny will come to your home, identify problem areas and prioritize helpful changes that are specific to a given family according to the family’s health and budget needs.  She said that whether she is talking with customers in her shop or in their homes she emphasizes that there is no need to change everything at once.  She does, however, help people to keep in mind choices that are safer for one’s health and also safe for the planet.

Toxin-free, eco-friendly skin care products

She feels that it is very important for people to understand two concepts.
1. Products that are for sale aren’t always safe because most laws tend to favor industry concerns over those of the consumers.

2. Our bodies are not designed to handle synthetic chemicals, which have only been around for 70 years.  In fact, it is amazing bodies do as well as they do.  However, it is clear that there has been an alarming and dramatic increase of chronic illnesses of all sorts that parallels the increase in the use of synthetic chemicals. There is currently minimal safety data on the 85,000 synthetic chemicals currently in use in consumer products.

Store sign

Healthy Green Goods has many repeat customers.  Many are new parents or parents of young children.  Others are individuals who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chemical Sensitivity, or cancer survivors.  But the majority of customers are just looking for a healthier way to live.  Stop in and meet Dr. Marny and take home some of the toxin-free, eco-friendly products for personal use or as gifts for friends and relatives.
Healthy Green Goods
702 Main Street
Evanston, IL 60202
Closed Monday

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