Dancing with the Stars Sensations "Delta Goodrem & Michael Bolton" Play Hartford Tonight!

With a name inspired by Joe Cocker’s rock-pop hit, “Delta Lady,” perhaps Delta Goodrem was destined to make music.  She started playing piano at age 7, was signed to Sony Records by age 15, and now, at age 26, has outnumbered the Beatles in record sales for Australia.  A true talent, Delta pens her own songs in the singer-songwriter tradition – a feat that has won her eight number one singles and three number one albums in the Land Down Under.  In addition to her musical success, she’s also acted in several films and the Australian soap opera Neighbors.  She logs an impressive 4 million fans on her website Delta-daily.com, where you can keep up with her latest news. 


American audiences can catch Delta tonight at the Bushnell when she performs as part of the Michael Bolton Charities Concert to benefit women and children at risk.  Read our Q & A below to learn more about Delta.


Is it true you write and sing your own songs?


Yes, I have always written or co-written my own songs.

What is being the Artist of the Decade in Australia? What are your hopes for the US?


Apparently it means I've sold more albums than anyone in Australia in the last 10 years which I still find incredible and such an honour. I would love to do the same thing in America as well!  My hopes are to be able to share my music with Americans and eventually tour there.


You have 4 million fans on Delta-daily.com - an overwhelming number for an artist? How did you feel when you first saw that jaw dropping number?


Yes incredible and very overwhelmed.   My fans are the best in the world and very supportive.

I expect from what I see those numbers will continue to RISE!  

Thank you!

What is the ultimate message you want to convey through your music?

I like to hope people will find their own messages in my music - that's all I can hope.

Who inspired you?


No one person inspires me but lots of people around me - sometimes every day people I meet in the street. I'm inspired by many things - the universe and everything inside of it.

How did you get involved in helping the Michael Bolton Charities?


Michael asked me to perform at his charity event and of course I am honoured. I'm very involved in charities back home (Patron of the Kinghorn Cancer Centre) and also I'm an UN worldwide ambassador as well.

I am assuming it was your sizzling performance on Dancing with the Stars with him that lead to this! The 21 million viewers were fixated on you from all I have read. You are certainly beautiful inside and out- tell us your thoughts on inner beauty?

Laughter - and I'm very healthy. And I exercise well!

What can the audience expect to hear from you Tuesday night?

The new single from Michael's album.

What are your next projects coming up?


I'm currently finishing my album that will be out worldwide later this year.

What are your last words to all the readers?

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you all Tonight at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT. Love and Light, Delta xxx

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