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By David Rabadi Prince of Media

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(Marilyn Monroe voice) Haaaapy Birth-day Prince of Media, Haaaapy Birth-day to me ; ) Hey readers!!! I came to have a party. I know you are reading me, so welcome to my writing style  Birthday Party. I am making the most of words, as I grow older 1-19-11 is my day!!! Birthdays come around and it's the one day we all want to feel loved, remembered, and special!!! Those that know me, Know I am OCD  when it comes to Birthdays. Making sure that the person who is celebrating has a cake and card. However when it comes to mine, I used to hate my Birthday, partly because I come from a big family. Some years it was celebrated some years not, when your parents are immigrants they don't got time to follow American tradition lol. Instead of anticipating what I will get this year, I want to give my gratitude to all the special people that make the days of my life from my birth to date Happy....

this is what these two animals started doing 22 years ago and created a beauitful MONSTER, that became a Prince : )

Lets get the party started MUSIC...


  MOM, DAD thank you for always giving me that glimmer of hope to survive. It's hard to be who I am and you so easily open your arms every time I shut you out. I will always cry, you never turned your back on me, Happy you birthed me.... Aunt Najla (second mom) thank you for always giving me your stack of mail to read and most for all you do. Zeid oldest brother, times you forget we are brothers not father and son but I have you to thank for always protecting me. Dee thanks for all you do. Matthew pay attention in school so you don't end up a fool!   Rosamarie you keep me normal lol!  RANA you have always tended to all my struggles and have been my role model, thanks for listening to me whine over & over as I sat in Burger King crying about being different lolol. Tony I am stopping by for free pizza you are the best! Christian, Francesca, Nadia and Bella you better put the Xbox and dolls away and read a book. KUSAY I am laughing: only you can trick our aunts into throwing you 2 birthday parties in one year, then blowout my Bday candles, thanks for letting me know you need more attention ,sucker!You taught me to always put in 100% and when anybody gives me 50% take it  and add it to my 100, then keep it moving. Jane you are a fresh breath of air thanks for everything you do, Olivia, Angelian , Eliana  sharing is caring, can't wait for the new addition. JOHN I don't have the words. You are truly a blessing and happy you get spoiled,you deserve it!!! LINDA, LINDA, LINDA I can't say your name enough.My life would be a volleyball deflated without you in it, you inspired me to bounce in the palms of the world LOVE YOU. Suhair you taught me to belly dance and command my stage..  Now I have an audience. Josephine you are a blooming flower! Nareen really? really?, yes really! I thank you for all your support, who got class? we got class : )  Rita (Japanese voice) I like the Rita we have  lot common lol. To all my aunts, uncles and cousins thanks for all the love. You all keep me in function in a world filled with  cruelty as people project their dysfunction on to those that are not against them...

Get out of your seats readers and pour some sugar on me!!


Love my family!!!

Ines and Loli all I got to say is "wet willies call me a cab because I am hanging with 2 sexy animals "btw me and you ain't nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel. YOU NEED TO GO Ines haha. George I swear to my mother you are GR1 for life... Khaled I will be there in ten mins, 5 hours later the lights will always been on for Macintosh electric. Anni get your gun and fire back, no one puts you in a corner. Carlos little that, little that, little that, only you and I understand, yes, yes, yes, in and out. Carlene the divorce is final but I am still your George. I just moved next door. Racheal 1st it was the colored pencils, Costa Rica was a blast, now you are grands of sand blowing in the wind only you can pick which island you want to land in. I will always be an ocean of water for you to soak in ( when ever you are ready Ray Ray) June Bug I wish every month was JUNE, you are hot as the sun. Amy lite the hookah because I am a hooker for your honesty. Yara tit for tat but we will always be even when you cook me dinner. KIMRITA the sun rises the sun sets, at night the moon lites, you will always be a light that glows for me to see in the dark, love you ... Jamie and Melony only if it's wine can you be mine, special thanks to my drunk saving grace Jamie.  To the best Freaking Publicist in the WORLD Donnetta Campbell I love YOU for ever and ever, you are amazing. Hummedia news, how lucky am I to have a whole team of positive, loving supports . Trevor and Nick: NYC finest officers, you rock, hand cuffs please.

Time to dance with me and my crew!! Nobody's Drama will Bother me.


Diana Ross smoking hookah with her body guards hahahah

Ken Downing you may be the most Influential person in fashion but I have the most influence on you haha!! Joking or not : ) thank you for carrying me as I cried out of fashion. You helped see my true passion. Randy Jones lights, camera, action can't wait to shoot the film. Jeff told me I can ad-lip all I want, you know what that means, Ovey. Jeff thanks for noticing my great presence on  camera. Rob Shuter you are a blessing in disguise Mr. Naughty but Nice. Vanity Society you inspire me to always be true to myself.

Living my dream, everybody dance.


my world LINDA!!!

Mariah Carey your music has helped me make it through the rain and the few talks we had will always shine like the sun... BTW I loved my 5sec in glitter. I stood on my mark real well and refuse to move when you wanted air but still I sparkle lolol!! Sorry Mimi... Kelly Rowland all I got to say is you are a Grown Ass Woman and it shows. I don't think they can handle us Kelly.


Kelly told ya she was gonna bump like this, like this!!!

There is always a hater or haters at every party and mine is no different, so let me give credit, where credit is do. My poor dear haters! I use your negative energy to abuse my talent.  Thank you for helping me prevail as I stand in my glory. Here is my hat for you to wear as you wait in the ER for the doctor to evaluate your mental processing but please don't fill your mental illness prescription...I need you to keep hating! In Peace! MEOW!
To all my female Haters join me for a slowdance, this is dedicated to you.


Dr. Nareen my backbone

To all my male Haters pull out a cigar, this one is for you.


Happy Happy Happy

To all my lesbian, gay and transsexuals Haters take your pointy finger and point all your 100%  negativity on me, this is for you.


Happy, Happy, Happy

Me and my publicist thank you for taken me from famous into infamous, after all GOD did say to keep you all close : ) Miss me, kiss me, have your last dance with me.


I wish to keep my wish a secret : )


To all my readers thanks for letting me be your chaperon following me on my writing trip, finding my place as a writer.This has been a very exciting year for me and I am grateful to you all. I  have learned that words can stick, creative writing can confuse and readers will always take what I write and find a way to personally observe it. I want you to know I look for flaws and appreciate. Impeccable you and I will never be, religion, society impact our lives in ways where we can become enemies. I am happy to read all my emails from you readers, letting me know that my writing is encouraging, uplifting and all enjoyable. I use my talent to embrace others. I understand that entertainment is different pieces of a puzzle and I refuse to fit a piece of negativity but I am puzzled at people that team up to destroy  any-ones talent. I hope all people can look deep within themselves and find goodness they can share with the world. Be Happy!!! I am!!!
Now a poem for all of you!!!

I have had glory days and some stormy nights. Sometimes my passion turned into pain, and sometimes life felt just like rain, cause you never know, when it's gonna fall down on you. I know what it feels like to stand with faith but feel like it's doubt and sometimes I wondered if I would ever get out of other people's shadow when I never stood in their way, sometimes life hurts but ya gotta know it's all gonna come back around. I have never been scared to share my name with the world. Nobody makes my mind up. I was one step below invincible and I fought it and almost threw it all away but still  you and I remain the same " special" Last dance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuFKv7__G08

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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