Lax On Shutdown November 1, 2013 - Gunman Shoots TSA Officer at LAX Injuring Others in Terminal 3

LAX on shutdown due to a  gunman shooting TSA officer at LAX injuring others in Terminal 3.

At approximately 9:20 am on November 1, 2013, helicopters began circling LAX, hours later hundreds of police cars lights blaring  enroute to lax.  Gunman Paul Ciancia shoots and kills TSA agent in terminal 3 at LAX.  746 flights affected 46 diverted travelers scampering to safety. Traffic in a frenzy all due to LAX on shutdown. Safety precautions in effect while investigations ensue. 

The community comes together offering their cellphones some on their last few battery cells for strangers to call their loved ones even offering their last drops of water. 

CNN along with other media outlets immediately on the scene including TMZ obtaining video of the tragic event from a passenger that recorded it on their cellphone. Casey Wian CNN Correspondent and other news media outlets interviewing affected tourists and passengers on the scene.  Police swiftly contained the area allowing some terminals to reopen.

Casey Wian, CNN Correspondent on the scene at LAX Shooting Terminal 3

Casey Wian, CNN Correspondent on the scene at LAX Shooting Terminal 3

Stills by I.O.T Photography/

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