Landfill Harmonic Hollywood Premiere - AFI FEST Day 4 Screening of Landfillharmonic

AFI FEST Day 4 screening of "Landfill Harmonic" Premiere was held at the historical Egpytian Theate 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA on November 8, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.  Landfill Harmonic  is a heartfelt documentary that will change your life, you will never again look at trash quite the same. It takes true meaning to "one mans trash is another mans treasure"

A special surprise to see the entire ensemble perform live after the screening all the way from Caterua, Paraguay. When asked how can someone purchase one of the instruments Favio Chavez answers "They have a different meaning to them. The instruments are trash.  They are of no monetary value they are  priceless".  

The ensemble has had the privilege to open for the group Megadeth. Favio Chavez (Recycled Orchestra Director) has taught the students to appreciate music from all over the world and conducts the music to fit there skills.  There are approximately now 200 students at the school in Paraguay and the donations from the tour raise money for student/family housing in their community.  The goal is to make for a better way of living.

"Culture is a basic human need.  Music can change lives.  And even when we live in the most unfavourable conditions, we must never stop dreaming.  To have nothing is not an excuse for doing nothing." -Favio Chavez, Recybled Orchestra Director.  To become a sponsor please visit
Twitter: @landfillharmonic

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