Holiday Gift Guide - Food and Beverage

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Diva 365

The Diva 365 is an industry first, successfully combining an all-electric convection self-cleaning oven with a five burner induction cooktop

Description: Diva de Provence breaks new ground with the Diva 365, a revolutionary new induction range. The 36-inch stainless steel professional range is an industry first, successfully combining an all-electric convection self-cleaning oven with a five burner induction cooktop. This new professionally-styled range features five cooking zones on the induction cooktop including one large 4000 Watt center burner and two 3000 Watt side burners.

Breville ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain

Breville ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain

Description: Breville® Ikon Multi-Speed Juice Fountain This 900-watt juicer allows you to customize your juicing speed to your particular fruit or vegetable for perfect results. Its five speeds range from 6,500 RPMs for soft fruits and leafy green vegetables, to 12,500 RPMs for more dense foods like apples and carrots. The 3" circular feed tube allows for the easy and efficient processing of whole fruits and vegetables, without pre-cutting, slicing or peeling. It is uniquely positioned directly over the center of the cutting disc for better balance and consistent results. The built-in electronic smart chip increases power to the cutting disc under heavy loads, resulting in more juice extracted for an 8-ounce glass in just 5 seconds. Also features LCD display and stainless steel body, filter and cutter. Measures 12 3/4" W x 7" D x 16" H. Includes 1-liter juice jug with froth separator, detachable spout, easy clean brush and recipes. Accessories are dishwasher safe.
Price: $199.99

Margaritaville(r) Frozen Concoction(tm) Maker - Fiji

Margaritaville(r) Frozen Concoction(tm) Maker - Fiji

Description: The coolest gift of 2007—the Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction™ Maker guarantees to keep the party going! This little number automatically shaves ice and blends it with your favorite ingredients to create restaurant-quality frozen drinks. And to keep you from being chained to the bar, automated settings are pre-programmed to shave and blend 1, 2, or 3 drinks effortlessly in seconds. There are even four automated, pre-programmed settings to shave and blend Ritas, Daiquiris, Slides and Smoothies. The Frozen Concoction™ Maker does all the work. You take all the credit.

Personalized healthy meal delivery

Sample meals

Description: Give the ultimate healthy gift for you or someone you care about. Since 1987, NutriFit has served as Los Angeles' premier healthy food company specializing in freshly prepared, customized, meal delivery programs tailored to accommodate an individual’s health and lifestyle needs. Our goal is to promote long term health by providing full service nutritional support, including meals, dietary coaching and health-related products. Some of NutriFit’s clients have included Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson, Barbara Streisand, Jake Gyllenhaal and many others. NutriFit is proud to participate in the official Oscar and Emmy gift baskets 2005 and 2006. NutriFit has appeared on The Today Show, Extra, The Early Show, E! News, The Biggest Loser and Fit Ultimate Goals and been featured in InStyle, USA Today, Shape, Glamour, Marie Claire and many more. Call us now at (310) 713-0499 or visit us at

Fresh Wild-Caught Shrimp from U.S. Waters

Certified Wild American Shrimp

Description: The perfect holiday gift idea for fresh seafood lovers is succulent and healthy wild-caught shrimp from U.S waters. Nothing will bring out the holiday spirit like fresh, flavorful seafood shipped right to the door! Fifth-Generation-Shrimper Kim Chauvin and her family in Chauvin, La. send frozen shrimp straight from their dock. A special holiday gift package from Kim’s company, Mariah Jade Shrimping Co., will include: 10 pounds of Wild American Shrimp (You can’t get fresher shrimp unless you catch it yourself!) Cajun seasonings Holiday recipes Seasonal card This unique gift is $143.94 and includes overnight shipping anywhere in the country except for Hawaii and Alaska , which will incur extra shipping fees. To order Mariah Jade Shrimp Co.’s holiday special, go to, and look under monthly specials.

ORO FINO (edible gold) and ARGENTO FINO (edible silver)

Golden Snowball

Description: ORO FINO and ARGENTO FINO (edible silver) are the ultimate garnish for food and drinks. To gild a martini or other cocktail, shake some edible gold or silver sprinkles onto parchment paper. Moisten the rim of the glass by using a lemon or lime wedge. Next, turn the glass upside down into the gold or silver sprinkles and twist. Voila! You have a beautifully gilded glass. After pouring the drink into the gilded glass, feel free to sprinkle additional edible gold or silver into the beverage. One may also mix the gold/ with salt or sugar ½ and ½ for a variation.

Sterling Caviar for Holiday Parties

Sterling Caviar

Description: Forget “ho ho ho” – this holiday season it’s roe roe roe! Indulge the foodie on your list with caviar, but not just any caviar. Sterling Caviar is American and sustainably farmed in California. Each delicious pearl bursts with fresh briny flavor, and a jar of Sterling is one of those gifts that truly proves good things come in small packages. Jeremy Piven, Owen Wilson, Tara Reid and Jane Kaczmarek have all partaken. $63 – 80 per 30g jar.

Carousel Cakes Gourmet Cakes

Carousel Cakes Holiday Red Velvet Cake

Description: Carousel Cakes ships gourmet cakes cross country for holidays and year 'round. From Red Velvet (Oprah's favorite) to Apple Berry Crisp, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Cheese Pie and Shadow Layer, Carousel Cakes has something for everyone. The Carousel Cakes Holiday Red Velvet Cake is a Southern classic. Smooth as velvet, this rich mild chocolate flavored cake in a perfectly beautiful shade of rich red is topped with a pure thick creamy cheese cake frosting. Moist and delicious. Visit

Imported Chocolates from ChocolateBox Cafe

3-Tiered "Treasure Box"

Description: ChocolateBox Café, Southern California’s premium chocolatier, offers an array of irresistible treats for the holiday season. Available online at, chocolate lovers the world over can now enjoy the exquisite imported truffles, ganaches, pralines, marzipans and buttercreams previously only available to Los Angeles cognoscenti. With flavors such as green tea-bergamot, Pear William, rose, ginger, chili and violet among the handmade dark and milk chocolate ganache, truffle and marzipan confections, ChocolateBox Café caters to the true chocolate connoisseur. More traditional-minded chocolate lovers will appreciate the classic French pralines filled with rum essence or wild strawberry cream, or the rich, hand-formed champagne, mocha, and hazelnut truffles, among other flavors.

Freshly Made Soda at Home in Seconds

This seasons fizziest gift

Description: Do you love seltzer or soft drinks? Tired of waiting for sales, lugging home heavy bottles, storing them, and having them go flat? Do you ever have to run to the store at the last minute because you've run out of seltzer or soda? With the Soda-Club® home soda maker, you'll make your own great tasting seltzer or soda in a variety of flavors at sale prices, anytime at your fingertips. It's fun, easy and ready in seconds.

SurReal Vodka

SurReal Vodka

SurReal Vodka is a boutique, super-premium brand exported from the Republic of Latvia. SurReal is an artisan product made with centuries of craftsmanship by a small distillery, producing a luxurious, uniquely tasting vodka that may truly be savored one glass at a time. SurReal is unique because it is handcrafted in traditional Latvian style. Guided by more than 200 years of local operation, the process begins with the mid-winter harvesting of stalk wheat grain and indigenous tritikale, known by locals as “silk grain.” This medley of grains is distilled in stainless-steel stills using the pure waters of natural springs, which give the forests life prior to reaching the Baltic Sea. The result is a flavor noticeably different from other vodkas – distinct on the palate, yet soft and smooth. SurReal Vodka is currently available in four varieties – Regular, Ginger Peach, Red Berry Crème and Grape.

Stirrings Holiday Mixers and Cocktail of the Month Club

Stirrings Sugar Plum and Egg Nog Mixers and Rimmers

Description:  Stirrings – The innovative, all-natural cocktailing brand is introducing a new gift item and festive flavors this season – great gifts for holiday hostesses and any cocktail lover. Cocktail of the Month Club – available in 3 ($49), 6 ($99), or 12 ($199) month subscription levels. Each month, members will receive a Stirrings mixer and rimmer. Along with the first month’s shipment, a limited edition Macbeth Collection ice bucket and Stirrings cocktail shaker are included. New Limited Edition Holiday Flavors: Sugar Plum and Egg Nog Mixers and Rimmers ($10.95 for mixers, $5.95 for rimmers). Available at

Biscuits, Cocoa & Coffee by Godiva Chocolatier

Biscuits, Cocoa and Coffee Collection by Godiva Chocolatier

Biscuits, Cocoa and Coffee by Godiva Chocolatier – An Indulgent Sharing Experience. Entertaining at home just got a whole lot easier with Godiva Chocolatier's Collection of signature Biscuits, Hot Cocoa and Coffee. Godiva heightens the simple design of a cookie with the Biscuit Collection, a luxurious assortment of premium cookies enriched with indulgent chocolate, exquisitely crafted in the European tradition. Godiva also welcomes several sweet solutions to cold winter nights with their new Hot Cocoa and Coffee flavors. Made with chocolate and the highest quality all-natural ingredients, this collection is the ultimate holiday indulgence.
Price: $40.00

Designer Water

Visit Bling H2O at ~ Not just a pretty face, but a pretty taste

Description: Bling H2O, designed for the consumer who is as thirsty for luxury as for water itself. Bling H2O is one of the world's best-tasting bottled waters, with an extra sparkle that doesn't come from ordinary bubbles. This glitz comes from the 60 dazzling and genuine Swarovski Crystals hand applied to every bottle - each decorated as a one-of-a-kind collectors' item. And the water inside is pretty impressive too! Fresh from a mountain spring, it received a gold medal for Best Tasting Water at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival. Bling H2O is to bottled water what Rolls Royce is to automobiles; a premium product with premium packaging that merits a premium price $40. Bling H2O is a stand-alone beverage as well as the perfect complement to your favorite meal or cocktail.
Price: $40.00

DIY family cookbook

A Do-It-Yourself cookbook records recipes with hand-written instructions and accompanying photos from gatherings over the years

Description: A Do-It-Yourself cookbook records recipes with hand-written instructions and accompanying photos from gatherings over the years. New for 2007, DIY recipe books (or StoryBooks, as Creative Memories calls them) are thoughtful and easy to make: Personalized recipe books allow gift givers to connect with family and friends by sharing treasured traditions and favorite recipes spiced up with fun pictures. Books are easy to make. They can be created and ordered online by following user-friendly prompts, and the finished book is professionally printed, bound and delivered. Make the book once, but print multiple copies. The result? A thoughtful present for everyone from extended family to close friends. DIY recipe books are an economical alternative to an ugly sweater or thoughtless gift card – packages start at under $40. Order online at Books must be ordered by Dec. 7 to be guaranteed Christmas delivery.
Price: $40.00

Rimon Winery 2005 Dessert Wine

Made Exclusively from 100% Pomegranate—with no additional sugar

Description: Unlike other pomegranate wine and spirit beverages on the market, Rimon wines are not merely flavored with pomegranates. They are the only wines in the world made exclusively from 100% pomegranate—with no additional sugar. They are produced from a unique variety of pomegranate specially cultivated by the Nachmias family to have natural sugars equivalent to that of grape varieties used for winemaking.
Price: $38.00

Randy's Brownies & Cakes

White Chocolate Raspberry & Deluxe Gift Basket

Randy's Brownies are like no other. These heavenly morsels are thick and rich with flavors that orchestrate a symphony of flavors for even the most discriminating palate. They are packaged fresh, shipped overnight and arrive in a moss green Chinese take out box wrapped in stunning eggplant purple ribbon with a personalized handwritten note attached. Our Deluxe Holiday Basket $150.00 A rich dark chocolate brown whicker basket filled with caramel colored shredded paper and your choice of flavors. Includes: (3) boxes of Randy's Brownies containing four brownies each, and (3) Mini Chocolate Kahlua Cakes smothered in a bittersweet fondant.


Pinky Vodka

Pinky Vodka

Description: Bouquet in a Bottle. Be the best guest and bring your holiday party hostess a fashionable tall flacon of Pinky Vodka, hand-blended in Sweden with violets, roses and wild strawberries. The rosy-hued liquid looks stunning just sitting on a bar, but better yet, enjoy every delicious drop in flavorful and inventive cocktails that redefine the notion of the "pink drink." Suggested retail $32.99. Select retailers

Cîroc Vodka

Cîroc Encore Cocktail

Description: This ultra-premium and uncommon vodka is one of the world's only vodkas made from grapes and is ideal for creating unique holiday cocktails with a crisp, clean finish. Best appreciated when served in a champagne flute, Cîroc Vodka is sure to make an unforgettable event out of every celebration this holiday season. Cîroc's beautiful bottle also makes a perfect host gift - especially when presented with a pair of stylish champagne flutes.

Pure Fruit Technologies

2007 Holiday Gift Set (Large)

Description: The holidays are certainly a time for long-held traditions with family and friends. This season mix the familiar with the exotic by experiencing Pure Fruit Technologies line of concentrated juices. From the amazing antioxidant powers of the mangosteen fruit to the longevity-enhancing qualities of the goji berry, four distinct exotic blends are available separately or packaged together in several thoughtful gift crates for every price range. Perfect for New Year’s resolutions to get one step higher on the food guide pyramid, these concentrated juices provide an easy way to reap the benefits of three fruit servings in just one ounce. Gift crates can be purchased online. Individual bottles can also be purchased online or through neighborhood health stores listed state-by-state under the Web site's "Where to Buy" sidebar.

A Kitchen Gadget that Keeps Food Fresh for Longer

PackMate Vacu-Seal locks freshness and flavor in

Description: Say goodbye to food becoming stale, growing mould or getting freezer burn with PackMate’s Vacu-Seal - a new hand-held, cordless vacuum sealer that keeps food fresh in the fridge, pantry and freezer five times longer than other sealers. Small enough to fit into a kitchen drawer, Vacu-Seal removes the air from its re-usable, dishwasher safe bags, so now you can buy produce in bulk and make portion control packs ready for later, keep left-overs and expensive ingredients from the festive season fresh and kick-start getting the kitchen organized by using less bulky containers. PackMate Vacu-Seal is available at Linens 'N Things; QVC; Meijer; and Bed, Bath and Beyond; as well as its website, (as of 12/10); the Starter Kit costs $29.99 and comes with batteries and three medium size re-usable bags.

Godiva Holiday Ballotin

Godiva 19 piece Holiday Ballotin

The ultimate holiday gift assortment of irresistible pleasures. Chocolate moments complete with all the variety and intensity of flavor that only years of chocolate mastery can produce. Featuring intriguing flavors from velvety ganaches and scrumptious pralines to rich caramels and classic truffles. Trimmed with red and green ribbon and Christmas ball ornaments, this is the perfect gift for those you'd like to positively lavish!
Price: $26.00

Malibu Toffee

Malibu Toffee

Description: We make all natural hand made English Toffee. We use simple ingredients, butter, sugar, almonds and chocolate, which give our toffee a rich and unique flavor. Our toffee is not hard or sticky. It melts away in your mouth and does not get stuck in your teeth. The flavor is absolutely amazing and will keep you coming back for more.

: $25.00

2004 Syrah

Vihuela 2004 Syrah

Description: Big, rich and complex, this is truly a Chateanuneuf style wine. A wonderful bouquet with a touch of oak precedes its dust body of dense black cherry. This Syrah pairs exceptionally well with barbecued steak, lamb, tomato dishes and richer cheeses. A great holiday gift for the wine lover in your family. This wine will only get better with age.


Tullamore Dew Rocks Glass Set

Tullamore Dew Rocks Glass Set SRP: $20.99 750mL available at fine retail stores everywhere and at - other Tullamore Dew Products, from left to right: 12-year-old blend, original blend and green gift crock

Description: Tullamore Dew, the distinctively smooth Irish Whiskey is ready to ring in this holiday season in a new holiday gift pack. Dressed in the brand’s signature green, and featuring a scenic view of the rugged Irish countryside, the gift pack holds one 750 ml bottle of the classic Irish spirit and two heavy-based, crystal-clear rocks glasses etched with the brand logo. The attractive new gift pack is being introduced in the U.S. just in time for the holiday season. The strong tie to Irish heritage is especially apropos for Tullamore Dew whose Irish character is immediately evident in the pure, natural flavor that comes through with every sip. Unlike whisky made in Scotland, it is distilled three times for maximum purity and smoothness. Charred wood undertones from aging in fine quality oak casks and a pleasant maltiness complete its pure Irish flavor – best enjoyed on its own or over ice with a little bit of water to enhance its superb complexity.
Price: 20.99

2006 Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc, Grand Cuvee

2006 Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc, Grand Cuvee

Description: 57 Main Street, one of the largest importers of South African wines & spirits, is currently offering some wonderful Sauvignon Blancs, particularly the 2006 Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc, Grand Cuvee, characterized by herbs, tropical fruit, and hints of citrus on the nose, with a long, lingering finish. Available online for a retail price of $18.39 at Pop's Wine & Spirits, the bottle also has a built-in charitable component, with 5% of the net proceeds going to schools in South Africa.

Single Girl's Guide to Cooking

The Little Black Apron cover

The Little Black Apron is the accessory for women in their 20s and 30s. The book, published by Adams Media, offers hilarious commentary, sexy anecdotes, and tangible solutions to healthy and simple cooking. Each chapter outlines the 4-1-1 on essential utensils, pantry staples, nutritional tips and basic cooking techniques. Delicious and nutritious recipes for single-serving weeknight meals (because a gal should be out with friends or on a date Friday and Saturday!) cover main courses, salads, side dishes, and even desserts.

Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealing System

Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealing System

Handheld, ergonomic and FAST...Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Sealing System virtually eliminates freezer burn by creating an airtight seal around food in just seconds! Freeze individual portions for easy last minute dinner solutions, or prepare healthy recipes in advance for good-for-you meals on the go. Best of all, consumers can get started with the Handi-Vac starter kit for 9.99 - including three quart-sized freezer bags, the Handi-Vac pump and included batteries

Chef Bob Waggoner's Cookbook

Award-Winning Chef Bob Waggoner

Charleston Grill’s award-winning executive chef, Bob Waggoner, has released his first cookbook titled Charleston Grill at Charleston Place. The book provides instructions to create Waggoner’s French-influenced, low-country recipes featuring fresh ingredients, such as Wild American Shrimp, and the tastiest ways to prepare them.

Maria Liberati

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking by Maria Liberati

This bestselling recipe novel has been delighting readers that are cooks and non-cooks alike. Experience the passion of Italian Food, Cooking, recipes along with charming stories of life in a small town in Italy. Former international supermodel turned celebrity chef and best selling author Maria Liberati recounts tales of life in one of Italy's small mountain towns and recipes that are delizioso!

Cabot Creamery Consumer Catologue

Cabot Creamery Gift Ideas

: The Cabot Creamery Consumer Catologue includes several ideas for gifts for family, friends, associates. Some examples include: The Taste of Vermont - chocolates and cheddar. The Vermonter's Feast which consists of two full pounds of Seriously Sharp gift-packages with a Summer Sausage, mustard and crackers as well at the Christmas Stocking which is packaged with a wool stocking knit by Vermonters, several bars of eight-ounce Cabot Sharp, Extra Sharp and four Cabot Sharp mini's, a box of Maple Sugar candies and Lake Champlain chocolates.

Who's Your Daddy Energy Drinks

Original Cranberry-Pineapple Flavor

The Who's Your Daddy®, King of Energy™ drinks outpace all the competition in both flavor and name recognition. Arrogantly humorous, fun to shout out loud, and a statement that embodies the energy of an athlete scoring. Who's Your Daddy's "King of Energy™" drinks are designed to energize and improve mental performance while increasing concentration, alertness and physical endurance. It’s unique cranberry-pineapple flavor is packed with a taurine-caffeine blend and is available in both an Original and Sugar Free formula. In addition to the Original and Sugar Free flavors, our new Green Tea Energy Drink combines a refreshing citrus flavor with the powerful healing benefits of antioxidant enriched green tea. AVAILABLE NOW!

Cleavage Creek Cellars ~ Fine Wines & Fighting Breast Cancer

Cleavage Creek Wines

Description: Cleavage Creek Cellars and owner Budge Brown are dedicated to producing world class wines and fighting breast cancer. Brown lost his wife of 48 years to breast cancer in 2005. He obtained the Cleavage Creek label, and is focusing his efforts to raise awareness and fund research to find an end to the disease. Each of the Cleavage Creek wines features a breast cancer survivor on the label of the bottle. Their stories are told at the Cleavage Creek website. 10% of the gross sales of all Cleavage Creek wines are donated to fund breast cancer research. Cleavage Creek wines include the 2005 Napa Valley Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2005 Napa Valley Reserve Petite Sirah, the 2004 Tracy Hills Merlot, the 2005 Cabernet-Syrah, the 2006 Reserve Chardonnay, the 2004 Merlot-Shiraz , the 2003 Secret Red, and the 2006 Secret White. For orders and information: or call 1.888.295.1280.
Price: $18.00

Robeks' New naturallylight Smoothies

One of four new all-natural, lower calorie Robeks naturallylight smoothies

Robeks is upping the ante in the world of healthy drinks with naturallylight smoothies that have one-third less sugar, carbs and calories than traditional smoothies. They're all-natural and taste GREAT! The special recipe for Robeks naturallylight smoothies eliminates non-fat frozen yogurt and sherbet, adds more whole fruit, combines it with fruit juice, and includes a proprietary natural nutrient blend containing fiber and whey protein (from milk). In addition to having a third less calories, carbs, and sugar, these delicious new smoothies also promote digestive health with 50 percent more fiber. A 12-oz. naturallylight smoothie contains an average of 150 calories. Robeks' new naturallylight smoothies come in four thirst-quenching flavor combinations: Pineapple-Mango, Raspberry-Banana, Strawberry-Pineapple, and Banana-Mango. Go to to find the closest store near you...You'll love these.

Gourmet Gift Clicking Gift Center Home Page

Description: offers $25 gift certificates for $10 for more than 8,000 casual dining restaurants across the United States and for quality online retailers such as Mrs. Fields, SpaWish, LobsterGram, Allen Brothers and more. Gift certificates are also available in a variety of assorted gift packs. In addition to $25 gift certificates for $10, thrifty options such as a $125 value gift pack for $50, or a $250 value gift pack for $100, are available. And gift certificates are free of shipping costs—and deadlines—and can be personalized, sent via email or printed out for last-minute gift giving.

Oral Fixation Mints Stocking Stuffer

Oral Fixation 7 Deadly Cinnamon Mints

Description: This Holiday Season Oral Fixation 7 Deadly Cinnamon Mints are the perfect stocking stuffer. Giving is what the season is all about and you can’t go wrong at just $2.99 a tin. Oral Fixation, LLC customers are among the world’s most well-known hotels, resorts, museums, gift shops, restaurants, and cafés around the world. Now sold on five continents in more 4,000 locations, Oral Fixation's reputation for quality and style is unsurpassed.

Dunkin' Donuts Packaged Coffee

Dunkin\' Donuts Coffee Now Available At Retail Nationwide

Description: Dunkin' Donuts Pound of Coffee is the perfect hostess gift to bring to the many parties you will be attending this holiday season. It's made with the same delicious, 100% Arabica beans Dunkin' Donuts brews in its shops. Available in both whole bean and ground, consumers can choose from five flavors: Original, Decaf, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Cinnamon Spice. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is packaged and available in mass merchandisers, club stores, and grocery stores nationwide, making it even more convenient to go holiday shopping for your coffee lover. The coffee will be available in a 12 oz. size for a suggested retail price of $7.99 and a 40 oz. size for a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Gourmet Gift Cakes

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake

Description: Bake Me A Wish! is a premiere on-line bakery shop founded in 2004. Each cake is handmade from the freshest ingredient from award-winning, time-tested, family recipes, perfected by Master Pastry Chefs. offers a diverse selection of decadent cakes, shipped directly to the consumer, ready for any occasion whether it is an elegant anniversary, chic dinner party, office birthday party, casual gathering, sophisticated New Year’s Eve extravaganza or family holiday gathering. All cakes are packaged in a customized box at the bakery with a personalized note.

Enstrom's Almond Toffee

Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee

Description: With Enstrom’s World Famous Almond Toffee, twenty dollars never tasted so “rich.” Made with just four ingredients - sweet cream butter from select Midwest dairies, pure cane sugar from the Hawaiian Islands, paper shell almonds from the finest California groves and chocolate from the renowned Guittard family – a delicious one-pound box of Enstrom’s Almond Toffee can be ordered for just $16.95. It’s the perfect high-end gift that’s within the budget of just about everybody. And, just in time for the holiday season, Enstrom is offering free shipping for your readers who order by Dec. 1, 2007 as a special incentive. Simply suggest that your readers mention PRFS when calling 1-800-ENSTROMS or enter “PRFS” in the Source/Discount Code field on the checkout form on – it’s that simple.

Exotic Drinking Chocolates

Swiss Mint & Bombay Curry with Wild Tibetan Goji Berries

Description: Our “Exotic” line of Organic Drinking Chocolates are handmade of Premium Virgin Cacao infused with exotic spices, herbs and fruit from around the world and sweetened with pure agave nectar instead of sugar. Our bold blend of aromatic spices with dark chocolate are a culinary journey into the heart of the most exciting places on earth. Experience Bombay’s chaotic pulse of spice merchants, treasure hunters and spiritual seekers, or Switzerland’s cool refreshing Alpine breezes and pristine mint, then taste Istanbul’s pungent souks filled with ancient delights, or Tokyo’s discriminating tea rooms delicately serving Matcha green tea harvested from the foot of Mount Fuji. These Exotic Drinking Chocolates are Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Fair-Trade and Diabetic friendly! This is a vegan product.
Price: $15.00

True Fabrications

Styles range from textured fabrics, handmade cotton paper, all-natural fibers such as bamboo, and authentic vintage posters. Prices vary. To order a wholesale catalog and to view the full product line please visit

Description: True Fabrications is based in Seattle and was founded in 2004 by Dhruv Agarwal, Nik Patel and Ben Inadomi. With its roots in the California wine region, the company credits its significant growth to the growing appreciation of culinary and wine around the country. True Fabrications wine products and gifts are available in more than 3,000 retail stores worldwide and include a wide variety of wine totes for gifting and transportation.
Price: $15.00

An alternative to wine

Welch's sparkling

Description: While everyone thinks to bring a bottle of wine to holiday parties, not everyone drinks. So as a complement to the bottle of vino, guests should consider Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice Cocktail. A celebratory beverage for the entire family, Welch’s Sparkling is available in red and white grape flavors, and contains the same premium grape juice found in Welch’s wholesome bottled juices – but with a little bit of "sparkle!" Other than the kids, designated drivers, pregnant women and others who don’t consumer alcohol will have something to toast this New Year’s Eve. Wrapped in elegant “present” or fun “character” packaging, Welch’s Sparkling is not only great tasting, but is a lovely decorative complement to the festive atmosphere of any holiday table. Welch’s Sparkling is available at grocery, club and mass merchant stores nationwide. SRP for single and two-pack bottles is $3.69 and $6.99, respectively.  

Tabasco: An Illustrated History

Tabasco: An Illustrated History

Description: Heat up your gift giving this holiday season by introducing the gourmands, history buffs and Tabasco devotees on your list to Tabasco: An Illustrated History (McIlhenny Company; November 2007; 242 pages). This brand-new coffee-table book from McIlhenny Company helps marks the iconic brand's 140-year anniversary in 2008. Tabasco: An Illustrated History is the first and only book about the McIlhenny family and McIlhenny Company that is based on previously untapped documents in the McIlhenny Company Archives. This chronicle examines the origin of Tabasco sauce from its post-Civil War creation on Avery Island, Louisiana to its evolution into a global culinary icon and the "gold standard" of pepper sauces.

Classic Mignon Assortment

Classic Mignon Assortment

Description: Mignon Chocolate's signature presentation, impressive collection of luscious solid and filled dark, milk, and white chocolates. The collection includes creations with in-house roasted whole almonds and hazelnuts. Creamy filled centers of coffee, pistachio, mint, mango, orange, raspberry, and liquid caramel. All our chocolate creations are handmade locally followed by our family secret recipes.
Price: $10.00

Asian-Fusion Confections & Gourmet Wine Truffles

Asian-Fusion Confections & Gourmet Wine Truffles

Description: Based on family recipes, our Asian-Fusion confections will transport you on a heavenly journey. We've combined Oriental spices with popular European and American ingredients, to create an exotic taste experience for the discriminating palate. Our award-winning Lemongrass Ginger Truffles (New product Bronze Award, San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, July 2007) was patterned after a Lemongrass Ginger Creme Brulee at a Thai restaurant in New York. The result is a sublime indulgence. Other confections in this collection are our Peanut Ginger Chocolate, Praline Ginger and Mint Ginger Truffles and Sesame Almond and Maple Almond Caramel Corns. Our Gourmet Wine Truffles blend the very best chocolate and cream with Cabernet, Champagne, Port & Pinot Noir. All products are hand-crafted from premium, natural ingredients.

Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce


Lynn Lasher a.k.a Somebody's Mother - Reese, William and Hayden

: Lynn Lasher is the mother behind Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce. Lasher has two passions: children and chocolate. When her three children were little, she hoped that their summer lemonade stands would awaken in them an interest in business so that one day they might actually support themselves. Two of the three are now in college studying...acting. In April 2005, Somebody’s Mother and her children launched a company in order to produce and sell a really great chocolate sauce which can be eaten warm over ice cream, at room temperature fastened to fruit, or cold straight out of the jar. What began as a grown up lemonade stand has become a nearly booming business. “There are no frills – it’s just a really great, no-nonsense chocolate sauce,” says founder Lynn Lasher about her product, which she makes using a family recipe with no additives or preservatives, and has a flavor that is at once milk and dark chocolate.
Price: 9.00

Madagascar Premium Dark Chocolate

Amano's Madagascar Premium Dark Chocolate

Description: Madagascar has long been known for producing fine cocoa beans. The beans from Madagascar are primarily of the Trinitario and Criollo varieties. The soil and climate produce beans that are particularly fruity and our Madagascar bar is a fine example of this. This chocolate is perhaps a bit untraditional with its strong fruity flavors that include hints of citrus and berry and shows the wide range of flavors possible in cocoa. It is absolutely delicious and one that you will remember for its incredible flavor. Bars are available individually and as part of a 10 bar gift collection

Ocumare Grand Cru Chocolate Bar

Amano's Ocumare Chocolate Bar

Description: Once in a great while, a great chocolate is created. This is one. This chocolate is created exclusively with beans from the Ocumare Valley in Venezeula. The beans from Ocumare create a chocolate that is rich and chocolately but is also complex in flavor with hints of red fruit such as plum. This chocolate was artisanally made by Amano Artisan Chocolate using traditional machinery and a touch of love. If you have been waiting to see what an American chocolate maker can do, this is the bar for you. Bars are sold individually and in a ten bar gift collection.
Price: $6.96

Burger King Crown Card

Burger King Crown Card

Description: Sparkling in shimmering gold, The BK™ Crown Card is the most practical gift of gold, an ideal stocking stuffer, and the perfect “one for you, one for me” gift. Mothers of college age children can send the kids off to college with one of these, fully loaded, and have the comfort of knowing they’ll never go hungry, no matter how far from home they might be. The BK™ Crown Card is also a great gift for the men in their lives who have been good all year... it’s time to let him have it his way for a change. The BURGER KING® varied menu, from juicy flame-broiled burgers to chicken sandwiches to salads, allows everyone to make the choice that’s right for them.

McDonald's Arch Card

McDonald's Arch Cards - Snowman & Holiday Lights

Description: McDonald’s Arch Card, the reloadable convenience card available in $5, $10, $25 and $50 denominations, is taking the stress out of holiday shopping this season. For busy professionals on the run, a favorite teacher or the boy next door, the Arch Card is the perfect gift for just about everyone on your shopping list. Featuring two new designs this holiday season, the Arch Card can be purchased and redeemed at participating McDonald’s nationwide, while supplies last. In addition to being a perfect holiday gift, McDonald’s Arch Card doubles as a personal convenience card. Reloadable in increments of $5, $10, $25 and $50 and featuring balances on the bottom of each receipt, the Arch Card offers a fast and convenient way to purchase your favorite McDonald’s meal. The Arch Card does not expire and dormancy fees are never charged.

Pin Up Lip Balms

For that Picture Perfect Kiss

Description: Pin Up Balm lip balm is a fun throwback with modern appeal, and it's as fun as it is functional. Packaged in cute retro slide-top tins adorned with old-fashioned pin-up girls, Pin Up Balm is flirty, sexy, and sophisticated. With eight fabulous flavors to choose from, there's one to match every mood, from come-hither coconut to too-fresh peppermint. What's more, Pin Up Balms are packed with avocado oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E, providing every Pin Up girl with top-rate lip nourishment. Come and discover our balm-shell secrets.
Price: $4.00

Purple Beverage Now Available

Purple, The Most Powerful Antioxidant Beverage on the Planet

Description: The Purple Beverage Company has responded to the call for healthful beverages by combining seven of the planet’s most powerful antioxidants in the formula for PURPLE. All natural, no sugar added PURPLE combines the acai with six other antioxidant-rich juices, including: black cherry, pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry. PURPLE is great on its own, in a healthy fruit smoothie or even a cocktail. In fact, researchers from the US Department of Agriculture and Thailand’s Kasetsart University reported that adding alcohol to antioxidant-rich berries increases their antioxidant capacity. PURPLE is available in health food stores, restaurants, delis, drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores in LA, NYC and Miami and will be available at retailers nationwide in ’08.

First Edible Coffe Bar Now Available


Description: Caffe Acapella ( is the world's first and only edible gourmet coffee bar. It may look like chocolate (a la Hershey bar), but Caffe Acapella is actually made from coffee beans and cocoa butter -- a decidedly different way to down your latte and a first-of-its kind -- and simply delicious. Not even Starbucks, Seattle's Best or Peet's have a product that can rival Caffe Acapella, and I am providing you with an opportunity to share this with your readers. Caffe Acapella bars contain the entire bean, finely milled to gently release all the precious coffee oil, and they are able to capture a truly authentic espresso flavor in each and every bar. Flavors include: Espresso Serenade, Toffee Espresso Concerto, Cappuccino Connoisseur and Caramel Macchiato Classico.
Price: $2.99

Godiva Chocoiste

Godiva Chocoiste Collection

Description: The embodiment of the modern, mobile chocolate hedonist, Godiva Chocoiste exceeds the very notion of a casual chocolate treat. Godiva Chocoiste is a journey in multi-dimensional decadence: milk, dark, and white Godiva chocolate each expertly combined with everything from almonds to raspberries, mint to caramel. Every variety of Godiva Chocoiste is a luscious 'must-have'. Godiva Chocoiste packs 80 years of chocolate mastery into a whole range of sinful, bite-size delights; Godiva Chocolatier itself in exquisite miniature.
Price: $2.95

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