Hadas Nuriel Fights the Good Fight

Hadas Nuriel is a young Israeli actress who has recently penetrated the Hollywood scene.  With a new feature film under her belt as well as a children's book and a number of other film and TV project, Hadas has a lot to be excited about.  We caught up with her recently at a Beverly Hills coffee shop.

Splash: You have an interesting story, how did you go from a life in the Israeli army to becoming an actress?

Hadas: Acting was a childhood dream for me, I wanted to, in a very childish way experience different things, to wake up in the morning and be someone else, travel places, do things I wouldn’t get to do having any other job. I served in the army for 3 years, It was one of the most educating, important experiences in my life, I have learn a lot about life, responsibility, sharing, hard working and how to never give up. I have no doubt it made me a better person and a better actress.

Hadas Nuriel (Photo by Marc Cartwright)

Splash: When did you finally move to America to pursue your acting career?

Hadas: I moved here seven years ago when I got accepted to a prestigious private acting academy in New York. I soon got cast in a number of plays there and I got the lead in a several short films that won some film festivals. Also did a few TV commercials and a feature film that might get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Splash: So what made you move to Los Angeles?

Hadas: I got invited by Theatre 68 here which was founded 14 years ago by actor, producer, Ronnie Marmo, best known for his role in General Hospital as well as many other great films and plays.  Ronnie is the artistic director of Theatre 68 and has been my friend and mentor for the past 3 years. He has been guiding and advising me with my career decisions.  I was also lucky enough to find west coast representation plus my older sister lives in L.A. which is an added bonus for being here.

Splash: What's been your favorite project to work on so far? 

Hadas: I had a leading role in a feaure called "Audition" directed by Matt Herron.  It's an exciting film that will be released in 2015 and may even find a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.

Hadas Nuriel (Photo by Lev Gorn)

Splash: That's impressive.  What else have you worked on recently?

Hadas: I was a lead in an experimental film called, "Sinner's Bag," focusing on behavior.  I had to tell the story using only my body and facial expressions. No dialog to rely on. It was challenging but extremely rewarding. The film got into a several reputable film festivals in New York and I am very proud of it.

 Splash: Tell us about your children's book.

Hadas: It's called "The Marshmellow Story."  It's based on a well know experiment that was performed in the 1960s about delayed gratification.  I found the concept intriguing and decided to write this book.  It's going to be released in April, 2015.  We just recently closed the publishing agreement for it.

Splash: I also heard a little rumor that you met Steven Seagal, Is it true? and how did that come about?

Hadas: It is true. A mutual friend introduced us, when Steven heard about my military experience and saw my photo.  He invited me to meet him at his house in Arizona.

Splash: What was he like?

Hadas: He is a very nice men, we talked for a while. We share the same birthday month so I brought him a little Israeli gift and he loved it.  We had a great meeting and I hope we will work together in the near future.

Splash: What are you working now?

Hadas: I am nominated in a film festival of writers and directors that will start around the holidays and I am also working on a TV series script with a well known successful hollywood writer.  I am very excited about that project, it is my baby and it is turning real and more amazing than I could have ever expected.

Splash: Where do you see your career 5 years from now?

Hadas: Acting, writing and producing my own work. I also would love to be a series regular on a TV show and have the experience of working on a character for an extended period of time.

Splash: What separates you from everyone else in this town?

Hadas: I am a fighter. I was a fighter in the army, I survived a cold, lonely hard life of a struggling actor in New York and I wont stop until I get what I want.

 Splash: Looks like its all paying off for you.

Hadas: I am definitely getting closer.  I learn something new every day and I am using my passion as my weapon.

Read more abour Hadas HERE.


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