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Cara Maltz- My mom is a Sex Therapist

By David Rabadi Prince of Media

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Authentic writer, gone fresH!
Time for me to talk about the birds, the bees and all the honey that makes us sticky. But before me and my Johnson poke at the reasons? I don't just let anybody get a chance to Chicky Bang Bang, making hearts go boom boom, forcing the sun to shine through their Gray clouds...

I got to spread my cheeks, move my lips and let my fingers tap letters, spelling words, that make woppy.

First foreplay: with the very sexy and talented actress, singer and writer, the girl that got all the boys begging for more. Miss Cara Maltz.

Singer, Actress, Writer, Cara Maltz

She knows the game and how to play it. Starring in My MOM Is A Sex Therapist, which she wrote with the director of  My MOM is a Sex Therapist, Stephan Varnier and accompanied by Brad Gardner.

Playing at the famous Duplex Cabaret Theatre, located at: 61 Christopher Street 7th Ave, NYC, NY 10014 www.theduplex.com
I know: not all you readers are comfortable talking about SEX. So don't worry, you are only reading about it.

Hey! If it wasn't for SEX you and I wouldn't be flirting. I mean alive.
In Cara's life her mother spoke about Sex. So you guessed? My MOM Is A Sex Therapist is based on Cara's real life relationship with boys and her mothers influence as a SEX Therapist. 

Sex Master! Cara Maltz

She starts the show reflecting on when she was a young girl. Most kids know nothing about sex, in-fact a lot of kids are led to believe that sex is a bad thing.

In Cara's case it was different. She sang I'm the Greatest Star " from Funny Girl". I sat in the audience watching her. Instantly I connected with her. She was a kid who felt different. She reflects on the boy that will always remember her as the girl that wouldn't have sex with him. Cara boy can we relate ; )! Finally found a girl that he couldn't impress. For any readers who are lost. Cara is very aware of when a boy wanted to sincerely embrace her, or just use her for his selfish and insecure issues. So all you boys and girls from a distance you may think someone cares for you, but always take your time and get to know the person. Sex! Can alter your life in so many ways, not all bad and not all good, but all that have sex, should be careful and thoughtful to yourself and others. Cara makes it a point to always be honest to herself and lover.

Cara Maltz & Director Stephan Varnier

She continues on her journey from clubs, parks, cafes meeting boys, looking for a man. Singing " When I fall in love" ( from One Minute Zero) LOVE! Is what everybody is searching for. Then she is on her own dancing alone again. Until she meets the guy who had a whole lot of swagger. This guy has her feeling shiny and new, singing Madonna‚Äôs "Like a Virgin". She is a young adult and she made it through the wilderness. He is the one. Mr. Right! Who turns out to be just Mr. Right for the moment. She gives a great description of how people fool themselves. Staying in relationships that are unhealthy and stressful. Love is poor and Cara makes it clear, when you look for love and find it, you will only have eyes for that person. She is still looking. Though she confesses, there were times they were at their best, she had to put the fire out and never forget. Her experience with him,  set her up for what ever comes next.
Towards the end of the act she falls in love again. She is always true to herself and thoughtful to other peoples feelings. I can't tell you what happens at the end and there is so much more I left out.
Her show had a great impact on me and I hope: if you are in look into her show. Updates on show dates and times are on her website: www.mymomisasextherapist.com

It's an hour of entertainment that will make you climax out of your chair, laugh, cry and clap until your hands swell up.
Readers! Watching Cara perform, inspired me creatively. I was in my chair filled with emotions and though, I have never been in love : ( I wrote this poem inspired by Cara's emotions and performance. This is for you Cara.
You mistook it, the heart, It always wants tending, It's not passion though once it was.
There, the emotions were stunt by neglect, the feelings slight, uncontrollable backlash, light shines through,
satisfied with what fell apart. Serves you right tossing ill intentions to all my colors that lite you up,
But if you had me, it would be the only thing you ever needed.
Happily no one can have me, until they can love themselves and then we could be together, Ever After, Each Other!

Cara Maltz & Mr. Tease

Cara , Stephan: The script? Pure genius, your brilliant minds will get you far! Thank You so much for having me has your special guest. See you all soon! Warning only practice SAFE SEX. Wait I forgot to tell you all about my Sex pleasures. One word. "TEASE!" : ) Think twice??

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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