The People's Climate March - Reports from the Front

On April 29th people in many places attended the People’s Climate march.  Below are first hand accounts from the Chicago and Washington, D. C. marches.  Interestingly, climate impacted marchers in Denver where heavy snow cancelled that march.


Marchers from the North Shore head to the Chicago march.


Go Green Wilmette- ready to go

Many people from Go Green Wilmette and other suburbs boarded the Metra train to attend the People's Climate March. They joined up with people from Go Green groups from Glencoe, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Lake Forest and Northbrook. The rainy weather definitely impacted the turn out for the event but there was still a large crowd of environmental protectors at Federal Plaza. The crowd marched to Trump Tower before heading home to dry out and warm up. Other Go Green members traveled to Washington DC and joined more than 200,000 marchers at that event.


Beth Drucker

Photo: courtesy of Go Green Wilmette


On the Mall

Observations from Washington, D. C.


The lineup was broken into different sections each representing a different cause- I joined near the front in the sanctuary section.


-The crowd was very large, diverse in age, race and gender and consisted of people from all over the country and world. In addition to the climate, a variety of other issues were represented, including indigenous rights, black lives matter, women's rights and immigrant rights. 


Congress shall pass

- The mood was easy going and joyful - it felt like a parade. There were a number of community groups and organizations with matching signs and shirts. There were a lot of families and parents with children. 



- People carried signs, banners, puppets, kites, parachutes, and musical instruments. Some of the marchers picked up trash as they walked. Chants included "Welcome to your hundredth day, Donald Trump go away!" "Welcome to your hundredth day, we will not go away!" "What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!"  


- The crowd was loudest when we passed the Trump international hotel, which was barricaded with police and employees watching from behind the fences. The crowd loudly boo'd and chanted "Shame"



- The entire route was lined with supporters watching, chanting and holding signs. At one point there was an anti abortion protester with large banners and a bullhorn. Women chanted "my body, my choice" to drown him out. I did not see any other counter protesters. 


- Once we reached the White House, we made noise by chanting and clapping. Many people, including myself, broke away from the march at this point and cooled off in the shade of the park



- There were a number of people outside the White House - on the lawn and in the driveway. I couldn't see who they were but they appeared to be staff/family members dressed casually


- The day was very hot and the crowd was sweaty, sunburned and in good spirits - I did not notice any police presence other than at the Trump hotel and at the White House. 


Meaningful sign

More information about the People's Climate March

Colin Murphy

Photos:  Colin Murphy


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