Global Rhythms' ScrapArtsMusic Review – Spectacular

See ScrapArtsMusic!  Get to Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park Sunday, November 25, 2012 before 3:00 pm.  Do it and you will be happy you did – also energized and amazed.  This outstanding performance is in Chicago for only two days and is a wonderful opportunity.


Presented in conjunction with Global Rhythms and in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, CHRP (Chicago Human Rhythm Project) offers an opportunity to give back to Chicago nonprofits while increasing its exposure to new audiences through the Thanks4Giving program.  It is a win-win opportunity because patrons receive a 10 percent discount by mentioning one of as many as 50 participating Chicago-area nonprofit organizations, and CHRP shares 50 percent of the revenue from that sale with the selected organization. During the last seven years, Thanks4Giving has produced more than $120,000 in revenue for Chicago-based nonprofits.


ScrapArtsMusic was created by Gregory Kozak and Justine Murdy (artistic director and manager). It is an earth-friendly, Vancouver-based company that creates unforgettable percussion performances using kinetic instruments skillfully crafted from offbeat materials ranging from accordion parts to artillery shells. Advertised as “Five virtuosic musicians that deliver adrenaline-laced performances using over 145 invented instruments.”  Gregory Kozak shared that in addition to the percussive instruments currently part of these productions, he has created a series of string and woodwind instruments for future performances.


Attending this performance with Detroit Splash Magazine journalists, Marcia and Larry Ferstenfeld who had recently visited Vancouver, was a wonderful vehicle to demonstrate what Chicago does so well.  The performers Gregory Kozak (co-founder, artistic director, instrument designer, musician), Spencer Cole (musician), Christa Mercey (musician), Greg Samek (musician) and Malcolm Shoolbraid (musician) distinguished themselves in their individual and blended skills.  The energy of their performance was breathtaking.


In the seventy-minute performance without intermission, the audience was presented with vignettes that were whimsical, charming, humorous, and surprising. The instruments, which do amazing things, are green and amazingly creative.  They set music on its ear offering basic rhythms, and movement.  The choreography was outstanding as was the lighting.  We especially enjoyed the first number, which creates music with whirling objects, the balloon orchestra and the string instrument that used balloons to resonate its sound.  But each number emitted so much energy the audience was energized and exhausted.  A filled auditorium expressed their appreciation with a standing ovation.


I asked Gregory Kozak how to describe his instruments.  I agree with him when he said on just needs to experience them – descriptions are not meaningful.


In addition the dance group from Lane Tech High School, one of the recipients of the Thanks4giving monies, performed in the lobby of the Harris Theater.


Chicago Human Rhythm Project is developing ARC, a collaborative effort to foster community growth through rhythmic expression, in several phases. The aim is to offer diverse, high-quality dance and movement classes to the general public while centralizing the education programs, rehearsal space and administrative offices of several core groups, as well as additional emerging companies and independent artists.  The Global Rhythms performances of ScrapArtsMusic is amazing and a wonderful opportunity for Chicagoans to experience a unique combination of rhythm, movement and energy. 


Global Rhythms performances take place Saturday, November 24 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, November 25 at 3 p.m. at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance in Millennium Park, 205 E. Randolph Dr. Tickets are $15-55 and are available by calling 312-334-7777 or

Photos: Marcia Ferstenfeld unless otherwise indicated





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