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Peter Flooring arrives

As promised, Przemek and Michal from Peter Flooring, Inc. arrived punctually and went right to work.  I had put off having my floors refinished because I dreaded having this work done. It required the room being worked on be emptied of furniture, that noisy equipment be used, that wood dust would fill the air and a varnish smell would be very unpleasant.  However, when I received a great recommendation from a tradesman about Peter Flooring, Inc. (the man said that his mother used them for her floors), I decided the time had come to get the unevenness and discoloration removed from my hardwood floor.  When I called for my free estimate, I was assigned to Robert who set up an appointment.  I appreciated his consideration when he called to tell me he was on the way but would be late because he was stuck in traffic.   On his arrival, he was polite, efficient, and clearly knowledgeable.

Przemek and Michal arrive

He explained the advisability of replacing two boards and then explained the procedure that would be followed if I chose to have them repair and refinish my floor.  This included three operations - one day for preparation, sanding, sealing and then two days where very short procedures would be done. He also explained how soon the floor could be walked on, when furniture could be put back in place and so on. His knowledge and positive attitude were infectious and left me feeling much more confident about engaging in this project and I decided to go forward.

Dustless sanding

Because I keep a lot of plants in the room where the hardwood is located, I have apparently created the floor problems resulting from watering spills and the plants releasing a sticky substance. The floor needed help.  And Peter Flooring, Inc. came to the rescue, repairing and refinishing my floor.

Peter Gasinski, owner of Peter Flooring,Inc.

Peter Gaskinski is the owner of Peter Flooring, Inc.  He is a very pleasant man who came by to check out the work being done and to determine my choice for stain color and varnish shine.  According to my referral source, Peter has built his family operated company from scratch to one that offers reliable quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices.  His reputation and his work are known from Milwaukee to Detroit with work done primarily in the Chicagoland area.

My choice to use Peter Flooring, Inc. was encouraged by some of the following information:

The company has serviced residential and commercial customers for twenty years; use of modern equipment keeps sanding dustless; Pergo, cork and bamboo can be chosen; squeaks are removed; stairs are installed and maintained; custom hand scraping and distressing and wire brushing can be done by a highly skilled workforce.

Replacing one of the boards

On the first day, Prsemek and Michal efficiently extracted and replaced the two offending boards.  The sander was used next (so powerful it required a 220 line) to remove the old varnish.  Hand sanding and vacuuming the dust were part of the process and then a varnish was applied.  Not wanting an extremely shiny surface, Peter suggested I use a satin finish.  I was cautioned not to step on the floor for several hours and not to set anything on the floor.

Dustless sanding

Day two brought the arrival of Greg and Dominik.  They worked on the dry varnish, buffing, hand sanding and hand scraping uneven areas and then vacuuming before another layer of varnish was applied and left to dry.

Handscraping excess varnish for a smooth surface

On day three Dominik returned with Sergiy and buffed the floor, vacuumed and then wet moped the floor to remove any possible particles.  The last coat of varnish was applied.  As Peter explained, this varnish is especially formulated for floors when stain isn’t used.  Peter checked to make sure it the result was what I wanted.  It was.

Spreading the varnish

In the end, after I had help with the furniture, the dust was contained, the noise was minimal, and the smell no worse than paint, I wondered why I waited so long to get the floors refinished.  For one thing, I didn’t know about Peter Flooring, Inc. but now I do and you do, too.  My floor looks better than it did when first installed, and in the future whether I want new hardwood floors installed, or to refinish another floor I know where to call. And when I do call, a person answers, usually Kathy and questions are promptly answered.

Before and after-same spot

Peter Flooring, Inc.
4100 Plainfield Ave.
Chicago, Il 60034
Ph: 773.481.2244

Photos: Barbara Keer

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