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Like an Italian Opera - Jay Leno's Garage Behind the Scenes

By G. Ozeri

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Splash Magazine photojournalist Gisele "Shoooter Diva" once again was privilegded to spend another "Day at Jay Leno's Garage" behind the scenes taping featuring Damaino Barbuscia "Franco's European Sports Cars" Lambroghini LM002.  This by far is one of the most powerful SUV's ever produced.  Franco & Damian Barbuscia Rock Jay Leno's Garage.

1990 Lamborghini LM002

Behind the scenes at the taping of Jay Leno's Garage featuring Franco and Damian Barbuscia photo by Gisele "Partyby5"

 "Like an Italian Opera" - Jay Leno: Comedic Legend and Host of Jay Leno's Garage  "It's Ridiculous and Awesome" - Damiano Barbuscia: Franco's European Sports Cars.  Our favorite Italian automotive family, Franco, Damiano, Rosa & Mimma - a.k.a. the Family... the Barbuscia Family - make another outstanding and memorable appearance on Jay Leno's Show, Jay Leno's Garage.  This time, Damiano and Jay rock out in a 1990 Lamborghini LM002. That rarest of the rare -- a Lamborghini SUV.... before there were SUV's!

Jay notes, "25-30 years ago, this was just about the craziest thing on the road."  Jay and Damian put this, the most artistic and rare of SUV's through a fast test drive and reminisce about the history and heritage of this rare vehicle with Damian adding, "It's Ridiculous and Awesome."

With a standard 450 HP Fuel Injection engine (that's right, same as the Countach and later the Lambo Diablo), in 1990 this was perhaps the most powerful engine in any vehicle available for sale to the general public. the $4,300.00 tires were a part of the $120,000.00 price tag. That's high net worth in the 90's.  "This thing is hysterical," concludes Jay.  By the way, it appears as if the $10,000.00 clock option was included in this particular LM002. Good Choice!

Franco and Damiano's appearances on Jay Leno's Garage are among the most watched on Jay Leno's Garage. Their 1991 Lamboprghini Diablo episode currently logs in with 974,502 views on youtube alone! Watch Jay Leno's Garage on CNBC Wednesday NIghts 10 ET/PT 

Published on Nov 25, 2015

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