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  I meet a lot of people in this industry, I make a connection with some, others, I disconnect the phone when they call me. This guy   David (AKA ROCKSTAR) the name I gave him, yes I want my credit, Rockstar is soo funny, David Rabadi is a little cocky, Correction, a lot funny, all sexy and seriously misunderstood.
Sit back, enjoy the interview, and let’s see what it’s like in the life of DAVID RABADI (AKA ROCKSTAR)

David Rabadi Writer, Designer

Mecca Global: How are you Rock Star?

David :I am so vain I probably think this interview is about me...oh wait it is.  I am good except for the clouds in my coffee minding the sky's business... lol Very flattered you blowing wind in my business.

Mecca Global: Yes, it’s only right to get in your business, since you got all in my business when you interviewed me for your  Magazine. (Sidebar, where is my interview?) I don’t see it posted on your online magazine yet?) ANYWAY!  Congratulations on becoming one of the most talented entertainment writer's around. What is the secret to your success?

David:  I have a hunger for authenticness, I think I just made up a word. David Laughs (Ha-Ha)Anywrite, authentic encounters are rare I decided I wanted to write mine. There are two types of people in the world...the ones that read and the ones that write. You know this Miss Author. I'm the story teller type of guy who has to be told. And there are two types of readers... ones that understand my vocabulary and the ones that need a D I C shnary cause my fuse got them confused : ) 
Mecca Global : You a mess, already! Mecca laughs (Ha-Ha) You  write poems, screenplays, act, and direct. How do you find the time to decade to all that?

Carlene Junjulas & David Rabadi Fashion Designers

David: I am a mess clean me up, Time is not found its present. I utilize it. I can be in a club, train or just walking the streets and the second I am inspired to write a poem the black berry comes out. In regard to acting and directing I wrote myself out of the scene to allow myself to grow and now re-writing my scene to directly act it all out.

David Rbadi & Vannessa Williams

Mecca Global : I noticed you use lyrics to songs in some of your interviews even in your answers to my questions. Sounds like music is a part of you. Why don't you involve yourself creatively with music?

David : Oh this question gives me something to sing about la la la.
Music is a big part of my life. As a child I grew up with four siblings and a bunch of cousins and everyday was a party. As I grow older, I found music to be my escape that lead me into a fantasy world that one day I knew I would create a reality; although according to Simon Cowell I am not a great singer but neither are half the people with record deals... "HI PAULA". Recently I have been approached by music producers to revise my poems into lyrics for songs.. I'm still singing the idea!

Mecca  Global:  You crazy! (Mecca laughs) Ha-ha. We need to write music together. You are fearless how did you become so?

David: My family, but mostly my mom & sister have instilled in me at a very young age to always be kind and never let anyone alter my being. The second I hold back means I'm feeling fear and my sister always says "less of you brings fear, but all of you makes you fearless"... When she speaks I drop the f and become all ear.

Mecca Global :True. Speaking of family do you ever plan to marry? Are you involved with anyone special?

David: I have no plans to stand by the alter, but if I do meet the right person I am all groom for it!
I have a very special person in my life, her name is Linda. We both refer to each other as soul mates. It seems odd to people to know we are cousins, but the bond we share is beyond any number they can count too and numbers are like age up never down, when one is down the other picks up! Making us even.

Mecca Global: Don’t you want to be in a relationship?

David : um.. When you look my way I'm a flirt, when you turn face I'm a flirt  shorties end up buzzing all in  my face  time for me to migrate, because my jeans show my poker face and my next relation drops the ship to benefit going home back to my place. Just being funny! As there is truth to all jokes…(David Laughs) Ha-Ha.. I do want to be in a relationship… but no one seems to know how to sink my ship… they drown from the motion that is in my ocean… : )

Mecca Global : LMAO!!! Moving right along ,You're in great shape what foods do you deprive yourself from?
David: ME, deprive myself from food?!..(David Laughs) Ha-Ha. That is the funniest question only if my family was here... I eat everything from cold pizza to two day left overs, just this passed Sunday I celebrated the Orthodox Easter, and I was in chocolate bunny haven indulging in my 8 nices and nephews easter basket.. As they rated me out to my siblings love those little rascals "Mom I blame you for my junk food fetish me and my siblings were the only kids in catholic school without a lunch box. We all carried brown paper bags with freaking hummus on pita. I use to beg my mom for a damn buttered roll and bravo chips. But "I love ya mom"..only healthy food for her offspring. I admit I should enter a junk food rehab (too much cheese makes you doodel) love my cruch.

Mecca Global: I’m showing her this interview (Mecca Laughs)  Ha-Ha I love  you’re your energy David, seriously, even at work passing in the hallways, every time we see each other, we always cracking up!  I love positive energy from people, bubbly, How do you deal with people that are negative towards you?

David : A lot of how I live my life comes from my middle eastern culture... Always respect yourself and others even when they have cross the line.. there is no reason to line up with them. I don’t deal with negative I react to it then seal it!

Mecca Global: What makes you uncomfortable?

David : I am comfortable with myself and the reality of my life. I have surpassed anyone or thing that can make me uncomfortable. I do however become curious at times when people have the need to F with me. Now that is not them projecting negativity but their own insecurities. Insecurity has the word security and we all know security comes with a concealed weapon. Where I come from if a mofo F’s with you? Say hello to my little friend ( fist in your face ) At least that's what my brothers do. I on the other hand resort to their portrait. If they don't get the picture! My picture is in their membrane... I kick them all to the curb like  Beckham

Mecca Global: (Mecca Laughs) Ha-Ha I have never laughed so much in an interview. Off the record, and on the record when the tape recorder running!  As you know, I laugh a lot!  I got my silly side. But when I’m interviewing, I try to keep it to a minimum.  You need to do standup comedy. Because I’m thinking about something else you said before just popped in my mind!  Have you ever thought about that, doing stand up?

David: I hear that everyday... live from MSG David Rabadi Raw and Kathy Griffin has to be my opening act!...Love that bitch.

Mecca: You are unique and obvious to me very people friendly. You must have a lot of close friends?

David: My personality is unique if I dare to say due to the fact my name is, my name is David Rabadi (macho KING bitch) excepting of everyone. I never judge people anyone that has encountered me can pull out the blue print and drawing to reveal that I have always celebrated them. In the mist of me tolerating their egos. I tripple jump blessed to have a great family and a dozen of close friends in which stand by me, when the night falls, they are the moon light I need.

Mecca:Where do you get your inspiration from ?

David: My inspiration comes from the silent expression men desire to release.

David Rabadi & Very Good Friend Ken Downing Neiman Marcus Vice President

Mecca Global: This has been a lot of fun. My cheeks hurt from all the laughing. Anything you want to say to the readers before you go?

David: Be YOU!!! When the world gets in your face, say have a nice day…
Mecca Global: You got it already! I was about to say (Mecca put’s her fist to David’s face)  (David laughs & Put’s his fist back to Mecca’s Face) Ha-Ha. Thanks for taking time out of your busy Schedule to sit down and chit chat with me Rockstar. Did you see the picture we took in the elevator, the day I was going to Benny Negro’s  show to do the interview, when you were supposed to come with me!! Uh-Hmmmm (Mecca Clears her throat)
David You left me! That guy came in the BMW, to pick you up, you just forgot about me (David Laughs)  Ha-ha... Oh Sheila let me love you down, remember that song one of my passengers dedicated to you, but really for me.
Mecca Global : Blew my spot up! Now how you know I wanted everybody- Nothing never mind (Mecca Laughs) Ha-Ha. This concludes our interview. By Babes!
David: Later Mecca

David Rabadi is in the process of making a big change all around the world. Keep sailing Captain in , writing, and directing all you’re acting. Thank you for your effect….. I am still smiling!!!! Sinking into your ship! : )

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