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My momma always told me, if you hear it and didn’t see it, don’t believe it! However, she never mentioned anything about READING IT! Hello Readers! Have I got a treat for you, an insight on one of the most successful columnist in entertainment, the very friendly and respectful Mr. Rob Shuter. Mr. Shuter has been a publicist for some of the most powerful people in show biz, such as P. Diddy, Jessica Simson and J-Lo just to mention a few. He also was chief editor at OK magazine helping them sell millions of copies and contributing to the magazine’s success. Currently he has the # 1 blog, Naughty But Nice, on AOL, where he dishes out on all the drama filled facade of all the A-list celebrities we are blinded by. Here is the man of the hour Mr. Rob Shuter.

Mr. Naughty but Nice! Rob Shuter

Hello Mr. Tattletale. LOL How are you?
Rob – Brilliant, although I like to think of myself as Mr. Naughty but Nice. Words are important and my choice is kinder.
What made you want to get into this cut throat and scandalous business we call entertainment?
Rob – I have always loved showbiz and entertainment. Making people laugh or cry or escape seems like a wonderful way to make a living. I have been very lucky; on the whole most people I have met, even when starting out, were nice to me. Willing to help me or teach me the game. Oddly its only since I became successful that people have wanted to be knock me down. Of well, I have two legs and will get back up.
Can you explain the process on how you get your celebrity information, aka gossip, and how you make sure it’s accurate?
Rob – Gosh I would never reveal my sources. But can tell you that if you could break into my database, which is guarded by my Westminster winning Glen of Imaal Terrier, Curry, you would be shocked. I am lucky that before I became a columnist I worked at the peak of the entertainment business of years with everyone from Jlo, Jessica Simpson, Diddy, Alicia Keys, Paris Hilton, Bon Jovi and many many more famous faces. Having that sort of access to the inner workings of showbiz taught me everything and introduced me to everyone. It’s something no other columnist has ever had. This background is what makes my information accurate and exciting.

Rob Shuter

What is your personal opinion on celebrities being all over the tabloids? Do you think it feeds their hunger for attention? Or do you think they really wish to stay out of the tabloids?
Rob – I have this play out first hand. Some celebrities I have worked with loved being on the cover of the weekly magazine. Every Wednesday they ran to the newsstands to get ALL the weeklies before I did. It was like their college newspaper. One person I worked for used to think up an ‘idea list’ every week about how she could get her pix in them. It often worked. And those who didn’t want to be one them stayed away from the pap centers posing as celebrity restaurants. Look at Sandra Bullock, after the biggest scandal of 2010 she fell off the covers of the weekly mags after 2 weeks. She took away all the oxygen from the fire and it burned out. I’m sure if that same awful situation had happened to Kim Kardashian she would have kept it alive many more weeks.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a scandal has broken out on one of your celebrity friends and this caused conflict between your friendship and your job in order to put out their story?
Rob – I am very careful what I write. Popeater is the number 1 provider of original content online. We have huge numbers of readers and can shape the agenda of every story. Its true I know a lot of celebrities personally and probably and even more careful when writing about them however my job is it report the news and that’s what I do. I would like to believe I treat everyone with respect and fairness. That’s why I’m Naughty but Nice. Being mean is easy as soooo 90’s. I love celebrities as much as my readers do.
What is the most rewarding part of your job and the worst?
Rob – Getting reader response. I get hundreds of emails and comment. In fact over 9 million people vote on popeater polls alone each month. Feedback is the best part. Worst part of my job is explaining to publicists that I have no interest in plugging your beauty products or when a friend of a celebrity calls with really nasty gossip. I hate bad friends.
Do you believe your line of work can help address issues that are affecting the world today?
Rob – I think entertainment is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. If you can motive people through a record or movie or magazine cover or online column to care about others then you are affecting the world. Personally, I know I have been affected by a great lyrics or an amazing movie that has taught me, entertained me and changed me all at the same time.
Do you think people have the right perception of you and what is something about you most people don't know?
Rob – I’m very shy around people I don’t know. My feelings get hurt very easily. I’m very private and have only a handful of very close friends. I hate bullies. I nearly lost my right arm as a child and have only the basic movement with it. Having a disability and spending so much time as a child living in a hospital has made me very aware of others pain.
Do you find it difficult to make friends in this industry?
Rob – I have met lots of great fun people in the industry but most of my true friends have nothing to do with entertainment. I smile whenever I’m told ‘meet my best friend.’ It seems everyone in this industry has a million best friends. I don’t.
In life we all aim for something, where is your bow and arrow pointing?
Rob – My arrow is pointing towards kindness. It’s easy to be mean and interesting, trying being nice and interesting, now that’s hard.
What do you do on your days off?
Rob – I love being outdoor with my dog, Curry. I love having tea with friends and watching old movies. I also volunteer at an anonymous hotline in the city. It doesn’t really work, as I'm the only volunteer with an English accent. It’s like talking to Mary Poppins in your moment on need.
What can the readers expect from you to come in the near future?
Rob – Lots of exciting stuff coming up. There is talk of a Naughty But Nice tour and even interest from radio stations and maybe a book.
Thank You for your time Rob, before you go can you give me and the readers some juicy gossip that hasn't be out yet?
Rob – There is a celebrity relationship involving a reality star and a musician that is on the rocks. Sad, sad part is children are involved. Stay Tuned

Mr. Naughty but Nice! Rob Shuter


After meeting and spending some time with Rob, I became instantly aware of his kindness and professionalism. His passion for entertainment resonates through him like air for our lungs. I wish him continued success and remember if you want the truth check out Naughty but Nice where you will find all the celebrity gossip you want!

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