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Orianthi: Michael Jackson's Guitar Prodigy to Perform at @MBCharities Benefit Tonight CT/NY/MA Fans

By David Rabadi

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Today I bring you an interview from Orianthi - a rising superstar guitarist and the musical prodigy of Michael Jackson.  Only 24 years old, the talented Orianthi has opened concerts for her idol the guitarist Steve Vai, traded solos with the Latin legend Carolos Santana, performed with Carrie Underwood and shared the stage with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.  After listening to her music, I can say that Orianthi has infused her music with the same skill and charisma of each of those superstars. 


ut in addition to making music, Orianthi uses her talent to do good.  This Tuesday, June 21, Orianthi will perform at the Michael Bolton Charities Celebrity Concert to benefit women and children at risk.   Come witness this powerful performance as and join me as I report from the show.  You can get my VIP Splash Discount by putting in the “MBC” Code at the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts site (Bushnell.com). 


Here is my Q&A with the giving, beautiful and very talented Orianthi.


DAVID: The music industry is filled with drama and stereotypical artists. Still,

you cut through the hype and found your own fit. What inspiration has

made you into the one-of-a-kind artist that you are today?


ORIANTHI: The reason why I started playing electric guitar was because of Carlos

Santana. He is such an amazing player and he doesn't fit into any box. He also

has a very positive message in his music.


DAVID: How old were you when you realized you had a talent for music? When was it you decided to pursue music as a career?


ORIANTHI: I knew I wanted to be a musician when I was 6 and when I first picked up my guitar and played along with Elvis and Roy Orbison. I wrote my first song when I was 7 and  it was called "Spin Your Jackets Around".


DAVID: Everybody in the music industry or who is trying to get in it can

acknowledge just how much work really goes into building a successful music

career. How do you feel about people with record deals that are all auto tune

compared to people such as yourself that have an authentic voice?


ORIANTHI: I think some people are born to Entertain. They just have those

personalities and they are great at it. Their forte isn't singing so they use

auto tune, etc... But they have a lot of talent in entertaining.


DAVID: There are many new music platforms that are in their infancy and the

industry is in transitional state of learning what exactly the "new music

industry" is. Can you share what a singer needs to succeed in this day and



ORIANTHI: You have to think outside the box. The world is changing every day, the

music industry is so different but I think the more creative you are the better.


DAVID: What is the ultimate message you want to convey through your music?


ORIANTHI: I like to write tunes to move people with the melodies. I really enjoy

writing but being able to play shows and bring people together is such a great



DAVID: Constantly you are referred to as 'Michael Jacksons Prodigy' and you have

the musical talent to reinforce that title. What was your relationship with him

like? Also, what were the most powerful lessons he taught you?  How did he inspire you?


ORIANTHI: It was such dreams come true working with MJ and I am truly grateful

for the time I had with him. I learned so much! He wanted us to reach higher and

do our best all the time; he had a very encouraging energy!


DAVID: How did you get involved in helping the Michael Bolton Charities?


ORIANTHI: Michael Bolton is such an amazing singer and he invited me to play on

his tune "Steel Bars" and I had a lot of fun doing that. I think it is so great

when artists use their voice to help other people and it is really great to be a

part of the benefit.


DAVID: What are your relationships with other artists involved if any?


ORIANTHI: I met Delta Goodrem a while ago when we played together at “Stand Up To Cancer”. She is super talented and is an Aussie so it's great to see her again and be a part of the show.


DAVID: What can the audience expect to hear from you Tuesday night?


ORIANTHI: Lots of guitar solos! ;)


 DAVID: Women’s and Children’s charities- what inspired you to help this cause with

so many others to choose from?


ORIANTHI: It’s such a great feeling being able to play shows for a great

cause to help people in need.  If we all try to help one another the world will

be a much better place.


DAVID: You’re making music that makes a difference in social good- how does that

make you feel?


ORIANTHI: Great. I hope to inspire and help people with my music.


DAVID: Should all artists do the same- find their cause and help out?


ORIANTHI: Yes definitely finding causes and making your fans aware to help out

is such a great idea.


DAVID: What are your next projects coming up?


ORIANTHI: Working on my next album right now and it should be out very soon! It's

going to be more rock/blues.


DAVID: What are you last words to all the readers?


 ORIANTHI: Thank you for your support. peace and love.


See you all TONIGHT at the Bushnell Theater! And follow her http://www.orianthi.com/



Published on Jun 20, 2011

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