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The Edgewater Theatre District 

Chicago is known nation-wide for its iconic storefront theatre – where you’ll walk into an intimate 50-100 seat theatre and experience award-winning knock-your-socks off acting and theatrical design in an innovative, jaw-dropping production. With close to twenty theatre companies based in Edgewater, the neighborhood is a hotbed for the type of theatre that’s put Chicago on the map, and this summer it’s getting even easier to explore the Edgewater Theatre District!

Steep Theatre ’ s Wastwater . Photo credit: Brandon Wardell

Introducing: The Edgewater Theatre District Passport!

Just like a coffee shop punch card, the Theatre District Passport can be stamped each time a Passport-holder sees a play at a participating Edgewater theatre, and after five stamps the sixth play will be free! Passport cards will be available at all participating theatres, and the attendees at EdgeFest (August 6-7) can be the first to get their hands on a Passport by visiting the Theatre District’s festival lounge. The Theatre District Passport will help Edgewater residents and visitors alike explore the neighborhood’s incredible theatre scene.  

From theatre for young audiences, to literary adaptations, to side-splitting comedy, to edgy contemporary drama, the Edgewater Theatre District has something for everyone, and with nearly twenty theatres in one neighborhood, a great play is never far away. Just like the neighborhood, Edgewater’s theatres are friendly, down to earth, and incredibly affordable. Most theatre tickets in Edgewater cost less than a movie, and all offer an unforgettable experience.

Barrel of Monkeys ’ That's Weird, Grandma . Photo credit: Beth Bullock Photography

The Edgewater Theatre District is collaboration between the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and the nearly 20 theatres that call Edgewater home. Learn more at the edgewater theatre website.

Participating Theatres

Artemisia Theatre 
Babes With Blades Theatre Company
Barrel of Monkeys
CityLit Theater 
Idle Muse Theatre Company
Jackalope Theatre 
Li’l Buds Theatre 
No Stakes Theatre
Otherworld Theatre
The pH Comedy Theater
Quest Theatre Ensemble
Raven Theatre Ensemble
(re)discover theatre
Redtwist Theatre 
Rivendell Theatre 
Steep Theatre 
Stockyards Theatre Project 
Three Cat Productions


Artemisia's Chewing On Beckett . Photo credit: Kat Tushim

Thoughts from: Kate Piatt-Eckert, Theatre District Chair and Executive Director of Steep Theatre

After years of informal collaboration and resource-sharing, Edgewater’s theatres came together in the fall of 2015 to form the Edgewater Theatre District. The coalition was inspired and instigated by the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce and Alderman Harry Osterman’s office. One of the main goals of the Theatre District is to introduce more Edgewater residents to the incredible theatre offerings right in their back yard, and we hope the Edgewater Theatre Passport will do just that.


Edgewater has an incredibly robust, diverse, and accessible theatre scene, and audiences are traveling from all across the Chicagoland area to be a part of it. The theatres in Edgewater are extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful neighborhood, and we created the Edgewater Theatre Passport so that we can better share our stories and our theatres with our neighbors.

(re)discover theatre ’ s Farewell My Friend . Photo credit: Torey Byrne


The two things about Edgewater’s incredible theatre scene that really excite me are the diversity and quality of the programming and how completely accessible it all is. We have everything from theatre for young audiences to literary adaptations - from side-splitting comedy to fierce, edgy drama. There’s theatre for every taste and every mood right here in Edgewater, and the quality of the productions I see here is phenomenal. Some of Chicago’s best actors, directors, designers and technicians are making theatre right here. As an example - the 2015-16 Jeff Award for Best Ensemble was a tie between two Edgewater theatres - Raven and Steep. There really is amazing art being made right here in Edgewater. On top of all that, from the price to the atmosphere, there’s nothing standing in the way of seeing a great show. Ticket prices in Edgewater are incredibly affordable, and some theatres offer completely free tickets. Just like the rest of the neighborhood, Edgewater’s theatres are laid back and very comfortable. You can dress up and make a night of it, or you can pop over in jeans for a casual evening. It’s all about telling stories and sharing conversations, and all of the Edgewater theatres love welcoming new voices into those conversations.


Quest Theatre Ensemble ’ s A Christmas Carol . Photo credit: Braxton Black

I have this dream of the future where the answer to “what should we do tonight?”, “what should we do with friends from out of town?”, and “what is Edgewater known for?” is “THEATRE!” I want our neighbors to be proud of the incredible theatre district they have helped to create, and I hope that seeing a play in Edgewater will become as second nature as going to the farmers market, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying great locally owned shops and restaurants. Edgewater is an incredible community, and now more than ever, Edgewater means theatre.


Li'l Buds Theatre Company ’ s Penelope Pennyworth Girl Detective: Case of the Boogeyman . Photo credit: Abby Gillette

Rivendell Theatre ’ s Women At War . Photo credit: Michael Brosilow



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