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Amy's Presence Intimacy System

Wear Amy's Presence Intimacy with confidence and enjoy intimate moments and sweet dreams ~ Amy Gibson

Dare to dream with Amy's Presence Intimacy system featuring Cyberhair. You'll feel playful and sexy, with silky soft, irresistibly touchable hair that stays beautiful all night, yet is styled and ready to go in the morning. When it's time to relax and share a special closeness, you will love the natural, comfortable feeling that is the Active Cap, with its gentle, secure fit and cool, breathable weave.

Great Date Now

Michele Terranova, CMM, Great Date Now

Concierge matchmakers help upscale professionals find committed relationships with hand-select introductions that include in-person interviews, background checks and screening, initial reservations and debriefing following each meeting. Great Date Now offers consultations with Matchmaking Institute-certified matchmakers at its nine New York metro area locations with offices opening in Washington, DC and Florida in 2008. To schedule a matchmaker consultation or to learn more, contact

Shoshanna's Matches is a Jewish Dating & Matchmaking Service for Jewish Singles in New York City & Tri-State Area

Shoshanna's Matches is a Jewish Dating & Matchmaking Service for Jewish Singles in New York City & Tri-State Area

Description: The privately owned company specializes in traditional match-making services for Jewish professional men and women: Non-Observant, Reform, Conservative, Conservadox and Modern Orthodox. Because so many of today's top professionals find it difficult to set aside time for personal pleasure and dating, Shoshanna has devoted herself to helping these highly successful individuals cut down on the time and stress involved in finding their ideal life partners.
Price: $2000

Couture Book

Every book design, including the featured Himalayan Leh line, has “couture,” or hand-sewn, bindings using French silk thread, imported paper and fabrics hand-picked from around the world ~ Couture Book fills the desire to present priceless moments, fashion, products or events in an affordable and easily accessible way

Description: A new, luxury, photobook, Couture Book, just hit the market. Think scrapbook—but ten times more luxurious and perfect for V-Day. The concept is that you can take your own photos, whether they are of a wedding, or your baby’s first steps, upload them on our website,, and make your own “Couture Book”. This means you can have a professional, handmade, coffee table book with YOUR photos in the book. Couture Book is printed from the finest papers, bound in the world’s most sumptuous fabrics and crafted with extreme attention to detail and finish. Combining their passion for creative artistic freedom and the desire to do something wondrous for the world, Couture Book agreed to donate a percentage of their proceeds to a list of charitable organizations. The fine paper is made from recycled content and all of the packaging is recyclable.
Price: $345.00

The Conception Kit

Increase Your Chances of Conceiving with The Conception Kit by Conceivex

Description: The FDA-approved Conception Kit is the first comprehensive fertility enhancement system designed for couples to use in the privacy of their own home without drugs or invasive procedures. The kit is a safe, private, effective, easy-to-use and affordable system that can dramatically increase a couple’s chance of successfully conceiving. The Conception Kit contains fertility prediction tools, semen collectors and the only FDA-cleared cervical cap for conception, which are designed to be used together for up to three months in order to enhance a couple’s opportunity to conceive.
Price: $300.00

Healthy Back Baby Bag

Healthy Back Baby Bag

Description: Healthy Back Baby Bag: Super-functional and smartly designed, the Healthy Back Baby Bag is the most durable baby bag on the market. Made for the mom or dad on the go, the Healthy Back Baby Bag is machine washable and features a separate section to store items for parents and comes with a removable plastic zipper pouch for wet or soiled items. It is uniquely designed to hold the multitude of items that parents need when out and about with a little on.

Price: $70.00

Singelringen, The Swedish Ring for Singles

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gift for Mom ~ Singelringen logo

Description: Singelringen makes a great gift for still or newly single friends and relatives. "I love the concept. I want a Singelringen for my Mother," said Jennifer Love Hewitt. Singelringen ("The Single Ring" in Swedish) is a unisex ring that serves to remind the single wearer they are already complete yet open to possibilities. The ring features a turquoise acrylic layer shining over a sterling silver band engraved with "made in Sweden" and unique registration number providing access to Singelringen Global Community. Singelringen is worn by more than 150,000 singles in over 20 countries around the world. The ring has been spotted on celebrities including Paula Abdul, Naomi Campbell, Terrence Howard, Madeline Zima, Mario Lopez, Haley Bennett and Corbin Bleu. Singelringen retails for $59. Leading authors writing about Single Life endorse Singelringen. "To me, Singelringen is a celebration of singelhood. I wear it and smile." Bella DePaulo Ph.D, “Singled Out.”
Price: $59.00

Nest Inspired Gift Baskets

"Do Not Disturb" Basket & "See The World" Basket

Description: Nest Inspired Gift Baskets offers a large variety of Valentine’s Day gift baskets appropriate for relationships at any stage, whether it’s the explorations of something brand-new, the elation of newlyweds, or the comforting togetherness of a long-time love. Baskets -- resembling nests -- are symbols of gathering, holding, comforting and giving. Carefully woven baskets evoke a “back to basics” simplicity that we all long for. With our busy lives, it is easy to get off track, and Nest Inspired Gift Baskets help us remember what’s truly important by returning to the simple joys of giving. Whether you’re looking for the romantic, weekend-in-the-woods getaway of the “Light My Fire” basket; the pampering and renewal just-for-her of the “Do Not Disturb” basket; the handyman humor in the “Stud Bucket”; or the adventures-yet-to-come in the “See The World” basket, Nest Inspired Gift Baskets has something appropriate for any individual story.
Price: $50.00

Custom Magazine Cover To Celebrate Your Love!

YourCover Valentine's Day Personalized Magazine Cover ~ Visit Today

Description: A unique and unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift – a YourCover Personalized Magazine Cover. Let your love take the starring role on the front of your very own magazine cover. Available only at, upload your photo to our free online design system and then personalize each headline on the front cover to tell your love story. There is room on the back cover for more photos & special memories. Only $49.95 for printing on heavy glossy paper, a deluxe acrylic frame & free shipping.
Price: $49.95

Cuddly Wuddlees

Lambie blankets stacked

Description: Julia Roberts, Keri Russell, Sheryl Crow, Jamie Pressley, and Jenna Elfman are all wrapping their little ones up in Cuddly Wuddlees this winter. Mom of three Christina Rein designed two lines, both trendy and functional, the “Original” Collection showcases fabric blankets with a plush border of chenille and the “Lambie” collection boasts slightly larger, chenille blankets trimmed with hip designer fabrics. Everyday moms can enjoy the same satisfaction with the affordable price of the blankets: $39.99 for the “Original” collection and $44 for the larger “Lambie” collection. The hip Cuddly Wuddlees are available in over 20 vibrant designs tailored to almost any personality. Cuddly Wuddlees are sold nationwide at Nordstrom and other boutiques or online.
Price: $39.99 - $44.00

ProFlowers Valentine's Day Collection

ProFlowers Short & Sweet Bouquet

Description: ProFlowers offers a beautiful assortment of bouquets and plants for every loved one in your life and its team of experts is available to assist you in finding the perfect arrangement for everyone you want to send love to this Valentine’s Day. To further assist you, ProFlowers has created Loveology, a simple guide to finding a bouquet that says what you really mean.
Price: $39.99

Award Winning Personalized Storybooks

4 flattenme books available ~ Just one photo transforms your child into the star

Description: Flattenme award winning storybooks are quite possibly the most magical personalized books on the face of the planet. The art is gorgeous, the stories engaging, and the quality unsurpassed. Just upload one photo at to transform your child into a wee fairy, a swashbuckling pirate, or a potty hunting world traveler in their very own adventure. Flattenme books have been highlighted as a favorite gift on the Today Show, NBC News, DailyCandy, ParentsConnect, GoCityKids and more. Ages 2-8 years old.
Price: $35.00

CSN Stores -- Elegant Lenox Floating Hearts Bud Vase

Capture old-world charm this Valentine's Day with this lovely bud vase from Lenox

Description: This exquisite Lenox Bud Vase is sure to add romance to any decor -- and bring the most out of any bouquet. Its broadly scalloped rim is edged in 24 karat gold. An intricate floral design in bas-relief encircles the entire vase. The accents here make this an instant classic -- one that should be passed down to grace many future Valentine's Days.
Price: $29.95

A Love story that tells of one couple’s ability to focus on the positives

Fred and Mary

Description: Fred and Mary is a delightful universal story that touches all of us. Walk with Fred and see how despite his many issues he always finds a way to focus on the one positive attribute he has. Along his journey he runs into Mary who has happened to be able do the same. Take a trip with them and uncover the key to their unique ability to focus on the positive regardless of what other people may think or say about them.
Price: $24.95

Loving People: How To Love & Be Loved, by Dr. John Townsend

LOVING PEOPLE: How to Love & Be Loved

Description: Love. It is every part of speech: verb, adverb, noun and adjective. But how do you come to know and understand love? Learning about love can be different for each person and for each relationship, whether it’s between families, friends, marriages or dating relationships. Bestselling author Dr. John Townsend explores every aspect of love in his new book, LOVING PEOPLE: How To Love & Be Loved. LOVING PEOPLE is not a self-help book, because love is ultimately not about the self - it’s for people who want to extend themselves beyond their normal capacities; people who want to be able to get inside the hearts and minds of others, and do good. Through Dr. Townsend’s teaching, readers will discover –and start enjoying– the words, actions, and experiences of authentic love.
Price: $22.99

Wet Warming, Inttimo by Wet, and Wet Naturals

Wet Warming, Inttimo by Wet, and Wet Naturals

Description: Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is all about candy hearts and flowers. But all over the world, everyone knows nothing says “I love you” more on Valentine’s Day than a romantic, intimate evening with a special someone. This year it’s time to give your Valentine gifts that can be enjoyed after that candlelit dinner is finished. Wet has a variety of aromatherapy massage oils and intimate products that will make him ready to skip the restaurant’s chocolate soufflé and have dessert in bed. Wet Warming, a clear, non-staining, water based formula, gently heats on contact. Inttimo, the perfect addition to any bubble bath or sensual massage, comes in six inspiring scents including Rejuvenation, Romance, Sensuality, Tranquility, Forbidden Fruit and Natural Fragrance Free. Made with a blend of all natural oils, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera they moisturize and revitalize the skin. Wet Naturals, formulated especially for women by women, are PH balanced so they’re gentle and comforting. Wet Naturals are designed to enhance a woman’s natural moisture and heighten the love-making experience.
Price: $10.00, $25.00, $20.00


The Farmacy Venice brochure

Description: Who’s your Furry Valentine? This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a bonding experience with your special little someone at THE FARMACY on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach! (THE FARMACY specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and organic plant based medicine and beauty products from around the globe, with licensed Acupuncturists on staff to treat and recommend.) What: Animal Acupressure Massage Workshops; Where: THE FARMACY, 1509 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 310-392-3890; Who: Melody Moore, CCMT (Certified Canine Massage Therapist); When: Classes are from 2 to 4pm Wednesday, February 13 and Thursday, February 14. The licensed acupuncturist/herbalists at THE FARMACY strongly believe in Eastern Medicine and treatment for animals. It’s an effective tool to use as preventative care, as it is in humans. We are all highly responsive to touch. Take-home goodie bags for all students compliments of Sexy Beast! Join us for this “hands on” session!
Price: $20.00

Condom in a PaperWeight

Condom Paperweight for your Valentine

Description: Did you know Valentine's Day coincides with National Condom Week? So what better gift for your Sweetheart than a Condom PaperWeight. The Condom Paperweight™ comes in a sleek gift box and retails for $16.95; twenty-five percent (25%) of profits from retail sales of this product will be donated to The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation ( The Condom Paperweight is available now through the online store at
Price: $18.00

Shining Stars Valentine's Day friends

The Shining Stars Valentine's Day friends include Monkey, Frog and Patch Eye Dog and each comes with the opportunity to register your own star in the sky with the International Star Registry

Description: Will you be our Valentine? Shine some love this Valentine’s Day with the Shining Stars® Valentine’s Day Friends from RUSS. You can choose from three affectionate friends: the Shining Stars Monkey, Frog or Patch Eye Dog. Carrying a heart or flower, each friend shows you care no matter who your Valentine is this Valentine’s Day. Identifiable by the star icon and embroidered Shining Stars logo on its paw pad, every Shining Stars friend comes with the opportunity to register and name your star with the International Star Registry®. For more information, check out
Price: $15.00

Sandra Magsamen's Sweet Hearts

Red Hot Heart Plaques from Sandra Magsamen

Description: They make perfect Valentine's gifts, of course. But they're also fun and fitting the other 364 days of the year. This endearing new collection by Sandra Magsamen encourages us to express affection to our loved ones and to affirm love and appreciation for ourselves. Send a HeARTful message to all of your loved ones for Valentine’s Day with these adorable heart plaques.
Price: $15.00

Motionbooks--The Handheld Personalized Flipbook

This Valentine's Day give the gift of motion to that special someone with Motionbooks made from your personal video

Description: Unlike the conventional Valentine’s Day gifts that can fade over time (hint: flowers die but precious memories last forever), Motionbox allows people to create, share and send customized video and “freeze” frame short slices of life using video flipbooks called Motionbooks. With Motionbooks, your personal video can be transformed into a pocket-sized book that can be held in your hand and animated with your thumb! All a user needs to do is up-load 30 seconds of their personalized video to the Motionbox site, and they will personalize, make and ship the Motionbook right to your door. This is the perfect way to surprise a loved one with personal and fun gift.
Price: $7.99

Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer

Cindy Ella by Robin Palmer

Description: “CINDY ELLA” - THE ANTI-FAIRY TALE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! It’s Valentine’s Day and author Robin Palmer poses the question…do we have to be perfect to get Prince Charming? Los Angeles CA –In a town where plastic rules, size 0 is the new norm and pretty is the only perfection, on February 7, 2008 a new book is being released for the Young Adult market that goes against the norm and celebrates the meaning of Valentine’s Day in a whole new way: by loving yourself and still getting “Prince Charming. With her book Cindy Ella, self-empowerment advocate Robin Palmer speaks to girls in a way that they can relate to and understand while sending the message that instead of trying to fit in with the crowd, true happiness comes when you feel good about yourself, even if that means bucking the system at times.
Price: $7.99

Humorous Valentine Card

Snarky Valentine Card

Description: Snarky 5x7 greeting card on 80 lb. white stock w/envelope. Perfect Valentine card for jilted lover, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend... joke for friend. OUTSIDE: Looks like fake magazine cover entitled, BROKEN-HEARTED (Annual Revenge Issue) Photograph of random pastel candy hearts read: DIE, STALK U, WATCH UR BACK, U SUCK, HATE U MORE INSIDE TEXT: Drove by your house. Saw your car. It’s not you; it’s me. I can change. Can't we give it another try? Why won’t you be my Valentine • Girlfriend • Boyfriend? (circle one) Call me.
Price: $3.50

Animoto Videos

Animoto - create professional quality videos online

Description: Animoto lets you create professional quality videos online with your own photos and music. Upload your images, pick and song, and Animoto takes care of the rest, creating one-of-a-kind videos with the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer. The key to Animoto is its technology that thinks like a video director and editor - it analyzes and combines your images and music with the same sophisticated techniques used in TV and film. Fans love to make videos showcasing their vacations, weddings, babies, kids’ activities, sports games, and other slices of life – and then share them with family and friends. Brand new: Animoto Downloads, which gives you complete control of your files offline so you can share with friends, send them to mobile devices like iPhones, and upload them to social networks like Facebook and MySpace.
Price: $3.00

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