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Women Use Sex to Prevent Straying Partners

Women Use Sex to Prevent Straying Partners Relationship Poll Finds Men More Trusting Than Women

Alexander - His Review

Alexander - His Review If you are anything like me, when you see a really good movie, you think it's the best movie you ever saw...

Alexander - Her Review

Alexander - Her Review Overall Oliver Stone's epic film Alexander was, for
the most part, enjoyable to watch.

Maile & Cassie Moore

Maile & Cassie Moore Maile & Cassie Moore will post more information soon.
Represented by CED Agency 10635 Santa Monica Blvd./Suite 135 Los Angeles, California 90025 Tel 310.475.7573


Oxana Oxana - Pending, wait for her information and lots more photos!

Spinner - Adopted!

 Spinner - Adopted! Harbor Shelter - 735 Battery Street, San Pedro, CA 90731 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 310-548-7428 - Tuesday - Saturday (8:00AM - 5:00PM) Sunday (12:00PM - 4:00PM)

Toby - Adopted!

Toby - Adopted! # A686389 a male lab/whippet mix. He is small to med. size about 15 lbs and 7 mos. old. His name is Toby, he's very friendly and loves to run and play and chase balls or frizbees.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage You, our loyal readers are asked to participate in a travel activity by offering comments, suggestions and personal experiences. Read this story to learn about our personal experiences...

Sarah Karges

Sarah Karges Sarah Karges - Model, see her in the November issue of Stuff Magazine and soon to be in next Maxium Calendar. Represented by CED Agency 10635 Santa Monica Blvd./Suite 135 Los Angeles, California 90025 Tel 310.475.7573


Snuggles Snuggles was rescued from the shelter and is just the nicest, sweetest dog. She gives great hugs and kisses. Snuggles has no issues with ANY dog and doesn't seem to mind cats. She does need some leash training. This is a great dog who just wants to love and be loved! AVID GARDENER. Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Additional Breed: Labrador Retriever Purebred: No Sex: Female Altered: Yes Color: Golden Brindle Weight: 40 Age: 1-1/2 years Behavior: Calm & Loving Good with children: Yes Good with dogs: Yes Good with cats: Yes Has Special Needs: No status: Available Contact Info: E-mail: [email protected] Hm: 310-674-0477

Arclight, AFI Fest & The Cinerama Dome

Arclight, AFI Fest & The Cinerama Dome The Cinerama Dome is the crown jewel of the ArcLight Cinemas Complex in the heart of Hollywood. 2004 marks the third year in a row that AFI FEST gala presentations will be held at the Dome,

History And Evolution Of The AFI Festival

History And Evolution Of The AFI Festival The First Los Angeles International Film Exposition, a.k.a. Filmex, debuted on November 4, 1971, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre with the premiere of THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship AFI FEST 2004 presented by Audi and the American Film Market (AFM) have joined together to form an alliance unique in North America. The event organizers are collaborating for the first time to create a unified market and festival that promises new possibilities for all concerned.

Darin Comes Back From Spacey

 Darin Comes Back From Spacey Some may call it an injustice that most of the world has forgotten Bobby Darin. Academy-award winning actor Kevin Spacey has spent the better part of four years attempting to right that wrong.


Bonnie Bonnie Dalmatian Size: Medium Age: Young Sex: Female I.D: DRLA-387 I'm a petite 3 y.o. Dalmatian girl who was turned into the Pound because I have seizures. I'm adorable, small-built, spayed & have all my shots. I'm friendly, love other dogs, & am housebroken & crate trained. And I'm VERY calm too! And just LOVE people! My seizures are being treated with medicine, so I'm still the perfect girl for your family, don't you think?! This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered. Dalmatian Rescue of West Los Angeles,CA 310-472-5703 (H) [email protected]


Collette Domestic Short Hair - gray and white Mix Size: Medium Age: Adult Sex: Female I.D: Collette and her sister, Roxie, were brought to us as ferals. While still extremely shy, Collette will tolerate being brushed and is not adverse to licking baby food off a friendly finger. Roxie is the more social of the two--but both would flourish in the right household. This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered. Friends of Animals Los Angeles, CA 310/479-5089 [email protected]

Skippy Dog - Adopted!

Skippy Dog - Adopted! "Skippy Dog" is an extremely friendly black chow that needs a good home and TLC. He has been here at the shelter since 9/27/04 he is an unaltered male that is 4 years old. He is beautiful inside and out. Skippy does not seem to mind other dogs and he loves people. He enjoys being outside and loves to go on walks. North Central Shelter
3201 Lacy Street, Los Angeles, CA 90031 888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 213-847-0555 Tuesday - Saturday (8:00AM - 5:00PM) Sunday (12:00PM - 4:00PM)

Stanley McStudly

Stanley McStudly " Good Day Milady! I say that, because I prefer the ladies. I am Stanley McStudly, of course I am neutered but that does not change the debonair, savoir faire of a true gentleman. No, not a bit. I am a 4 year old mostly Chihuahua, and I would like to woo you with couplets from the Bard! Music by the Masters! And of course, snausages!!! Yes! Nothing but the best for YOU my pet! So if you are looking for a committed relationship with a masterful Mister, you have only to say the word... STANLEY!!!


Missy I'm Missy and Maya, Mara and Mikey are my siblings. As you can see Mikey couldn't even let me have my own picture. He loves attention, especially when there is a camera around. But I love him anyway. How about giving Amanda a call and make any appointment to meet the family. We really are totally adorable.


Freckles I'm Freckles, I am a four year old Dalmatian , well trained and very very affectionate. I am mostly deaf but obey hand signals because I am very, very smart. I would be best for an adult home with someone who would like a dog who makes a great shadow. 310.278.2935.


Maya My mom made beautiful babies and I am one of them. I'm Maya and I am here with my sister Mara, Missy and bossy brother Mikey. We are about three months old or so and love each other, people, toys, food, running and jumping and everything! Mara and I are calico cuties. Missy is a sweet tabby and Mikey is a pretty handsome orange and white tabby. He thinks he keeps us in line, but it is really the other way around. We just try to humor him, you know how boys are. Come see us. Call first: 310 278 2935

Sam the man

Sam the man Sam the man here! Looking for a pal to share lazy afternoons and play with toys and strings and maybe a shoe lace or two. I would be such a good buddy. I really like everyone, even other cats. Why not give Amanda a call and ask for Sam, OK? 310 278 2935

Paula & Paul

Paula & Paul Yipee!!! We're Puppies!!!! Paula and Paul Puppy to be exact! Boy are we fun! We are Dobie/Lab crosses about 12 weeks old and if no one has ever made you feel special we will....WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! We love to kiss you and play with you and be with you and follow you and taste your slippers...(uh were working on NOT doing that one ) and walk with you and watch tv with you, anything you want to do is what we want to do... how 'bout it? Can we come LIVE with you!!! We will be about 45 lbs full grown, we're already potty trained, and really good 'bout it????


Brody Brody - male Akita / Shepherd. Approximate DOB 9/18/2004 ...hard to tell his breed at this young age, but we think possibly an Akita / Shepherd mix. Brody was dumped at a local Petco alongside his brother. Someone saw the two in a box and took his brother, but left Brody behind. After just a week of proper feeding and lots of love this little guy is turning into a happy and playful young pup. He's adjusting quite well in his new foster home and absolutely adores playing with his new "sister" kitten. So far he seems to do well with dogs and with proper care and socializing should continue to be good with both cats and dogs. Brody is expected to be on the larger side around 80+ pounds...but no guarantees on size! Brody will be available November 13 but we currently are taking applications on him.


Orbit Orbit - 6 year old male Chihuahua mix. Found wandering the streets. He's timid and scared at first but once he knows you he is very friendly. No small children. Orbit is approximately 6 pounds.


Colleen They call me Colleen the classy calico. Believe me I am gorgeous! White, orange and black plush fur. You must come and see for yourself. Give me a call so I can fluff before you arrive. (310) 278 2935.


Winston Winston - 1.5 year old male Pointer/American Pit Bull mix. Winston was found wandering the streets of Compton digging through trash for food. His rescuer spot him and wonder how friendly he was when he ran over and showered her with kisses! Winston is good with other dogs. He's a real lover. Winston has nerve damage in his left eye that cayses him to be cross-eyed, but the vet says his vision is fine. Winston was adopted several months ago but returned after a death in the family. Winston is a sweet overgrown teddy bear who he thinks he is a small fluffy lap dog. Winston is approximately 60 pounds.
I need a foster home!

Itsy and Bitsy

Itsy and Bitsy Bonjour! We are Madmoiselles Itsy and Bitsy! We are very small very French Poodles who would like to come live in your Chateau avec YOU! We are about 7 years of age, but in France we know that females only get better not older! Plus we have the joie de vie of young puppies! We do not ask for much, only constant attention, treats, told we are beautiful, cuddles, kisses, toys, cushy beds, to be played with, told we are beautiful, brushed, pampered, excellent food, to sleep with you, told we are beautiful. Ah yes, we prefer to be held and carried whenever see? no trouble at all! Please call us, we would love to meet you! (Don't call before 10 am, we need our beauty sleep!)


BB BB - 8 month old male Labrador Retriver mix. Found wandering of Carson. He was out on the streets during the rain storms several weeks ago, he would hide in the doorways of people's home. He followed the mailman everyday til his rescuer found him and took him in. BB is very sweet, loves other dogs and is ok with cats. BB is currently fostered with Baby Girl (below) and they get along great! He is also a Very people orientated boy, a true velcro dog as he follows his foster mom everywhere! Nice family dog. BB is approximately 55 pounds but will probably grow to 65-70 pounds.


Lola Lola - 3 year old female purebred Dalmatian. Lola was found dodging traffic on busy Pairie Ave in Inglewood near Hollywood Park. She was obviously terrified and it took several u-turns and attempts and help from a friendly passerby to get her into our volunteer's car. We attemted to find her owner with no luck.She is shy around new people but very sweet natured, well-behaved, good with children and mellow (not characteristic of this breed). She would prefer to be the only dog but does adjust to other dogs (she is in a foster home presently with two other dogs with no problems), Lola is approximately 55 pounds and would make a wonderful, loyal companion!
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