Geno Chaviano. - co-founder of the HAVANA SAN JUAN Orchestra

Hello readers today I have the pleasure of speaking to an extraordinary man Geno Chaviano. He is a co-founder of the HAVANA SAN JUAN Orchestra, an 18 piece Big Band named after his family’s NYC nightclub in the 1960’s during the era of Mambo to Classic Latin Music. In addition, he produces live entertainment events and concerts with his company Da BRONX Productions. Geno is a board member of Voices Against Brain Cancer and founder of Jack’s KidZ, a non-profit foundation in honor of his late brother, Jack, for the support of inner-city youth. Here is the man of the hour Geno Chaviano


David: What inspired you to start the Havana San Juan Orchestra?


Genco: As I child growing up in the Bronx, sometimes on a Saturday of Sunday morning I would find my parents in the kitchen having breakfast with some of their friends who had performed the previous night @ HSJ such as Cachao,La Lupe, Tito Rodriguez, Jose Fajardo etc. As a kid I never realize these were legends in the forward my family has always been about tradition and the music which is the roots to all latin music is the music that came from the 50's-60's, so in honor of my family/culture I feel privilege and honor to keep this ALIVE!      



David: You are also a board member for Voices Against Brain Cancer and Jack’s KidZ. Why are these organizations important to you?


Genco: Well, VABC was founded by my soul-brother Mario Lichtenstein, who lost his son Gary to BC @ the young age of 24, at the same time I lost my Aunt OLGA Chaviano to this disease. JACK's KidZ is something very dear to my heart, my brother was only 21 yrs old when his life was taken from us when he went to help someone that was getting robbed. Because my parents always instilled education and sports, I started this foundation in his honor to help guide and nurture our young starting with the inner city KidZ....I will always feel the pain in my heart, but I also have the comfort that JACK my angel  will always protect and guide me from above. 


David: You have held positions in the film/entertainment. What are your goals in the entertainment industry?


Genco: I have been involved in the entertainment business for over 15 yrs from TV to FILM To LIVE, now New Media....

My goals is the apply my knowlege in  all facets to create, develop and produce high quality entertainment, starting with HAVANA SAN JUAN Orchestra tour with the goal of making it into a  play. then continue with a full feature film on my aunt OLGA Chaviano, one of Cuba's most famous Mambo dancer from the late 40's-50's. I also, co-own the rights to a documentary call LOS Magnificos, the story of the 11 Latino in the  Hall of Fame baseball players


David: What is the message you want to send out through your music?


Genco: It very simple the world has always enjoy the golden era of Cuba 1950's and its music then it came to the USA with its huge exodus of the early 60's, to be enjoyed all making one of our treasures,we MUST KEEP IT ALIVE! 

David: What are your last words to all the readers?


Genco: "G-d blessed me with a mission to fulfill, it's my honor and privilege to complete the task on hand then I can pass on to the next guy, so get your popcorn ready because the movie is about to'lante!"(forward motion) 


David: Genco thank you for your time and I wish you the best of luck. Readers I had the pleasure to hear Genco and the Havana San Juan Symphony Orchestra perform and they were amazing. I can't wait to hear them again on the 16th of June at the Hammerstein Ballroom for the Voices Against Brain Cancer event. Tony Danza will MC Featuring LOU GRAMM with special tributes to Bob Marley/Celia Cruz/George Harrison all accompanied by the 40 piece HAVANA SAN JUAN Symphony Orchestra directed by Louis Bauzo.




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