King Khan! Meet Periscopes Rising Star!


It’s hard to not look up to Alex Khan. At 6’5” most people probably do. But, once you get past his movie star good looks, it’s pretty apparent that Alex has a real passion for social media and a real knack for communicating well online and off, despite his thick German accent that reminds you of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

 Alex Khan has taken the live video world of Periscope by storm and in less than a year reaches millions of eager users of the recently named, “App of the Year!” Over 230,000 followers of Alex Khan, with a steady percentage of them tuning into him daily for his latest tips and tricks on Periscope. I should know because I’m one of them!


Alex is considered the #1 Periscope consultant and recently spoke at the San Francisco Periscope Summit inspiring many of his followers like myself to collaborate with this social media strategist to boost their businesses to the next level!


Hailing from Munich, Alex studied business at LMU and during this time worked as the managing director and shareholder with the social media company AttractivePeople. 


After graduating, Alex left AttractivePeople and started his own social network company Modelome, which mainly focuses on the European market. Since its inception, Modelome has received over 80,000 application requests from all around the world.


Alex has a deep and clearly insightful involvement with social media and understands the behavior and psychology of community members. His skillset and strategies on all social platforms has enabled Alex to consult for companies like, AECOM, Abendzeitung, P1, LaBaracca and now a barrage of others from all over the world!


In 2013, Alex founded TrendU, the first mobile fashion marketplace in Germany that was exclusively for women. TrendU made it simple and fun for anyone to shop and sell the most fashionable closets. In the first year TrendU attracted more than 100,000 members with millions of mobile page views per month.


 In 2014, TrendU and Modelome were sold to companies in Germany and the Netherlands. In 2015 Alex worked as a shareholder and COO of Tradecal with offices in USA, Asia and Europe.


Alex now consults with even more companies and independent private parties on their social media needs. With 400 thousand followers on all of his social media channels and a new hashtag he created #WeKhan reaching millions in less than a week of its debut, its pretty apparent there is no slowing down for this man who is constantly on the move! 


For more on Alex Khan, please visit his website or follow him 


Alex Khan
#1 Periscope Consultant
Skype: periscopealex

More ways to stay in contact:
Snapchat: alexkhan1

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