Things to do when flying with Wi-Fi

Thank god for the Internet and all of the marvellous avenues it allows us to waste our time with! Well, waste is a very strong word, because in actual fact, what may be deemed as waste is actually a very productive and beneficial use of time when certain activities are performed in the right setting – this is where the miracle that is Wi-Fi really comes into play and allows us to access all manner of engaging activities from just about anywhere, at any time. Internet use was at one time restricted purely to our living rooms, but now, due to Wi-Fi, we can jump “on the line” almost anywhere in the world – including but not limited to aeroplanes! Here is a list of online activities you can engage in whilst soaring 20,000 feet in the air…


1.     Social media.


Flying is great. Going on holiday is great. Flying in general is arguably great…but do you know what? If it’s not face book official, it’s not happening. You might think going on holiday is enough reason to be more than a little happy with yourself, after all, you’re going to get a nice tan, see some amazing sights, and generally relax and chill out before the warm and wonderful setting of a gorgeous sunset laden beach. That is to say, it’s going to be wonderful provided you rub everyone else’s face in it, and if you don’t take a selfie or plane window shot at least three times during your journey, or catch a wonderful city skyline, then I’m afraid the entire holiday is null and void. See it, snap it, face book it.


2.     Bingo.


Spending money to make money is a great way to pas your time. If you win. Even if you don’t, you can play bingo sites with free sign up bonus money. No one can argue that online bingo is incredibly engaging and fun – plus, if you hate flying, it’ll take your mind off the traumatic experience, which is worth its weight in gold. In many ways, you can’t really lose when playing online bingo whilst flying due to the sheer volume of game types available and the thousands of people to chat to, just don’t bet more than you can afford…


3.     Wedding planning.


When you’re 20,000 feet in the air, what better opportunity could there be to plan your best friend’s wedding? Or your own? Provided you’re engaged first. If not, why not get engaged mid-flight? Then you can start planning afterwards! The ultimate aim would theoretically be to organise an engagement, a wedding plan, and then a wedding upon landing all within the same 24 hour period. If you’re hard core enough to face the challenge, please, please send the live video result our way…


4.     E commerce.


The good thing about e commerce is that unlike online gambling, you can sell anything from your old socks to your unwanted jumper on eBay or any other online market place whilst flying to your destination, and potentially, you might be a few quid richer when you land meaning more drinks and more food! Build a list of items to put on whilst you’re enjoying the mile high club and make productive use of your time.


These are just a few neat ideas to try whilst flying, but there are many more – study history, learn the native language of the country you’re about to visit (maybe one of the better options), or simply browse through search engine after search engine looking for the latest celebrity gossip. No matter what you choose, the chances are it’ll be better than being bored.  



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