Chicago Cubs Victory Parade Review — The Curse Has Been Broken

Fans have waited 108 years for this moment to come. After games that went long into the night and nail biting final innings, Chicago Cub fans have never once lost faith in their favorite baseball team. And finally, all the late nights and cheering has paid off as the Chicago Cubs were named the 2016 World Series Champions on Nov. 2, 2016.

My brother and I in all of our Cubs gear

Throughout the series, the city of Chicago has been a constant viewing party, even when games are out of town. It’s been 48 years since the Chicago Cubs last played in the World Series, but 108 years since they last won. That means their last championship title was made in 1908. Many of our parents or grandparents weren’t even born and the city of Chicago, and America as a whole, was a very different place than it is today.

“It was really cool to see all of the excitement and energy that everyone had about one thing,” Genna Clemen, Drake University student visiting Chicago for the parade, said. “Usually, people in the city are all doing their own thing, but it was neat to see so many people gather all for the same reason, that being the Chicago Cubs victory.”


Fans took to higher grounds along the streets in order to see their favorite players pass by

Chicago is one of the greatest cities for sports (and many other reasons, of course) because of how loyal its fans are, which is why the Cubs victory parade, which took place on Nov. 4, 2016, was expected to be one of the largest gatherings in history. In fact, it was ranked the 7th largest gathering of people in history. The streets were flooded with red, white and blue and screams of “Go Cubs Go.” The iconic W flag was flown everywhere and worn with honor.

Genna Clemen, myself and Rachel Wermager arriving at the parade in a sea of people

And the people were not the only ones draped in blue, the Chicago River was dyed “Cubbie Blue” to further the celebration. Typically busy streets jam-packed with cars were closed to accommodate the thousands of fans. Walking down the streets of Chicago felt as if you were a part of the beginning of the parade. Some fans wanted to get a better view and deiced to climb atop streetlights, bus shelters, walls and medians along the streets.

“Going into this experience not being an active Cubs fan, I still really enjoyed the excitement,” Rachel Wermager Drake University student visiting Chicago for the parade, said. “The atmosphere was contagious no matter if you were a die-heart Cubs fan or just there for the experience. One of the best aspects of the parade was the sense of community and seeing people from all walks of life come together for one love.”

Fans crowding the carless streets

The parade began at Wrigley Field and made its way via Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue to Grant Park where a rally for players and fans was scheduled. Players waved to fans atop double decker buses and were greeted with cheers and tears. At the rally, players, like Anthony Rizzo, spoke on behalf of the team and his teammate, David Ross, who is retiring and completed his career with one of the greatest wins in history. 

Street performers entertained fans while waiting for the parade to start

The celebration did not stop at the parade and rally. Fans enjoyed dancing and listening to the beats from “bucket boys” and enjoying the acts from other street performers. Fans were also able to enjoy a beautiful day in the city and seek out all the Cub decorated icons.

Even the lions outside of the Art Institute were dressed for the parade

It felt as if the entire state of Illinois traveled to Chicago to celebrate this historic win and share the excitement of the legendary Chicago Cubs curse of the goat being broken after 108 years. A huge thank you to the Chicago Cubs players and management team for an amazing season. 


Photos: Giovanna Zavell


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