Rimon Winery Dessert Wine Review – Unique Kosher Wine from Pomegranates

Unique, healthy, succulent pomegranate

It is a kind of hobby of my husband, Leon, and mine to check new kosher wines as Passover approaches.  With each year there are so many from so many different places that it is surprising and exciting.  This year we learned of a wine that is very different from any others we were aware of.  This is the Rimon Winery Dessert Wine, (rimon is Hebrew for Pomegranate).  After we tasted it, Leon believed it to be, “the best dessert wine I’ve ever tasted”.

The only wine in the world made from 100% pomegranate

This is certainly going to be one of our choices, and we expect it to complement and complete the other Seder wines.  For anyone who finds Pomegranate pleasant as we do, this wine is exceptional and very unusual.  It smells a bit like Pomegranates and looks beautiful, a deep ruby red. It is smooth and tastes sweet and tart but not puckery.

 We agree with the “Tasting notes” that say it, “is a sweet, yet light wine, with fruity aromas and bright cherry flavors. Notes of chocolate and lush pomegranate flavors linger on the finish”.  The lingering taste was especially noticeable.  Recommendations are to serve it alone, with desserts and soft ripe cheeses.  We tried it with an intense 85% dark chocolate and it was indescribably delicious.  I may serve it with a flourless chocolate cake and can’t wait to see my guests’ reaction to it at the Passover Seder.

Rimon Winery’s pomegranate wine is different and unique because it is derived from a new variety of pomegranate developed by father and son Gavy and Avi Nachmias, owners of Rimon Winery.  The Nachimias family is a third generation farming family located in Israel’s Upper Galilee and they have cultivated a “super fruit” that is sweeter, deeper in color, and richer in vitamins and antioxidants than other pomegranate varieties.  These are the only pomegranates in the world that have enough natural sugars to produce wine on their own with no additives, and they are made by a process similar to that of grape-based wines.

The Nachimias family have cultivated a “super fruit” that is sweeter, deeper in color, and richer in vitamins and antioxidants than other pomegranate varieties

The following technical information may be of interest:
Varietal:          100% Pomegranate
Vintage:           2004
Appellation:     Upper Galilee, Israel
Alcohol:           15%
Residual sugar: 14.5%

According to Yoav Gilat, Managing Partner of Cannonball Wine & Spirits, exclusive US representative for Rimon Winery, “ Rimon Winery has perfected the art of making pomegranate wine.  It is gold medal winning have been very well received around the world and we are very pleased to finally be able to share them with American wine enthusiasts.  We think they’ll agree, they are some the most innovative and impressive wine products on the market today.”

Sweet, floral and delicious

Rimon is the first winery to create wines exclusively from a specially cultivated form of this very historic fruit, the pomegranate.  It is a symbol of health and beauty, prosperity and royalty, fertility and abundance and has been celebrated for centuries in the art, mythology, religious texts and literature of Jewish, Greek, Muslim, Christian and even Chinese and Egyptian cultures.   In addition to the wonderful flavor this wine offers, there is an additional bonus of vitamins and healing properties. Studies from the University of California and The Technion Institute of Technology in Israel reveal many positive benefits of pomegranates. What can be better than a delicious, kosher wine with health benefits?  It’s great for Passover but also just great. Suggested retail price is $28.00.

Visit www.rimonwines.com for further information.

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