Going Green Matters 2017 Review - One People, One Planet. We're All in This Together

Going Green Matters is a Community Environmental Fair presented by Go Green Wilmette and the Village of Wilmette which took place on March 12 at the Michigan Shores Club- its 11th year.  I was among the throngs of people who attended what one attendee described as “the best fair yet”.  The theme this year, “One People, One Planet.  We’re all in this together” featured more than 100 exhibits focused on helping attendees find smart solutions when trying to be green.


Step Inside

There were over 1,000 attendees, 300 exhibitor representatives, and more than 130 volunteers.  And it appeared that “a good time was had by all”.


Plastic bags are problems

Event highlights included: GeoSphere, Environmental Graphiti Art Exhibit, Auction Items, Model Sustainable Home, Electric & Hybrid Cars Exhibit (in Gillson Park), Interactive Eco-Zone, Native Plant Sale, Go Green Café, Raffle Prizes, Bike Collection (bikes for contribution to Working Bikes).  There was so much more.


Directing Wilmette's Park District


Go Green Wilmette President, Beth Drucker, could be seen everywhere, welcoming people, discussing issues of concern and offering solutions to problems.  And volunteers were also everywhere.  No matter which way I looked, there were people.  They were sharing information, giving out goodies of some kind, asking questions, and everyone was learning something new.


Environmental Graphiti Art by Alisa Singer


Carbon in the atmosphere


Nature Conservancy


Free LED light bulbs donated by sponsors ComEd and Lightech were offered for visitors to take as they left the fair and impressively, for every light bulb distributed, Go Green Wilmette is donating a matching bulb to low-income households in Chicagoland.


Beth Drucker behind the model house



Go Green Cafe


The attractive and well-designed program was not only informative as guests entered the fair but a really valuable guide at home.  One can find information about all of the exhibitors but just as important are tips about what you can do and continue to do to make your environment greener.


Going green mateers


Our National Parks


I have to admit that my favorite activity was the GeoSphere.  Before entering, it felt like the airport- shoes off.  Inside, it feels like the center of the earth.  Information focused on rising waters. The presentation was so well done. I was fascinated to learn that The Geographic Society of Chicago offers this captivating activity for schools and civic groups.  And they are a part of National Geographic. 





The Native Plant Sale is a bonus for me.  I can order the plants and pick them up in May. In the past the tiny plants I picked up grew to healthy, much larger native plants in my garden. The artwork based on carbon in the atmosphere was amazing and very beautiful.


Color of the weather



See Greenland?, Photo: James Lamb

Globes were scattered everywhere reminding visitors that we are one planet.  I was so busy inside that I never got to see the 16 electric & hybrid card and I really intended to do that.  Hopefully, I will have a chance to see most of the new ones next year.



Everyone looking up, Photo: James Lamb

If one is looking for green landscaping, help with native plants, edible gardens, recycling, composting, decluttering, saving energy and much more, don’t miss the next Going Green Matters.  It is a wonderful way to learn while having a great time.


From inside the earth, Photo: James Lamb

More information at the Go Green Wilmette website



Photos: B. Keer unless otherwise noted.


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